Monday, May 25, 2015


What happen wich you guys 

How's it going everybody, wow, sounds like a very crazy/busy/and just crazy week.  that's cool that you got to have lunch with my comps mom haha, I haven't talked to Elder Williams a lot, but in the MTC we always said that are moms are going to end up being friends, because of Missionary Mom, and look what happened haha, and thats cool that Payton and Dad could take the quads out, sounds fun :) haha I saw the pictures of Jordan and Krystle with the alligators, holy smokes you guys are CRAZY!!  Well you guys arent alone I also had a crazy week haha, and it started with Tuesday, holy smokes we had a zone meeting in Mochis with The mission president, we woke up at like 5 and went to Mochis with the Gallardos, because they can give us rides and its chill haha, they are the missionary's that are serving as a marriage couple, I cant remember how you call them in English haha, but anyways Elder Gallardo is crazy---- Crazy---- CRAZY ha-ha, I swear this man is one of the 3 nephites, because this guy is so powerful and direct, and he doesn't die driving in his car, I'm going to make an example, of how Elder Gallardo drives, if you take the speed of Bishop Beatty, the Craziness of my very own Dad Steve Tanner, and the yelling of Grandpa Walker at other people driving, you have Elder Gallardo, haha it is so fun to drive with him so we took the 2 hour drive to mochis with Elder Gallardo his wife and the sister missionaries, ha-ha, and the whole time I was singing in my head "El Fin Se Acerca" I cant remember what it is in English, but I'm pretty sure the name of the hymn is The end draweth near hahaha, but it was a fun car ride, there were a bunch of speed bumps along the way, and Elder Gallardo doesn't see them and he just flies through them going like 50 haha, and then he screams, Why don't they make them visible!! and I'm just like there was a warning sign about 300 yards back and he's like Really? ha-ha, or after hitting like 6 speed bumps his wife finally screams "HUUUUUNNNNN" and he's like be quite you cant even see!! ha-ha, they are super funny,  but yeah we finally got to Mochis and we had a zone meeting for the entire DAY!!!! ahhh it just about killed me we left El Fuerte at 6 and we got back to El Fuerte at 9:30 haha we spent the entire day there, also, we working Friday and in the afternoon President Munive called us and he's like Elders Where are you? and we are like ummm in El Fuerte haha, and hes like okay perfect I'm in El Fuerte too, I'm going to come and work with you guys, haha, so we met up, but just went to visit members in the branch , and some people that he want to know in the branch, but it was chill because we got to ride around in his air conditioned car :) :), We are going to see the movie Meet the Mormons this Saturday we are hoping to have a ton of people in the church to see the movie, we are giving out little cards to have the members give to their friends :) 

Okay I don't have a lot of time but I'm going to hurry and say... that... THIS FRIDAY WERE GOING TO HAVE A BAPTISM!! JESUS FIERRO is going to get baptized :) Thank you guys for your prayers and please keep praying for him to feel good about his decision and that he can feel the spirit to have a testimony :) but we are super excited and happy for him :)
Also Nadia went to church for the 2 time in a row she is doing awesome and now we are teaching her daughters too :) it would be so cool to baptize the family please keep them in your prayers that they can feel the spirit and have a testimony and feel good about baptism, thank you much everyone for your support and love and I hope you guys know how much I love you :) I love you all so much :)
Love Elder Tanner




We took a hike today haha got to wear some normal clothes and I hated it they are super uncomfortable. We went with the sisters and our branch presidente and his family.
haha the sisters are a poquito crazies, but yeah they are chill 

Elder Tanner and his companion Elder Ramos.
Elder Tanner got stuck in a tree:)


Monday, May 18, 2015

How is it going family and friends, sounds like you guys are getting pounded with the rain, haha that is awesome!!! I bet it is super cool there, and feels awesome, but the weather here is good too, its hot and sunny haha, but its good, things are going good here in El Fuerte :), Its kind of weird haha, their are two types of people here those that say that there are more little bugs when it gets hot and there are others that say more come out when its hot and I think I have come to the conclussion, but I'm still investigating ;) haha, during the day like 1-6 there arent a whole lot cuz the sun is roasting anything that is in its path, but when the sun starts to go down thats when the bugs come out, until the sun goes down completley and its dark and at this point thats when the mosquitos come out haha its an interesting process, but it works ;), Do you guys have mosquitos there in Utah yet? Or is it still pretty chilly? thats crazy that Dad got to hang out in the rain for 6 hours holy smokes, sounds like the school is starting to finish up thats pretty crazy and sounds like you guys had a lot of succes with the BBQ, thats awesome what is the ward going to do for youth conference this year? 

