Monday, March 30, 2015

Wow this week was awesome!!! 

its been the last week of the transfer and me and elder yoo gotta finish it with a baptism!! whoooooo, yes guadalupe got baptized super cool!! but hey guys listen i really dont have anytime to write but Guadalupe got baptized thanks so much for the prayers for him he is going to be an awesome member, and also i got transfered to El Fuerte with Elder Rivas, yeah im a lil closer to the mission home but still pretty far from civilization haha.... my companion is district leader and he has a lil more over a year, but the area its a really samll town haha, its not a ward its a branch, should be good :) 

 ill talk to you guys more next week thanks for everything I Love you guys so much :) seriously thanks so much :) :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

Have a good Easter and general conference week :) 


Elder Tanner & Elder Yoo were able to finish their time together in Guasave
with the baptism of Guadalupe:)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Elder Yoo, Elder Tanner,  Guadalupe and Sisters Missionaries
Filling out Baptism papers for Guadalupe.

Well Everyone I've got some good news and bad news, 

the bad news is that Guadalupe could not be baptized this last friday... :( but he will be baptized this saturday!!! We found out when he had his interview for batptism that he has been drinking coffee, and so we had to postpone the baptism for a week but we talked with Guadalupe and he said that he isn't going to drink anymore :) so we are going to have his baptism this saturday :), also we talked with Isela about marriage and asked her if she and Ramiro would get married and she said she would think about it, I think she got a lil stressed out because she wants to be married but I dont think Ramiro wants to be so we are going to check with them this week and see what they say :) we had our stake conference this week and a 70 came to talk to us it was super good, he served in Monterrey and talked about a companion that he had whose last name was Pulispher, I cant remember his first name and then, the 70 talked about Zera Pulsipher and how this was one of the greatest missionaries ever because he baptized the very prophet Willford Woodruf and it was super cool to listen to because, we are descendants of Zera, I told Elder Yoo that, and he was like holy smokes Elder!! your church roots go way back your descendant of Zera and John Tanner, its super cool to think about, we really do have a long line of missionary service and faithful members in our family line :) also we had to get up early sunday morning to take a bus to Mochis for our stake conference so we got to the church and the ward had rented a bus to take to Mochis so we packed the bus with our ward and a branch haha there were so many people in the bus but it was fun, so we had been traveling for 40 mins and 20 mins from mochis when a tire blew up I was freaking out a lil because the bus was packed and the bus all of a sudden came to a fast stop and started fishtelling on the freeway, super crazy!!! but we stopped and got everyone off and the tire was just absolutly destroyed there was no rubber haha, but the bus didnt have a spare so we ended up waiting for a spare to arrive, and we ended up being 1 hour and 30 mins late so we got to listen to the last talk haha, but it was good so it was a good experience here for our stake conference :) but yeah everything is going good here in Mexico its getting hotter and its only March I'm kinda scared for July, but no worries haha :) I hope you guys are all doing awesome and thats awesome that Syd did so good in Cali good job Syd and sounds like a super funny story with the karaoke in the back of the van haha you guys are crazy thanks so much for your guys emails love you so much :) Let me know if their is anything I can do for you guys :) I love you all so much :) 

Love Elder Tanner

 Went out for Chinese food today.... because my companion Elder Yoo is Korean.
Elder Tanner mentioned that the sun was super hot this week and he is sunburned:(

Monday, March 16, 2015


Well Everyone i am super sorry for last week haha my email was kinda ugly, short, and yeah just bad... haha, but im going to do a lot better this week. Holy smokes T´was a big week this week, we had a lot of lessons :) and a lot of rain... haha ill talk more about the lessons and investigators later but yeah it rained quite a bit this week not a whole lot but one day randomly a dark cloud covered the city and rain just started pounding everyone and everything haha i thought the earth was being flooded again and me and my comp had to build a ship ;) and fill it with chihuahuas and tortillas ;) but yeah I LOVE THE RAIN!! its so refreshing way better than the sun haha, and it makes walking in the streets more fun because you have to walk through or jump huge puddles sometimes you have to walk half a block just to find a spot where theres not that much water to cross the street because almost all the streets are flooded. haha its pretty cool :), also what i was talking about the other week with the soccer thing with sergio ahhh that was so fun to play soccer with him and his buddies haha, it was super getto but its how the kids play here we just started playing in the street they put two rocks like 6 feet apart in the road for the goal and you just go ate it and pray you dont kick the ball into a window haha, we ended up winning... no big deal....;) Also this week was really cool we had a lot of good lessons we taught Isela and we talked about the role she has as a mother and wife and how the church can truly bless her family, it was a really beautiful lesson, she says that her husband isnt as interested in the church as her and we explained that she has the responsbaliity to be the mother and example for her family and invited her to the chruch she said shell see what she can do, we got to church that day and she was there with her two kids it was awesome!!! This made me think of our famliy, how grateful i am for my parents that put me in the straight and narrow path and not just put me there but walked with me, like what our brother would do, he would not leave us alone, and never will, he will walk with us, also something that i said that i would like to share is i told Isela that yes this church is a church for God but the next most important thing in the church is the family because the families are eteranl like our Heavenly Fathers love :) we are going to continue to teach her and hopefully have a baptism with her, We also had a lesson with our investigator Guadalupe this week that is going to be baptized this friday... Thats right THIS FRIDAY.  We are so stoked he truly is a "escogido" he is changing his life in his work, he is bullied for his belief in this gospel but continues to attend church and share his testimony of the love of christ with his co workers. He is an amazing man :) anyways the lesson we had was with Hermano Quintero of my favorite members in our ward hes such a funny old dude :) also with our mission leader, so the lesson we share was our purpose of our life in the earth, and the brothers got to share their testimonies of how they felt when they were baptized and invited him to activities in the church and was really cool :) and Guadalupe was like i want to baptized in the sea!! and we are like alright we will see what we can do haha we called presidente and said that its too dangerous... :/ and it would be more sacred in the font, and guadalupe understood that :), but hermano Quintero was like no worries lets go!! get in the truck haha super funny but yeah we are super excited for this friday because he really is such a good guy, we got a lot to teach him so we will be working hard this week also we are going to baptize the investigator of the sister missoinaries too Juan Alfredo we have been working with him, because its safer if us as guys work with him, and this week he will be baptized with Juan Alfredo :) :)!!! super good week thanks for the prayers from everyone thanks to you guys the missionary work in Guasave is continuing progressing and more and more children of our Heavenly Father are finding the hope and happiness in this life :) thank you for everything guys your perfect and I love you all so much :)

