Monday, October 5, 2015

GENERAL CONFERENCE was so good that's awesome that we got some new Apostles, and they have some amazing powerful testimonies, it's going to be cool to see their progression and all the great messages that they can give us :) Okay I dont have a lot of time but Michel got sick this week, she has Dengue and so she couldnt go to Conference but she watched it in her house with her mom!! So that's awesome, we found out that her Dad is super chill and is happy that she is listening to us. She has a Baptismal date for 24 of October, we will see what her parents say about that, also we are super good and happy, its still hot but not as much. Thank you guys so much for you prayers and I Love you guys, I'm sorry haha my Moms going to kill me for this short letter I hope you guys are doing good. 

Love Elder Tanner 

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