Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween this week Pumpkin Heads :) 
haha was a very good week this week thank you sooooooooooooo much for the birthday wishes :) I had exchanges with the zone leaders on Monday and that was way fun haha his name is Elder Katchener and he is from Utah haha sooo funny I haven’t laughed that much in my entire mission haha it was probably just funny because i could understand him cuz he was talking in English, but yeah we contacted a lot of people that day and found this one guy his name is Reuben and he used to go to our church and everything listens to the missionary’s and wants to be baptized but moved houses so we are going to hop on that and hopefully get him to church and everything like that. it’s really pretty hard to get a baptism we can’t just teach the five lessons and dunk them in the water. the investigators need to attend 5 sacrament meetings before we can baptize them... it’s a mission rule along with now we aren’t  allowed to drink coke :( haha but we also are still working with the family Serna and they didn’t attend church this week because their grandpa was sick and they had to stay with him speaking of which we visited them Saturday and the grandpa wanted a blessing cuz he was sick and all and with elder Flores I would always do the first part of the blessing cuz its short and easy but this time elder Sauceda made me give the actual blessing haha it was... interesting probably wasn’t very smooth but I tried haha and he seemed pretty content with it :) also we are working with a Hermano Antonio his name is and he is kind of  a funny dude he is really interested in the church and what we believe the first time we met him he took us in quick and asked us to cast out the evil spirts of his house so we just said a prayer haha. And he liked so we have taught him a couple lessons and hopefully he will attend church. :) so this week we had church tour as a district we made Jamaica it’s a type of juice and gave it to people as they passed... and we had a tv set up in the chapel and cleaned the baptismal font which by the way is not very fun... because there was  about 20 dead crickets and cockroaches floating around in about an inch of water so i had to get in there and dish em out haha pretty sure five of them were alive but who knows anyways so we got the church all cleaned up and pretty and no one showed haha literally no one showed so we went to the streets trying to heard people in we are all yelling free water!!! trying to get people and no one wants to go haha so we are standing around the church with 5 gallons of Jamaica and we see this homeless guy who is going through trash cans trying to find food and we all look at each other and think money this guy is money so the other elders in my district contact him Elder rojas and Elder De la Rosa haha and they contact him and we are just waiting for the guy to start walking towards but they finish talking and he walks away and so were like hey Hermano!! Free aqua!!! And he says I WANT COCA!!!! (coke) haha so funny were just like alright Hermano next time haha and after this we are cleaning up and getting ready to go and elder rojas ask me to come help him clean up a room and so we walk in and the whole district is in the room and they start singing happy birthday haha and they had a cake and a balloon and it was great haha super nice it was 2 days after my birthday but still so nice!!! I didn’t know what to say...literally because I don’t know Spanish haha but i just said gracias a thousand times. my actual birthday day was alright haha we had exchanges with in the zone and i was with elder rojas haha he is so cool and it was  a lot of fun we found this one guy who practically wrote the bible haha he is so smart and knows a ton  we spent an hour talking about the Catholics and how they are wrong he has 26 scriptures that proves the Catholics are wrong haha so funny and were like well hermano you know there wrong will you try our religion and he says that his religion is the bible.. So we are going to work with him haha, but it was fun. after that I was feeling kinda sick so I had been a little sick the whole day but know I had a ton of congestion in my nose and throat and had body aches so came time to go home and I could barely walk I hurt so much and we get to the house and call the mission mom and she tells me to take some pills and go to the dr. in the morning so I take some stuff and so my b-day was alright haha I was sick during it but it’s alright. President and his family called and sang to me so that was cool haha. went to the Dr.the next day and found our I have the flu.... and a wicked head cold so he just said drink lots of water so that’s what I did I’m feeling a little better now but still have a ton of congestion and sound like I don’t have a voice box haha which makes my Spanish even worse but no worries :) today went and got a haircut... haha I don’t know what else to talk about. haha oh funny story so when i was on exchanges with Elder Rojas it was like 8:45 at night so we are making our way back to the house and we run into another borracho haha (drunk) we are just making small talk and elder rojas sees a member so he goes to talk to him and leaves me with the borracho haha and so I’m just like Hermano we would love to visit you sometime and teach you about our church so is it alright if we take your number and direction and visit you sometime hes just like oh yeah thats chill so i pull out my planner to pretend to take his info haha and when i pull it out he grabs it wanting to look at it so i just let him take it hes looking at it and with out saying anything just walks away haha im just like hey hermano and chase him and take my planner and hes super chill cuz he’s drunk as poop but he hands me his business card and I’m saying good bye and everything and I’m like ok hermano we going to stop by your house tomorrow and he doesn’t say anything takes his business card out of my hand and walks away haha I don’t do anything but I walk up to elder rojas and he asks me if I got his info and I’m like well I had it but then he took and walked away and elder rojas just started laughing haha it was pretty funny its always fun to talk with the borrachos haha. also elder rojas slept at our house during exchanges and he said that i talk in my sleep and I talked to him in Spanish haha kinda funny  anyways sounds like you are all doing good :) kinda scary about nolan be sure to let me know :) is syd likking cheer or is it wearing her out? and looks like Payton had  a lot of fun  at the dance and duck hunting with gordo and Weston. that’s super cool that Rustin is going back out good for him he has a lot of faith and is going to work miracles :) haha Weston bought a boat!!! super jealous better stil be here in two years haha and that’s cool Jordan went to cali. for a presentation what a stud and Krystle is being the good mama of lil dex :) haha mama and papa bear seem to be doing good to huh :) well I’m super jealous of your guys good weather its still flipping hot here haha always will be but that’s alright haha love you guys soooooooooooooooo much and thank you again for all the birthday wishes i had a really good day :) thanks for being my family I love you all so much 
LOVE Elder Dillon Tanner 
P.S. Mosiah 4:9 is a really good scripture it’s the one that talks about how man cannot comprehend all that God can comprehend. The way I want to apply it to my life is like this. All lot of the times when we have a trial or hard time in our lives we find ourselves asking the question why me? I think this scripture helps answer that we may not know why we have the problem or trial but if we endure it well and seek gods help it well turn into a thing that makes us stronger or helps us I hope that makes sense because it makes sense in my head haha love yall let me know if you need anything :) 