Funny story... ;) (Always gotta have a funny story) haha so we were inviting people to church sunday morning and we went to a house of a couple that we are teaching and we were trying to get them to answer the door becuase we saw the sister through the window so we are saying "good morning" over and over again and, shes ignoring us haha and so finally Elder Yoo is like GOOD MORNING!! screams it and im like ayyy elder Tranquilo (relax) and we just laugh a lil but we are waiting and then her husband walks up with a wagon full of cactus and were like hey hermano are you going to go to church today and his all nervous and he doesnt really answer us and were like its just for an hour hermano, and his like... ummmm... ummm its that i have to plant this cactus.... and we were like you cant do it after and hes like nope. haha and as we left elder yoo was like "Elder did he just say he cant attend church because he has to plant his cactus" and i just responded "Welcome to mexico" haha Love you guys so much and i hope you all have an amazing week.!!  :) 

Love Elder Tanner 


Monday, March 9, 2015

 Zone Meeting - Elder Smith is our District Leader and will finish his mission this change. Someone has some photography skills - not, Elder Tanner almost got cut out of the picture:)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Como Están mis queridos ;) haha  

Wow this week has flown by holy smokes time just keeps getting faster and faster, i think we all just need to chill out a lil dont ya think, and by chill out im talking about the weather should cool down here ;) haha so there is nothing a whole not new that happened this week :) but we have been informed that we should be teaching more about family history, not just to members but to our investigators, i was a lil confused on that, but president explained it a little more and now it makes more sense he says that when we teach them about the Family History we learn about them, and we can find out who in there famliy isnt baptized to start teaching them and then we can have more families in the church. so we are starting to teach the family histroy and the work for the dead in the temple :) and its really cool to hear all the cool stories about the missionaries, members, and investigators, ancestors. theres a lot of cool stories :) but yeah we got to see the movie meet the mormons and wow thats an awesome movie :) i really like the story of the candy bomber haha thats super cool :) we are hoping that a lot more people try to learn more about the mormons through us with this movie :) so my comp Elder Yoo has been getting a lil sick and has had a lot of problems with his back :) i thought it was dengue but we found out it wasnt that hes pain in his back was just so bad that it was making him sick its pretty bad but we took a break from working for a lil bit one day and now i think he is feeling better :), this sunday was super good we reactivated 4 people!!! 2 individuals and a matrimonio that are trying to get ready to go the temple, its been super good to see all the people in the church that havent asisted in a while. i know im kinda jumping around a lot today,but not a whole lot happened this week, but i can talk about our investigators. 

Guadlupe he is going to be baptized next week!!!  13 of march, he attened church and is doing awesome he is teaching us he is learning so much, he has kinda had a harder life, but is now ready to change it for the better he has a really strong testimony of the love of God, he is such a cool guy :) 

Juan Alfradeo is an investigator of the sisters, but we have had to teach him because hes had kinda a sketchy background of drugs and stuff, so the bishop told us that we have to teach him, so the baptism is going to count for the sisters but we are going to teach him and he has atttended church tons of times and is more than ready has read the book of mormon!!! all of it, and his going to be baptized this saturday he is such a cool guy :) 

Isidro we are still teaching him he is the young kid that wants english classes and we he is starting to be a lil more open he told us that he had a brother die so we are going to teach him about the plan of salvation :) 

Isela and Ramiro haha they are so cool!! they lived in utah for a long time but then ramiro got deported becuase he got in trouble, but they have gone and seen the temples in utah, and talked to some missionaries in utah, but never got baptized so we are going to teach them and see if we can get them to attend church the wife is really interested but ramiro not as much we have to get him more interested, so we are going to work on that :)

Sorry for this really weird email haha i know it was kinda all random, but i was kinda in a hurry didnt, we started writing late, but just know how much i love you guys and thanks for everything the letters, prayers, and being my family and loved ones :) I love you guys so much let me know if you need anything: 

Love Elder Tanner
Be Smiling them pearly whites :) :) :) 

A big ole Chimichanga here in Mexico prepared by Hermana Julieta 
 My New Companion Elder Yoo

This is a panoramic picture of the apartment in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico