Monday, February 23, 2015

Qué Pasa mi familia 

What is up everyone :)

How are yall doing :) sounds like you guys are doing awesome :) sounds like its starting to heat up a lil back home thats good because you guys can get a lil taste of what im feeling ;) haha but wow wow wow what a week, haha so me and elder yoo are getting along well :), haha apparently he really doesnt like to be called chinese or japaneese the people are all like hey what up chino haha and he just has to stay calm and be like im korean haha hes a funny kid like the people arent racists here or anything they just dont realize there are other countrys besides china and japan, but yeah being sr. comp has actually been really cool ive liked it a lot its a lil more stress, but it keeps me on my feet :) we didnt have a ton of lessons but man we had a ton of new investigators this week!!!! like a ton 19 thats a ton usually we only get 8 or 9 our district leader and zone leaders called us and told us congragualtions, and we had 2 new investigators in the ward yesterday but ill talk more about them later :), we have been contacting a lot of people and it has really been paying off, we havent had a ton of lessons but the ones we had were super powerful and cool :), so we are going to keep teaching the people of mexico and trying to change lives, have you guys seen the new movie meet the mormons we are going to try and give out flyers to go see it to the poeple here its supposed to be really good we are going to have the chance to see it tomorrow we are going to have a special training and we are going to watch the movie with presidente munive, he called us the other night which he never does and we were actually in a lesson and hes like hey hows it going and im like uhhh good and hes like your in a lesson right and im like... yeah haha and hes like ok call me back when you finish im like ok... so we called him after and he just talked to me a lil bit checked how im doing and sr. comp and hes really happy with the investigators that we got and it was cool, but still im afraid of him, haha hes just a lil chilango but im still kinda afraid haha, so i was watching elder yoo un pack the other night and he opened up this big suitcase and i saw like half of his suitcase was filled with packages of what looked like jerky im like ahh thats cool you got tons of jerky and hes like its seaweed haha i was like... oh thats cool i guess.  haha you know your comps Korean when he packs around a bunch of seaweed haha, and we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and when we finished and Elder Yoo was back in the house with me he sawin the sink there was a pan that was dirty and hes like what did you cook with the Zone Leader and im like your seaweed and he was so ticked hes like ARE YOU SERIOUS!! WHY!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT COSTS!  I was like Elder chill haha we had macaroni and cheese haha hes really freaky tiva with his seaweed. 




So we have big news we have found a escogido!!! his name is Guadalupe and we taught him he attended the church and is going to be baptized 15 march!!! he is such a cool guy. please pray for him to keep attending church and obtaine a testimony :) 

Esidro hes a young kid with like 16 years contacted us and asked us for english  classes so we taught him and his brother in the church and after we had a lesson and invited them to church and one of them came this sunday and we are going to keep teaching them :) 


Sergio and Laura :) i really hope they progress we have been working with Sergio a lot and now we are starting to teach his "wife" there not married so we are going to try and get them married and after baptize  them :) 


We have a lot more but im just kinda running low on time im really sorry for the short emai i love you guys so much and thanks for everything I Love You Guys. Be Happy 

Be Kind

Be Mormon 

Love Elder Tanner

Dont forget to Smile :) :) :)  

Monday, February 16, 2015

This is a beautiful work


Transfers are always super crazy!!! haha wow so im staying here in guasave, but ill get to all the changes and stuff later first im going to talk about this week haha sorry i dont mean to keep you guys in suspense and all but... well yeah i like to keep you guys in suspense haha ;) so this week was fun and all, haha valentines was awesome i got to spend all day with my companion ;) haha something kinda funny i wanted to know how to say "single" in spanish and so im like elder what do you call a person that doesnt have a girlfriend or boyfriend, and his like.... Missionary haha i got a pretty good laugh out of it, but yeah everyone is was asking us what we do on valentines as missionaries and were just like... umm well we work.... haha but this week was pretty good, not the best we were kinda low in numbers because this week we had our zone conference, and i actually had to conduct it so that was fun haha, also we had exchanges with the district leader and elder smith came to work with me in our area it went good, but we walked  a lot this day and i was super tired at night and just wanted to sleep but he just kept talking and talking and talking haha but it was alright, hes a funny kid :) so this sunday was super crazy haha mostly just because of the changes so after church we went to a members house all the missionaries in the ward to have a go away party thing and there we waited for our district leader to call us to tell us where we were going :) so he called and elder hernandez thought he was going to go but turns out he got the news that he is going to Navojoa, and also elder castiblanco and hermana jarejugi, kinda crazy but i found out that my new comp would be elder Yoo he has 3 months in the mission and was with Elder Sauceda!!! haha in my area Constitucion!!! its supre crazy so it turns out that im going to be compainons with my "brother" :) so i have been called as the higher comp, this is my first time being the higher comp, kinda nervous because im with another american/korean and we are both learning the language so now its all on me the progression of our area lil nervous i am right now haha, lets just say that im going to praying a lot... a lot but i really do think that we are going to have a lot of succes this transfer :) and also Elder Castiblanco left ahh i was super sad he is such a good elder and taught me so much he helped a ton when i had dengue i really didnt want to see him go but its got to happen in the mission :), 


