Monday, October 26, 2015

Que Bendiciones

whoo Elder Vaca made me a sandwhich for my birthday best son ever ha-ha 

The sisters in our ward and NACHO AND MARICELA!! whoo haha given us a thumbs up :) 

Hey Everyone thank you guys so much for your birthday wishes :) thank you guys so much, I'm so grateful to have the family that I do and the friends that I have known, thank you guys so much for your prayers and love :) It has been an amazing week :) we weren't able to baptize Michel, but it was super amazing and I'll explain why in  just a little bit :)

So for those of you don't know, yes we had transfers this week and.... I lost my son :/ Elder Vaca was called to another area, but I was able to be his trainer and he finished his training, it was kind of crazy because, everyone thought that I was going to leave this area, because I have quite a bit of time here 4 and a half months doesn't sound a lot but the President in this mission likes to change areas fast and a lot. Normally we only last 3 or 4 months in a area, so everyone thought I was going, but we got the changes and found out that Elder Vaca was called to another area and that I would stay here still as District Leader and my new companion would be Elder Hernandez ha-ha its my second Elder Hernandez, I worked with another in Guasave when we opened the area there, but its a different Elder Hernandez he's from Oaxaca, and he is part of my generation or in other words we started the mission at the same time ha-ha :) me and Elder Vaca were both pretty sad about the change but, The Lord still has work for me here in Aeropuerto and has work for elder Vaca in his new area :) 

So as I said earlier Michel wasn't baptized this Saturday but its for the greater good, she's still not ready, we had the baptism interview and she passed but she hasn't been respecting her parents lately and she yells at them and treats them super bad, and her parents wouldn't sign the paper so that she could be baptized for the way she has been acting, and we were all for her parents because she just starts yelling at her parents and its super bad, but we are going to keep working with her and see if we can get a new baptismal date!!!  

But the coolest thing ever is that this week we found a family!!! and not just any family a family that is super cool!!! They are 5 members in the family the parents and 3 kids and kids are 13 12 and 7 years old, we taught them and the Dad has a super big desire to change and be a better person and a better example for his kids. We taught them and they accepted a baptismal date for 21 of November!! They all came to church WALKING! doesn't sound hard walking to church when you live in Utah, but here in Mexico its really different the church is super far from where they live, its like walking from our house to the high school, with 3 kids, but they all came and they want to come to mutual and the little daughter is  going to be in the primary program!!! we are super pumped!!! WHOOOOOOO ha-ha Families are forever please pray for them that they can keep progressing and keep coming to church as a family :) Thank you guys so much for everything and I love you guys so much :) and keep being awesome :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

P.S. happy birthday shout out to Bear-Horse Love you cuz keep up be strong   

Monday, October 19, 2015


Hey Family :) 

How's it been this week, that's crazy that Payt went to Texas all by himself haha holy smokes kid has got some guts :) well Mom I hope you had an amazing birthday, and I'm so pumped to hear about my new nephew or niece!! haha. I have got one amazing family, and I'm so grateful for the example of all you guys, haha but really I have been so blessed with the people that God has put in my life and the examples and help they have been for me thank you so much everyone for your love and patience with me haha :) 
This week was pretty good, I was able to give a training Tuesday in our district meeting, and it went really good actually one of the best I have given and we were able to make goals as a district, but the coolest part is that they were big goals but we achieved them this week!! It was super cool to see the excitement and cheer in the district :) I have learned so much in the mission and I am so grateful for this calling that the Lord has given to me, I am so blessed :) 
We were able to teach quite a few new people this week and we are super excited to see how they progress, we were able to keep teaching Michel this week and she learns so fast!! haha its crazy a lot of the times she's one step ahead of us haha its pretty crazy she is reading in the book of Mormon and its awesome, and she truly has a desire to follow Jesus Christ she has had a lot of problems that she told us, but is looking for the happiness in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and she knows its here because she has felt it through the holy ghost our heavenly fathers messenger :) a messenger of the truth and one who testifies that God and Jesus live and they love us and that Jesus is the Christ that the atonement that he did for us is infinite and without end and we can be clean if we come unto him with broken hearts and a contrite spirit we will feel the love of our Savior and Father who want the best for us :)

Her parents even invited us to eat steak tacos with them and we went and it was pretty good :) we weren't able to talk about Michel's baptism with them but, we are going to talk with them this week :), she didn't go to church this week.... :( we are super sad we don't know why but we are thinking its because her aunt had a baby shower Sunday, but we are going to try and go and visit her right now to see what's up, but we are going to try and stick with the baptismal date for this Saturday and get the approval of her parents, please pray for her that she can act good and respect her parents this week and can be baptized Saturday, also please pray that her parents will support her and give her permission to be baptized this Saturday :) we need your prayers :) thank you guys so much. 

I wanted to take a little bit of time to tell you guys about a video I just watched from the church I'll give you guys the URL in this email and I hope that you guys can see it and think about how we can put into practice the patience in our life and be more forgiving people, Its interesting how the father is always calling the son in the video and never gives up on him, I think its a symbol of our Heavenly Father he always calls us but lots of times we don't listen to his councils, my invitation is that we can all listen to the voice and counsels of our Heavenly Father. He talks to all of us in different ways but is always talking with us, I know he loves us, and I hope that in every situation of our lives we can be loving, forgiving and patient like our Father in Heaven is, think of all the times that we have upset him yet he still forgives us and reaches out to help us, how beautiful would it be if we can learn and live this principle of patience, patience is a key attribute in this life that is why it is one of the attributes of Christ it is an attribute of the Celestial kingdom and if we learn to use it in this life we are preparing ourselves for the next life, and we are acting more like our Heavenly Father, always try to see people through the eyes of our Heavenly Father and who these people are, they are our brothers and sisters and sons and daughters of our eternal father, I know that Our Father loves us, and wants us to love each other I love you guys so much and I'm sorry if I have ever offended anyone, I love you all so much, and I know that our Father in Heaven and our brother Jesus Christ love us :)  

Love Elder Tanner

Monday, October 12, 2015

nah I'll tell ya ok so in the house we have a fridge and a little electric stove top, I used to take time to cook, but no I'm just eating cereal and sandwhichs, lots of time for dinner we get home super tired we plan for the next day and just want to sleep so lots of times we don't eat dinner or we just eat some cookies haha, or there is a Sister in the ward that sells hot dogs and her Sister sells tacos of steak so we go and eat with them sometimes because its free ;)  
Trying to fix the Air Conditioner haha I should have learned more at Triple T  haha 

My son had his Birthday and got a big package!! 

Eating JalapeƱos, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Hello family how are we doing?Sounds like a ton is going on right now, I’m kind of struggling to type on the computer right now, because I’m eating Doritos with one hand and typing with the other haha. my love for Doritos still hasn’t changed but the Doritos yes because the Doritos here are spicy they don’t have the original nacho cheese flavor its nacho cheese with Chile’s haha super good but a lil spicy, wow I haven’t really talked about the food here in a while, but I’ll just say it how it is the food here is super good, I’ve got a good little tummy growing haha, I’ve also gotten use to eating spicy food I’m not completely converted but I’m getting there haha, cant say that I don’t miss moms cooking because I do. I find myself drooling thinking about her casseroles or candy chicken or peach cobbler haha, but no the food here really is good :), 

That’s super cool that for mutual Payton got to go shooting haha, hopefully he will get to be as good as I am ;), This week was pretty good we had a lot going on haha, but it was a good week, at the start of the week, Tuesday our air conditioner broke in the morning :( and so it got a little hot in the house haha but I tried fixing it... turns out I should have spent more time in Triple T....haha, but we got it all fixed, also this day we got attacked by our landlords dog!! Flipping dog is crazy!! He is always super chill when we  pass by him but this one time we passed and he flipped out on us and I screamed like a girl running towards a tree trying to climb it haha, and my comp freaked out ran for a rocking chair on the patio of our land lord and was about to crush the dog haha but we ended up retreating to the house, but when we left we left with umbrellas as protection haha super funny, but scary too, also this week we had our zone conference!! whoo so we got to get together as a zone and have some good trainings, we talked a lot about the family history work, and it was super cool, I got to share my story about john tanner and Zera Pulsipher and everyone thought it was pretty cool, but I wish I would have done more family history work!! haha its super cool and we truly can find out who we are when we look for who are family was, I would like to invite all of you to do a little bit a family history work, it truly is such a blessing to be in the church with the power of priesthood to do this work and save our ancestors, in a talk I heard from Jeffrey R Holland he said that when we do family history work we are acting as saviors for our ancestors who have died without a knowledge of this gospel because literally we are saving them and their soul, I know that the family members who died with a knowledge and testimony of this gospel are working super hard  right now to convert those who weren’t converted in this life but they need our help!! so let’s get er done and get working!!! I promise that if we do it we will see the blessings in this life, but even more in the next!! :) We got to have an awesome lesson with Michel this week! we taught her about the plan of salvation, it truly is one of my favorite lessons it helps understand who we are where we come from and what our goals should be in this life, I’m so grateful for my parents that taught me this since I was a kid, I still remember the long nights as a little kid always worrying about death and what happens after and I remember the talks with my mom and dad and the comfort they gave me and the lessons they taught me about the plan of salvation and how this is not the final life, many people think we come to this world to die, but the plan of god is bigger than that we come to this earth to live, obviously we have to die, but that is such a small part in the plan of God or but the family picture is to live forever and that is possible thanks to what Christ did for us! That’s why the message is called plan of salvation or plan of happiness! we taught Michel about Adam and eve and its always a little hard to teach this message because there are so many people that have different ideas about this principle and they are always kind of different but we followed the spirit and we taught it super good and she understood and then we talked about her baptism and she gladly accepted and said she is super excited for her baptism and her parents invited us over for cake and tacos for the birthday of my companion :) we are super stoked and she came to church yesterday and it was super awesome!! :) Please keep praying for her that she will keep being excited and preparing herself for her baptism and that her parents will approve it :) I know that prayers are heard and answered!! This work is true and I’m so grateful to be a missionary I see the hand of the lord in our lives so much and I’m definitely not perfect but no one is, we just have to be continually trying to be better and the perfection will come later I love you guys so much and hope you are all doing well, I invite you guys to read  3 Nephi 14:24-27  and think about how you guys can listen to the messages of conference and live them and not just listen to them but live them so that we have a house or (life) built upon the rock of Christ :) 

I love you guys have an awesome week :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

Monday, October 5, 2015

GENERAL CONFERENCE was so good that's awesome that we got some new Apostles, and they have some amazing powerful testimonies, it's going to be cool to see their progression and all the great messages that they can give us :) Okay I dont have a lot of time but Michel got sick this week, she has Dengue and so she couldnt go to Conference but she watched it in her house with her mom!! So that's awesome, we found out that her Dad is super chill and is happy that she is listening to us. She has a Baptismal date for 24 of October, we will see what her parents say about that, also we are super good and happy, its still hot but not as much. Thank you guys so much for you prayers and I Love you guys, I'm sorry haha my Moms going to kill me for this short letter I hope you guys are doing good. 

Love Elder Tanner