Things are going pretty good here in El Fuerte :), I'm getting the area down a lil better, and we are still looking for the people that are ready to listen to the message :) thank you guys so much for the prayers that you have offered for the people here in mexico :) and for the plee that they will soften their hearts, I know that you guys are praying and I hope you all know how much it helps, the power of prayer is real, but as far as this week, it was a little low as far as numbers, but we are going to keep on working, we got to work with the couple missionaries its a marriage, haha and they are so cool there names are Elder Gallardo and Sister Gallardo, and Elder Gallardo is super funny and literally the power!! haha this man is made out of power he is so direct in his teachings, haha its kinda funny sometimes, and he just hits the ground running, we are going to try and have a couple lessons with him, because the man is power and super funny haha, and they are chill because they have a car and give us rides to the far away farms, that would take forever to walk too, haha, We are going to be headed over to Mochis tommorrow! whooo but we are going to have a training for the whole day!! ahhh, and we might have to sleep at the houses of missionaries in mochis, because we wont be able to take a bus back to El Fuerte, because it will be so late, but it will be interesting to see what happens haha :) this week was a good week as far as people in church, 

Jesus Fierro is a guy that has been interested in the church for quite a bit of time and has assisted various times, and we are trying to get him baptized, he just feels like he still isn't ready, and so we are trying to help get his testimony and also helping him to live the word of wisdom :) we have a baptismal date for the 29th of may and we are hoping that he will get baptised this day he is a really good guy, and knows a lot, and he was able to attend church with us this Sunday and it was awesome he participated in the classes and all of that :) 

Nadia is a mom who is about 42 years old, me and Elder Rivas started teaching her, and she finally came to church this sunday!!! We dropped by her house in the morning sunday to remind her but she didn't answer the door so we were kinda sad, but we got to the church and, she never showed up, but right after sacrament meeting she showed up alone!! and it was awesome she showed up all by herself, and the members befriended her and everything and it was awesome :) and she stayed for sunday school and really liked it we are going to try and make a baptismal date this week :) 

Isabel didn't attend church he just really needs the support from his family it soundsl like his family isn't really supporting him so we are hoping that they can have a change of heart and hear our message and attend church.

Well everyone I want to give you thanks so much for all the prayers and everything, I hope you guys know how much it helps me, and I hope you guys never stop praying because it truly is a protection for us and we can do it at any time any where it truly is such a blessing to have the communication with our Heavenly Father :), I hope you guys know that your never alone, and we can always pray for help and comfort, thank you so much for everything :) 

This is an awesome video about charity and service that I loved!!

"Charity Never Faileth" 

I love you guys so much and hope you all have an amazing week!! :) 

Love Elder Tanner

Give Service :)

Give a Smile :)


Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you guys :) 

I love you all so much :) 

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Very happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful beautiful mothers in the world, and soon to be mothers. :) Hope that all of you know how grateful I am for all the moms in the world, My grandmothers, aunts, sisters, but I want to give a special thank you to my mom, the most perfect and wonderful and beautiful mom, and she's mine :) I love you so much mom, thank you so much for everything, everything that you have done for me, are doing, and will be doing, because I know that you will never stop loving me, and I am so lucky to have you in my life and for ever, and I know that this is possible thanks to this gospel, thanks to this church, mom I have lots of memories, with you and I'm sure I will continue to have more haha, but I'm never going to forget all the sandwich's you made me, all the cuts I've gotten, all the basketball games you have attended, and the warmest and greatest hugs I've ever gotten :) Mom thank you for everything, I cant say thank you enough, but i hope you know that thanks to you I have completed high school, my eagle, the mission, and many other things and that you will continue to influence me for good, because your the most amazing mom and i love you so much :) thank you so much Mom I hope you have an amazing day everyday and know that me and my brothers and sisters and my dad are so lucky to have you in our lives :) thank you Mom I love you :) 

crazy weekend here in the mission haha we had mothers day to talk with our families and we had transfers haha, but it was an awesome experience to see all of you guys with smiles :) sounds like you are all doing good and I hope you all know how glad I am to be part of this family :) TO BE A TANNER there's not a better name than that :) the only thing that can make Tanner better is putting an ELDER in front of it ;) haha but yeah this week was pretty good :) we had a couple lessons and got to me a few new people to teach but before that, just to let you all know I lost my companion Elder Rivas he got transferred to Obregon, and I received Elder Ramos, kind of sad because i had just one transfer with Elder Rivas but its good Elder Ramos is a good guy and I know that we are going to have a ton of miracles in this area :) its going to be a little hard, because we are kind of starting over, because with Elder Rivas, we had to stop teaching a lot of our investigators so we are basically starting over with elder Ramos, so we are really hoping to find investigators this week and find an "escogido" golden investigator to take to church,