Monday, October 13, 2014

First Transfer

6 weeks in the bag holy smokes!! haha went by a lil fast... and slow ;) haha but yeah was good and I have learned a lot maybe not as much in the spanish side of things but poco a poco lil by lil hopefully I will forget English and have Spanish become my new language :) I actually really wouldn't mind that happening haha :) Mom none of the people here believe me that I had 10 inches of lucious hair will you send me a good picture of me with my hair haha just through email is fine and I can print it off here. speaking of pictures!! I got your package the other day, and the letters from Weston, and Cally and I gotta tell ya thank you guys soooooooo much you dont know how much of a lift up letters are :) that is so cool that Jesse wants to serve a mission he will do awesome just tell him to keep doing the small things read scrips, pray, attend church and always look for ways to serve someone.  Thank you so much for that lil picture book you gave me mom haha made me smile.... really big haha :) sounds like everyone in the family is doing good :) tell Syd not to get to caught up in cheer, and to make sure she has fun with it :) and Paytons working on his eagle huh? right on right on :) haha be sure to let me know what his project is maybe you guys could come down here and do a service down here than I could particapate with you guys ;) haha so yeah my new companion I got his name is Elder Sauseda he is way tight, ya know why? because he is a proffesional soccer player thats why he played for the tigeries I think thats there name.... haha before the mission, hes cool but its kinda hard because I'm supposed to be getting trained still in my area by my old comp Elder Flores, but he got transfered and Elder Sauseda is now here and I'm like training him now on the area, haha its kinda backwards but I dont know we will be relying on the Lord a ton because I dont know the area or members as well as Elder Flores so I'm going to do my best to rembember where everyone lives and try and teach my comp. haha but I dont have a lot this week oh we found this awesome family who we cant wait to start teaching :) its way cool porque the mom has been baptized but is less active and she has three kids a daughter who is 17 two sons who are 12 and 10 and they arent baptized and she is interested in having them be baptized!! so we see this as a big window of opportunity. I really hope it all works out :) and hope they can attend church with us :) oh yeah church this sunday... I have to give a talk... I'm kind of freaking out haha mostly because I dont know spanish and dont know what I'm going to say but yeah... gotta do what ya gotta do. haha love ya´ll soo much and hope you all have an amazing week and let me know if you guys need anything :) I love you guys

Love Elder Tanner 


Monday, October 6, 2014

ahhh whoo i dont have to go to Guaymas today!!