so This is the cool part and i promise im not trying to be cocky or anything like that but really i thought this was really cool and it helped me a lot becuase i really havent had a lot of success in the mission, but i was talkin with Elder Yoo because he was in my old area right after i left he arrived and started working with Elder Sauceda and we started talking about the ward and his like oooohhhh!!! Youre Elder Tanner!!! and im like haha yeah...? and hes like all the members talked about you!! he said that the week i left everyone was asking wheres Elder Tanner, like that makes me feel good and all but this is where it gets really cool :) so i was like do you know Vianey? and hes like yeahhhhh!!! and im like yeah shes super cool (she was one of our investigators but i had to leave before the baptism) and i asked him im like so did she get baptized and hes said yes!! and i was like! are you serious!! YESSS :) and than i was like so do you know Luis also and hes like yeah he got baptized too!! and i was like okay and Jose?? yup baptized!! :) :) :) :) i was so happy these were all investigators that me and elder sauceda started teaching, and i was like elder Yoo seriously man like congragulations and he was like no man they all said that thanks to you and elder sauceda they were baptized!! i almost started crying like seriously i havent seen a whole lot of success in the mission but when i heard this i realized that yeah literally  i didnt baptize them, but i planted the seed for them to be baptized and was one of the missionaries that helped them get baptized :) and also a famliy that we wee working with got reactivated ahhhh seriously i felt so good hearing all the good things that happened in Constitucion because i know that im part of it, im sure it sounds like im being super braggy or something like that but it really just made me feel so much hearing those things that 3 péople got baptized and a family was reactivated :) that i was teaching ahh man i really cant explain it but i know have a testimony that maybe i wont have a ton of baptisms but if i am preparing the baptisms for the elders that are going to follow me thats good enough :) the planting of a seed :) 

Eating some grub at a going away party because we have transfers, haha this little kid in the photo kept stealing my corn.

But sounds like the family has had an amazing week :) thats cool that syds going to be going to EFY your gonna have a blast syd :) and payts finishing up his eagle atta kid keep up the good work and got to go to the DUNES ahhh super jealous, sounds like Dad. Jordan and Weston are staying busy at work, and mom that was a cool photo of you in houston with the factory of goodman haha. I love you guys so much and thanks for all the suppport :)  I love you guys a ton :) and by the way Krystle and mom that blog looks awesome!!!! haha thank you guys so much :) 

Here's a scripture that I like
Matthew 10:39
He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.
Loose your self in the service of others and you will find the true happiness in return :)
Love you Guys :)
Love Elder Tanner 

Monday, February 9, 2015

La Carta

Hello famliy :) How are we doing :) sounds like a awesome week you guys had, finished up the trip in houston with jordan sounds super fun :) glad you guys had a good time :) and i hope that syd is feeling better :) thats cool that she was able to get that blessing from the home teachers we have got a pretty awesome ward. so this week was really good like we didnt have a whole lot of lessons, but we had investigators in the church and thats the best thing ever when the investigators attend church :) but ill talk about that in a lil bit ;) so monday after righting you guys we went to a birthday party of a menos activo in the ward. the ward planned a party for him and it was super fun we got to share a message, and play some misisonary games haha :) it was the family loredo-soto, who had the plan to go to the temple this march, but we found out from the bishop that they are going to have to wait :/ for some problems they got with their daughter :/ but we are going to keep working with them so they can go soon, and as to your question mom... no we could not go to the temple with them because the temple is not in our mission :/ the temple that they attend is in hermosillo.
So Friday we had a training with the presidente, so we saddled up and got on the bus to go to Mochis haha it was a 4 hour long training they are always super fun ;) haha, but it was good :) so Sunday was a good day, we had a lot of people in the church 123 that's the most we have had with my time here, Sunday we had a ward council and made a plan for the year and the members said that they are going to use us missionaries a lot more so that's going to be cool :) working with the members more :) this Friday we are going to have a zone conference, and than Sunday we have transfers so we will have to see if i get transferred or if i stay Guasave, i have really really liked Guasave :) the members are awesome and all the hot dogs are a little bit more expensive ;) so i really don't have a whole lot to talk about... sorry haha
Sergio HE ATTENDED CHURCH!! YESSSS! haha he finally came to church, and it was awesome the members were really nice to him and he got to meet a lot of knew people know we just got to get him and his wife and the kids to church together haha :)
Mariah she is the mom of sandra luz she is less active and we are working with them together and they both attended church so that was awesome, we are hoping to baptize mariah soon, :)
Adrian and Coroshli the grand daughters of some members they didn't attend church but we are thinking that in 2 weeks we can baptize them they still have a whole lot of energy haha
Family loredo-soto they are going to have to wait to go to the temple, but we reactived them this Sunday that was super cool and we are hoping they can go to the temple soon after they take care of some things :) These pictures are from a district meeting (junta de distrito).

