Monday, June 27, 2016

The last message from President Munive 
 This is the zone,it was a good meeting. President Munive actually left today, we have our new mission President.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Family, Friends, Brothers and sister in the Faith... Haha forgive me please forgive me my email was terrible last week ha-ha and I don’t have a whole lot of time either this week, but I’ll do my best, 

So last week we had a challenge teaching Epifanyo, because we were in a lesson with him and we were going good and all talking about the church in the times of Jesus Christ how it had Apostles and Prophets, but his son showed up and started listening to us and I was like alright that’s chill, but at the end of the lesson, his son Pedro, told us that he was Jehovah Witness, ahhh they are the best to ruin lessons and he started asking us all these questions and before we could answer he would ask another question, trying to confuse us and all and I got kind of fed up because we were filling the spirit with Epifanyo and this dude came up thinking he knows the bible cover to cover ha-ha, and he asked us a question like and what do you guys know about the dead people? And I just said Pedro can I ask you a question without offending you he said yes and I just said why do you care? and that kind of surprised him and he didn’t know what to say ha-ha and he just said well just to know, and I told him Pedro if you already know the answer to your questions why are you asking us questions if you already know the answer, and that kind of kept him quiet and we were able to finish the lesson but ahhhh, Jehovah witness drive me crazy sometimes, So we are still working on that poop pit for the sister in our branch and turns out one of her pigs is dying, haha she asked us to give him a blessing and I’m like Sister you can’t do that and she’s like why not elder? well first of all he needs a name haha and we decided to put it Yuri Muni which in the Indian language Mayo here means White Bean ha-ha we put it because the pig is a white pig and he likes beans, but we didn’t end up giving him a blessing. we were able to find a sister named Xochitl, her daughter is member and saw is in the street and came running at us and said that we have to go and visit her mom because she isn’t a member we wrote her name and address down fast and the next day we went, turns out this sister has listened to the missionaries before but hasn’t been baptized because of her husband... but we invited her to be baptized but she is really skeptical? i think is the word she isnt sure but we are going to be helping her get ready for baptizm and help her obtain her answer to her prayers, so two Saturdays ago was a really fun day so that really far town that we go to visit Las Guayabas willl that 45 minute bike ride was a long one, mainly because it wasn’t a bike ride but a bike walk, ahhh my tire blew up half way there! ahhh its because it gets so hot here and the trail isnt all that good and the tire got super-hot and bam! so I walked my bike to the little town and we went with Fernando and his family (that are planning the baptism this week) and they helped me out a ton, Fernando hoped on his motorcycle, and went to another town to look for a bike tire, and they gave us breakfast and water because we didn’t get to eat breakfast because las Guayabas is far away and we have to leave early in the morning, I truly do love that family so much and I have loved seeing there reactivation and this week the baptism of Jesus done by his Dad Fernando!! this week that just passed was a cool week we found a guy named Carlos he is a friend of the second councilor in the branch and he told us he wanted to visit him, so we went by and turns out he is really receptive and has a big desire to learn and to change, and he reads the pamphlets and all that we give him and its super cool, but the challenge with Carlos is that he works a lot he is a brick layer, mechanic, and other things, but he works a lot and he told us that he works Sundays, but that his friend who is member told him that he shouldn’t he asked us why we shouldn’t work Sundays and we explained to him that Our Father In Heaven gave us the example when he made this world that he worked 6 days and rested the 7 giving us the example to do the same, he understood it really well :)  and said that he would go to church :) he also accepted a baptismal date for the 9 of July we are going to work really hard with him but he didn’t go to church this Sunday for the same reason of work, we are going to go with him tomorrow to talk about it. Well this week i think Pedro the son of Epifanyo made him scared of us because he always hides from us, but no worries we are going to keep looking for people, and hopefully we won’t have any problems with the Jehovah Witness. So we are still working on the poop pit and the tubes are finally coming together!! whoo we almost got it done we are going to work on it tomorrow with some members that decided to help us :)  So just a quick funny story we went with  a sister less active and she offered us some tacos and we asked if before eating we could say a prayer, and this sister lives with 3 of her granddaughters and they are about Nolan’s age and super funny and rebellious but we were saying the prayer, and i had my plate in my lap and I heard something move on my plate so i opened an eye in the prayer and realized that one of the granddaughters had gotten closer to me and was eating the meat from my taco in the prayer, hahaha, I just laughed after the prayer haha and she ran off after the prayer, it was super funny but Family and Friends please pray for Fernando we are worried that he will have to work this week and won’t be able to baptize his son please pray that he will be free this end of the week and that the baptism will be brought about, also pray for Carlos so he can keep the Sabbath day and that Xochitl can receive an answer :) I love you guys so much and thanks for everything
Love Elder Tanner 

Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad I love you so much Dad thanks for all that you have taught me through your example I love you 


Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey guys im super sorry for not writing today, we had  a lot of problems with the internet and yeah.... I'm sorry but I gotta go now haha kind of a bummer that we finally got internet 8 mintues before I have to go. Jesus went to church his baptism is still planned for 25, but I love you guys so much, and I hope you are all good I'll be sure to be praying for you guys :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