yessss so happy because I actually had a p day today, but wow what a week and what great conference we had so many great talks. I really enjoyed the talk by Elder Bednar and of course Pres. Thomas S. Monson I liked how he talked about following the footsteps of Christ but not simply just walking in them but performing the same actions that Christ performed in those footsteps, its hard to explain how i understand it but I really enjoyed. I also really like M. Russel Ballards talk with the boat and river rafting how true is that talk in this day and age with all the confusion and corruptino of the world.  haha Quentin L. Cook about technology was pretty good ;) but also something that i noticed in this conference was there was a lot of talk about parents and the role they play, and i really liked the talks about the strippling warriors and just want to say thanks mom for alwasy teaching me the right thing and not just mom alone but dad to you guys have alwasy helped and taught me the right principles and i know for a fact that i never was alwasy and angel and so im super sorry and im going to say it right now and get it over with you guys really did no best and were alwasy right haha thanks for everything love you guys :) but what a great conference i cant wait to get a english ensign magazine and read em again.  but yeah i was able to watch in english haha i walked into the chappel kind of sad becuase i knew i wouldnt completly understand the talks but i sat down and after the first prayer and song a latino missionary came up to me and is like quiere ingles which means do you want english and i was like si si si si haha hey took me to this lil room where all the americans were and i walked in put my fist in the air and mumbeled merica´ haha super funny but yeah me and elder williams were super stoked to be able to watch in english haha but all the spanish speakers that spoke we watched in spanish for fun and i understood a lil bit but not nearly all of it haha, lil bit more time. So ya´ll had mutual at sandy beach huh that sounds fun and sounds like payton is doing good in welding already on tig thats pretty crazy!! and weston went duck hunting didnt have to much success huh well of course not i wasnt there to actually shoot the birds. dont worry big brother two years and we will actually have birds to take home ;) haha and sounds like jordan had a good time in romanina pretty crazy the food haha and sydney still cheering, kind of funny how she used to be the little shy girl and now she is standing up in front of the whole school cheering people on atta girl syd!! haha so this week we were not able to talk to victor and we are going to have to drop him he just ignores and avoids us super sad but hopefully in time he will come back, we are working on finding new investigators and transfers are next week, so we will se how that goes.  oh also i went to the hospital this week.... haha :) the presidents wife said i have to go because my acne... i went to the dermatologist there and she barely looked at my face and was like yeah you have an infection haha so thats cool, but she gave me some drugs and stuff and im taking those so hopefully those help, now mom im sure you and krystle are freaking out right now wondering what drugs im taking so ill tell you the names of one because thats all i remember haha its call EXEL, im taking one of those every day and than another pill twice a day and i have to wash my face and put a gel on my face twice a day.... its lots of fun ;) hopefully it clears up :) but if you see some money gone on my debit card its becuase i had to buy some medicine :) but other than that im good :) haha oh and another crazy thing happened.  so i know this is going to sound really weird and all and believe me it was and please dont freak out but this actually happened two weeks ago i didnt tell you last week because i felt like you would just be scared, but i think im going to tell you because its kind of  a cool story soooo, me and elder flores are walking down the street one night this street we know really well we know everyone on the street and we alwasy visit with everyone but we passed this street and we were saying good night to everyone and we get to this one house who always have people outside visiting with eachother they are really nice and super funny most the time they are just guys drinking and trying to talk to me in english, so we walk past say good night but as we walk past we here a guy yell hey!! soo we stop and this guy starts walking towards... trys to walk towards becasue this guy is soooo drunk he gets to us and i can just smell the beer on him its soo bad i can barely breathe.  as soon as the drunk gets to us the people visiting pack up their chairs and go through their gate and inside their house and lock their door so im like oh boy this guy has been causing some kind of trouble... but hey starts talking to us and he is in our face asking us a bunch of weird questions like whats your fathers name?  i said Stephen haha ...and do you like Nike? mostly questions to me because he saw that i was american. then he asks who we are and we explain that we are missionaries for god and his eyes get all big and he leans in about 5 inches from our faces and says well im a missionary for the devil, he starts yelling and pounding his chest, and he stops instantly stares at me gets right in my face and says ive killed a missionary like you... i about passed out elder flores or me didnt know what to say so the guy just kept talking he took his pointer finger and put it to the side of elder flores neck looking at me saying i cut him here than moves his hand to the back of elder flores head and says and i cut him here, than i see him put his hands behind his back and hes playing with something in his back pockets and me and elder flores are thinking the same thing like hes got a gun or knife or something and he brings his hands to the front and hes got nothing so were good but than he reaches in his front pockets and i hear metal heating metal and so im like holy smokes im going to die right here me and elder flores start backing up and he just follows, we stop and he stops he starts to pull his hand out of his pocket and i see something silver he pulls it out all the way and its a flipping lighter and pesos , never been so realived in my life !!! but he says that missionaries are the same as dogs and all this stuff and hes killed both missionaries and dogs so me and elder flores are ready to go now and stuff and so we try to explain we gotta go home to sleep now but he just keeps grabbing our sholders telling us to stay, telling us we need to come to his house and stuff, this is about an hour this guy has been talking to us and he starts freaking out screaming devil... satan and than says in the name of the devil i rebuke you or something like that and then hits elder flores in the chest and things are getting flipping weird now so i whisper to elder flores "listo" which means ready?and he says yeah so the same time we just start walking away and we dont stop he yells at us and all but we just kept walking elder flores said that what happended was the first time that has ever happened to him hes been here about 7 months and i just had it happen in the first 3 weeks so thats tight haha but now i have a testimony that the missionaries are protected!! church is true the story probably didnt make sense i have to type really fast but ill try and explain better next week.. I love you all so much and thanks for the prayers emails and everything church is true stay strong.
Love Elder Tanner 

P.S. dont be scared all is well haha if it wasnt i would tell you :) i love you dont worry about me :)