Well Family i know i don't have a lot but i hope you guys know how much i love you and how grateful i am to have you guys as my family seriously thank you for everything and your prayers :) thanks so much for the support. Let me know if there is anything that you guys need :) Love you guys hope you all have a good week :)  Love Elder Tanner

Monday, February 2, 2015

Patriots WIN!!!

FOOOTTTBAAALLLLL Ahhh I'm so jealous that you guys got to watch the superbowl haha, i have been talking football with my Elder Hernandez for like 3 weeks he is actually a really big fan of the NFL and NBA so we talk about sports and all that haha, but he asked me like 3 weeks ago whats my team and I'm like... PATS!!!! yeahhh whooo haha he said ahh ASCO (Disgusting) haha I'm like just wait we will see who wins haha and hes like yeah yeah whatever and so when i found out today from a member that the PATS won ooooh i got all up in his face haha, he was ticked, but so worth it haha so today was a super fun pday :) We went to the church at 10 to play some soccer with some members in the branch and the elders of our district, haha.. my team won ;) it was super fun. it was nice to finally get out and play a sport, its been along time since i played. We took some selfies elder castiblanco is the kinda white kinda mexican one, elder creery is the other gringo, and elder hernandez is the brown one haha my comp.
Hey just to let you know i got a package from the pulsipher family thank you so much you guys!!! haha i loved the pics and the Pajamas, also the bars of soap form the hotel haha ;) hahaha love ya guys :) so on Wednesday we had interviews with the presdident haha he still scares me haha i don't know why but hes super nice and always looking for ways to help us :) he told me and my comp that we need to contact more people so we are going to do better at that :) also Thursday we had 2 pleasant surprises :) haha Thursday morning at like 6 the zone leaders called us and are like hey we need to shower at your house, and were like yeah whatever its chill haha, so they came over and we had to share the shower with them and they studied with us, and had breakfast with him it was kinda fun to mix things up a lil, but the reason for why they couldn't shower at their house is this... there house is terrible they cant use the bathroom because everything that they put down the toliet comes up out of the drain of the shower... EVERYTHING its so bad and so we are helping they look for a new house because right now they are showering with a bucket on their patio, also later that day well...

This Sunday was super good, well kinda haha cuz we didn't have any investigators but we reactivated a husband and wife :) there names are Domingo and Elva :) to reactivate someone is the same as baptizing they have to attend 5 Sundays and it was super hard at the start to get them to church but they started attending regularly and it was awesome participating in sacrament meeting :) and giving talks and all and yesterday was their 5 Sunday!!! Domingo and Elva are the father in laws of the 1 counselor in the stake presidency and the wife of the 1 counselor in the stake presidency shared her testimony yesterday and said how happy she was to see her parents in church and it was awesome :) also we are still working with the family Valenzuela-Lopez and the family Loredo-Soto we are helping the family Loredo-Soto go to the temple this march to get sealed in the Hermosillo temple. Yesterday we visited with hermana alma the one who taught me how to make tortillas because she didn't attend church and shes been having problems with the family, and she said thank you to us because she said that she has never felt so much love from missionaries before and that we have helped her a lot... ahh made me feel so good I'm really hoping she keeps attending so she will be reactivated and go to the temple with her family :)

Now for the fun part ;) haha the investigators :)

Javier- haha this is kinda funny becuase we had to stop teaching javier because he wasn't progressing and wasnt listening just talking, and we told him that but he was talking haha ;) and so this Sunday we didn't stop by his house, but he showed up in his wheel chair haha i was like ahhhhhh javier haha hes progressing in the church attendance but not in the doctrine part haha so we are going to see what happens this week

Sergio- We had a tour of the church this week with Sergio and it was super awesome we listened to a general conference talk on the tv at the church because its got wifi and so we listened to the prophet because he had some questions with the prophets and we watched the clip of the book of mormon the black guy in england video the church made haha its super good :)

Johnaton- he is a new investigator we found him through the exbishop of the ward he is working for the exbishop and he is super cool guy he is accepting every part of our message the book of mormon and everything and hes like ahh yeah it all finally makes sense the prophets and book of mormon and everything and were LIKE YES!! that's what we have been trying to tell the world, he is super ready to hear this message and he just needs to go to church :)

Adriana and Coregli- they are the little girls and still hyper haha but they got the baptism date for 14 of feb. and they are super hyper so if you guys have any good ideas on how teach hyper kids about church .... haha i don't games or something let me know :)

Here are some pictures the hermanas took of us outside of a outside bar. There at every corner here in mexico, kinda funny haha the mormon missionarys outside of tecate six.

I'm never going to complain about picking weeds again we went to the property of a members house and helped him pick weeds out of his "garden" of corn.
I thought Pixie syd would like the pics of this dog haha hes like 3 feet long and got ears the same length haha.
well family thanks for everything and thanks for your support :) I love you guys so much and thanks for everything i hope all is well at home, and if ever you guys need something let me know :) I love you guys Love Elder Tanner