Monday, February 16, 2015

This is a beautiful work


Transfers are always super crazy!!! haha wow so im staying here in guasave, but ill get to all the changes and stuff later first im going to talk about this week haha sorry i dont mean to keep you guys in suspense and all but... well yeah i like to keep you guys in suspense haha ;) so this week was fun and all, haha valentines was awesome i got to spend all day with my companion ;) haha something kinda funny i wanted to know how to say "single" in spanish and so im like elder what do you call a person that doesnt have a girlfriend or boyfriend, and his like.... Missionary haha i got a pretty good laugh out of it, but yeah everyone is was asking us what we do on valentines as missionaries and were just like... umm well we work.... haha but this week was pretty good, not the best we were kinda low in numbers because this week we had our zone conference, and i actually had to conduct it so that was fun haha, also we had exchanges with the district leader and elder smith came to work with me in our area it went good, but we walked  a lot this day and i was super tired at night and just wanted to sleep but he just kept talking and talking and talking haha but it was alright, hes a funny kid :) so this sunday was super crazy haha mostly just because of the changes so after church we went to a members house all the missionaries in the ward to have a go away party thing and there we waited for our district leader to call us to tell us where we were going :) so he called and elder hernandez thought he was going to go but turns out he got the news that he is going to Navojoa, and also elder castiblanco and hermana jarejugi, kinda crazy but i found out that my new comp would be elder Yoo he has 3 months in the mission and was with Elder Sauceda!!! haha in my area Constitucion!!! its supre crazy so it turns out that im going to be compainons with my "brother" :) so i have been called as the higher comp, this is my first time being the higher comp, kinda nervous because im with another american/korean and we are both learning the language so now its all on me the progression of our area lil nervous i am right now haha, lets just say that im going to praying a lot... a lot but i really do think that we are going to have a lot of succes this transfer :) and also Elder Castiblanco left ahh i was super sad he is such a good elder and taught me so much he helped a ton when i had dengue i really didnt want to see him go but its got to happen in the mission :), 


so This is the cool part and i promise im not trying to be cocky or anything like that but really i thought this was really cool and it helped me a lot becuase i really havent had a lot of success in the mission, but i was talkin with Elder Yoo because he was in my old area right after i left he arrived and started working with Elder Sauceda and we started talking about the ward and his like oooohhhh!!! Youre Elder Tanner!!! and im like haha yeah...? and hes like all the members talked about you!! he said that the week i left everyone was asking wheres Elder Tanner, like that makes me feel good and all but this is where it gets really cool :) so i was like do you know Vianey? and hes like yeahhhhh!!! and im like yeah shes super cool (she was one of our investigators but i had to leave before the baptism) and i asked him im like so did she get baptized and hes said yes!! and i was like! are you serious!! YESSS :) and than i was like so do you know Luis also and hes like yeah he got baptized too!! and i was like okay and Jose?? yup baptized!! :) :) :) :) i was so happy these were all investigators that me and elder sauceda started teaching, and i was like elder Yoo seriously man like congragulations and he was like no man they all said that thanks to you and elder sauceda they were baptized!! i almost started crying like seriously i havent seen a whole lot of success in the mission but when i heard this i realized that yeah literally  i didnt baptize them, but i planted the seed for them to be baptized and was one of the missionaries that helped them get baptized :) and also a famliy that we wee working with got reactivated ahhhh seriously i felt so good hearing all the good things that happened in Constitucion because i know that im part of it, im sure it sounds like im being super braggy or something like that but it really just made me feel so much hearing those things that 3 péople got baptized and a family was reactivated :) that i was teaching ahh man i really cant explain it but i know have a testimony that maybe i wont have a ton of baptisms but if i am preparing the baptisms for the elders that are going to follow me thats good enough :) the planting of a seed :) 

Eating some grub at a going away party because we have transfers, haha this little kid in the photo kept stealing my corn.

But sounds like the family has had an amazing week :) thats cool that syds going to be going to EFY your gonna have a blast syd :) and payts finishing up his eagle atta kid keep up the good work and got to go to the DUNES ahhh super jealous, sounds like Dad. Jordan and Weston are staying busy at work, and mom that was a cool photo of you in houston with the factory of goodman haha. I love you guys so much and thanks for all the suppport :)  I love you guys a ton :) and by the way Krystle and mom that blog looks awesome!!!! haha thank you guys so much :) 

Here's a scripture that I like
Matthew 10:39
He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.
Loose your self in the service of others and you will find the true happiness in return :)
Love you Guys :)
Love Elder Tanner 

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