So with Elder Rivas this week we decided to try working outside the city so we had to walk a little ways out to the little towns, but we think we found a family, we went to this little town hoping to find people that are more humble than in the city and the first house we knocked on they let us in immediately and gave us some water and we were able to teach them :) and said that they would read part of the book of Mormon :) and so we are hoping that they can progress also we are trying to teach some other people, but we will se how that goes, Thank you guys so much for your prayers it really is helping me a lot :) and I know that we will have lots of success here real soon, so grateful for the family and all the love that you guys give me thanks for everything and stay safe and have an amazing week :) I love you guys so much :)
Love Elder Tanner :)


This is one of my very good friends Elder Savala he is finishing his mission today haha hes an awesome guy also he doesnt have a left ear,  super funny kid :) 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!! Hows it going everyone :) sounds like things are staying pretty busy back home :) thats awesome :) Sydney Tanner is going to start driving?!?!?!?!? estas loca??? haha nah just playing Syd your going to do great just dont forget the gas is on the right brakes on the left ;) haha sometimes kinda hard to remember, and whenever you feel like you dont know what youre doing just close your eyes and let go of the steering wheel, it always works.... haha im totally messing ;). thats cool that Russel got to go to scout camp.... ohh i ment Dad ;) haha just let him know if he wants to borrow my scout shorts he can theyre not very modest cuz they are a lil high on the knees but all the cool scouts do it so no worries.  Weston got another Harley!?!?!?!? Hey weshtoooon  better let me ride this one!.... ;)   

but yeah this week was pretty good :) we didnt have anyone in the church.... its super hard to come out of church with out any investigators, expecially when they told us that they would be there... but we really dont know what to do.... we talked about it a lil bit and we are thinking that we are going to have to stop teaching all our investigators and just find new ones, because no one is keeping their commitments, and they just want to talk about the church, but not do anything with it. I really dont like to stop teaching investigators, makes me feel like im giving up, but we actually had a 70 come to El Fuerte which is probably one of the biggest things that has happened to this little branch haha but it was a training for all the leaders in the branch and the missionaries, and our mission presidente and his wife talked about the family and the importance of the family unity in a calling in the church, that its not just the person that recieved the calling, but it consists of the whole family, and after the 70 talked about people that arent ready to hear the gospel and how we should have faith to let them go for a lil bit and that the lord will bless us with persons that have real desires to hear the message of the restoration :) so we are going to try to find new people that way :) I have been trying to contact people more this week and i have done a lot better but contacting people really takes a lot of patience... haha kinda a funny story, we went to visit a sister that we taught once but never returned and when we got to her house we knocked on the gate in front of their house and i think her daughter answered the door shes like 30 years old and when she answered she saw us and i just said hey sister how are you? and she imediatly started freaking out and yelled back at me "She´s not here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and thats when me and my comp started playing dumb and we were like "who??" and shes like what did you guys ask me? and i responded "just asked how you were doing" and shes like "ok.... well see ya later" and slammed the door and went inside and me and my comp were dumfounded haha we didnt know what to say so we just laughed haha i got a couple other stories but, ill just write them im my journal and you guys can read them later haha :) but also the day before the 70 came the branch went to the church to clean it up :) so that was kinda cool to see all the branch members working together and a lil kid like 10 years old with a skateboard came in to the parking lot to skate haha so i went up to him and talked a lil bit, than asked if i could try his skateboard he let me ride it around the church parking lot haha i got teased a lil from the members cuz im a missionary riding a scateboard in the church parking lot, but i just say it could be worse i could have 8 inches of long hair ;) haha, well i dont got a whole lot to say this week but, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE INVESTIGATORS NEXT WEEK!!! i will be sure to write about the progress in this area more in depth next week :) i hope you guys are all doing awesome :) and i cant wait to talk to you guys sunday I love you guys :) 

Love Elder Tanner

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A Testimony 

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