Monday, June 6, 2016

El Dia De Reposo

Hello Everyone! That’s so crazy that summer has started haha, I thought we were still in May I have been writing in my agenda May for the last few days, I realized i was doing it when I started my fast, this weekend haha, but Summer means nice and toasty and wow it was super-hot this end of the week, haha and we did a ton of stuff in the end of week, we did a lot of service project and had to travel really far to the little towns, but none of that gets me down because of the work we are doing its so cool how when its super-hot if I’m working and focused on the people it’s not as hot, and it truly is a blessing from our Father in Heaven to help us with that, it’s so much easier to focus on the work rather than the heat! it was around a 110 degrees this week, so it’s just getting started haha the people think we are crazy when they see us, they say there are only two things in the street in summer time in the afternoon, there Dogs and missionaries from the Mormon church haha, we just laugh and say it’s true. 

But this week was really good, I got to know my new comp a little better Elder Juarez, and we started working really hard. We have been working on finding new people this week, and were able to find quite a few! But Wednesday, we are giving service to a sister that is umm what is the word ha-ha I don’t remember she is growing pigs?? haha I forgot the word to like get a pig ready for the slaughter, any ways she is doing that and well there are two pigs in a little kennel behind her house and she has a little drain in the kennel, and we had two options to make the tubing of the drain out to the street in front of her house to hook it up with the main city tubing, or in her backyard make a poop pit, haha you might be wondering what that is it’s like a big pit under the ground where the people put their.... yeah... or from their animals, and it’s like 6 feet wide and 10 feet deep haha I really don’t like them they are really common here, and the people make their pit and feel it up except for a little hole and they make a seat out of wood and their you got your bathroom haha, we decided to make the tubing out to the street, so we worked on that early in the morning Wednesday and got worn out because we hadn’t even gotten half way haha, we have to make a trench of like 80-90 feet and it has to go getting deeper as it gets closer to the street, We also ran into Veronica that day in the street and she had a Jehovah witness bible in her hand and a notebook, :( but she said that we could go by the next day 

Thursday we went with Veronica in the morning and she told us that she feels super confused, because she feels like God isn’t answering her prayers, and that made me feel kind of sad, because really God is our Heavenly Father and he loves us so much he is always willing to give us what we need and answer us but a lot of times we don’t do our part or aren’t good enough listeners. we explained that to her and said that she is going to read more in the Book of Mormon and try to pay attention to her feelings, haha this day it was super-hot, we were in the street looking for someone and i saw a guy in his porch in the shade and I’m like let’s talk to him haha turns out my companion was super tired, because while I was teaching he had fallen asleep, haha i stopped teaching to let him have his turn and i looked at him and he was asleep and the guy realized and we both laughed and that made my companion wake up haha kind of funny. We also went to Las Guayabas the little town where we are teaching Jesus and his family we went with them and we taught the 10 commandments and the little brother of Jesus his name is Gonzalo or Gonzalito and he was saying a bunch of random stuff like, I love mangos, how many chickens do we have Mom? and i was like I think im going to break the 6th commandment with this kid haha, (if you don’t know what the 6th commandment is look for it ;)) haha also in Las Guayabas we went with a family that gave us a Papaya fresh from the tree bu it was a little mature haha and I put it in my backpack for the ride home but when we got back to Etchojoa I found a papaya smoothie in my backpack luckily it was in a different bag from my scriptures! 

haha Friday we had a super crazy zone meeting in Navojoa haha a sister that was training threw a marker at a sister that was paying attention to her message!! haha super crazy, I was seating next to the zone leader when it happened and he was like ahhh why?! Why?! are the sisters like that, haha the sister got hit by the marker was super mad and she left the meeting haha, but they got it all worked out now :) We also found a super cool guy this week his name is Epifanio we taught him and he was super excited to listen to us and he accepted the  baptismal invitation and we invited him to be baptized the 25 of June, and he accepted!

Saturday we went to do the service project again with the sister adn we got a little further but its getting deeper the trench and it’s getting harder, haha but we say that the bacon will be worth it ;)  we went to Las Guayabas and were able to teach Jesus and his family about prayer and scripture study and I asked them at the end of the lesson if they have a plan to be sealed in the temple and they said yes! that they are going to prepare to go to the temple ahhh its so cool to see them progressing Fernando is awesome and everytime we go the sister always invites us to eat with them! Sunday we had a lot of people in the church it was awesome :) Epifanyo went to church and found out that a lot of his friends and family members are Mormons ! Also Jesus and his sister went to church with all their family! it was a good Sunday and the sister were we ate made sushi so that was kind of cool haha but the challenges with Epifanyo is that he doesn’t know how to read so we’re going to have to help him with that and teach him with images, and the sister of Jesus lives with her boyfriend but says she wants to get baptized so we have to talk with them about marriage and help them get married :) Please pray for them that they can feel the spirit and the desire to repent and be baptized and converted to this gospel! :) also pray for Veronica so that she can obtain and recognize her answer :) 

I love you guys so much and hope you all have an awesome week :) 

Love Elder Tanner