Monday, August 31, 2015

Wow Wow Wow 

I’m telling you family and friends I think I’ve got the best mission in the world ;) it was an amazing week this week, at the start I wasn’t feeling too good, because I think I got really dehydrated, but I thought it was Dengue. After writing you guys last Monday I went to the hang out at the zone leaders house because it’s a whole lot closer than our house, and there I got a blessing and was able to rest for a little bit, we called a ward member to come and give us a ride and they did and then in the morning I was super tired and super dizzy, and so we called Sister Munive and she told us to go to the doctor to see if I had Dengue so we went,  they took blood (I hate when they take blood I’m still kind of a baby and can’t watch haha) but took blood and they said I didn’t have dengue, but I was probably dehydrated so I starting taking a bunch of water and PowerAde and I was up and running the next day, but I don’t think it was the PowerAde that healed me I’m pretty sure it was that priesthood blessing that they gave me, that helped me, I hope you all know how special it is to have the power of God here in the world he has so much confidence in us to give us part of his power for the blessing of his children Don’t Ever forget IT!! And always use it because it is stronger than any medicine :) 

This week was super cool, because we got to see a lot of miracles as a district; I had to do 2 baptismal interviews this week, one for an investigator of the zone leaders and another for the sisters of the district. The zone leaders were supposed to have a Baptism with us this Saturday but their investigator didn’t show up they were super sad but super excited to see the baptism of Nacho and Maricela, as for the sisters in the district, they baptized a young women named Kenya she is super cool, but was having some doubts about the baptism and the sisters finally got to have the interview with me and she still had a lot of doubts but leaving the interview that I had with her she was super pumped and ready  to be baptized the next day, it was super cool, and we had the baptism interview with Nacho and Maricela :) haha they are so cool! Maricela is all out willing to do anything but Nacho, we can say is a little fearful haha he gets really nervous with everything and it’s kind of funny he’s kind of like Wimberly Worried haha I hope you remember that book mom ;), listening to all his worries and doubts about the baptism and whatever thing reminded me of myself before the mission haha, I just want to say sorry mom for always worrying haha and having fear of the unknown and Maricela was always like DONT BE AFRAID NACHO!! haha that reminded me of you mom haha always telling me not to stress or worry, haha

But Saturday finally rolled around, and we were able to have the Baptism of Ignacio (Nacho) and Maricela and Kenya (Investigator of sister missionaries) we had to put a seat in the font to baptize Maricela and Nacho, because they are a little older and can’t move as well but it was kinda funny because me and Elder Ramirez had to work together to baptize them he baptized Maricela and I baptized Nacho, while the other is baptizing, the other is holding their legs down in the water so they don’t pop up on from the seat haha it was a little funny but Nacho and Maricela did really good, and right before the baptism Nacho was kinda freaking out a little bit, and in the baptism interview he told Elder Ramirez that he wanted me to baptize him and so at his baptism he was like hey you’re going to baptize me right!? haha and I was just like yes sir haha and he did a little Tiger Woods fist pump and was like okay that’s good!! haha super cool guy, and we were able to confirm them Sunday, Elder Vaca was able to confirm Nacho and I confirmed Maricela, it was all super great, Thank you guys so much for your support I know that all your prayers have a great influence on these people please keep praying that we can find the people that are ready for this message, and share your testimonies I love you guys so much and thanks for all the prayers that you guys have offered in behalf of Nacho and Maricela and please keep praying that they can endure to the end, thank you guys so much and I love you guys so much thanks for everything, 

Love Elder Tanner :) :) :)
Keep smiling 

Maricela and Ignacio (Nacho) I was able to baptize Nacho and Elder Ramirez baptized Maricela 

The Missionary's of Aero Puerto Ward  


Monday, August 24, 2015

Awesome Week!!
Hello party people, haha sounds like you guys have had a ton of get together’s, and a whole lot of parties thats good!! haha, and that is a pretty awesome video of Dennis haha the little stunt man haha, that was so cool!! Payton and Syd sure look good ha :) and super crazy that Weston did that, but I thought he wasn’t the one that liked roller coasters ;) haha  
This week was super good we had a stake conference Sunday and got to see President and we got to hear some awesome talks about the importance of the family it was super cool, because we had Nacho and Maricela there!! And this week we got them to accept to be baptized!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO they’re baptism will be for this week Saturday!! we are super excited :) so we had them announce their baptism to all the stake in stake conference haha and Nacho was so happy when he heard their names haha it was super funny, and Maricela is inviting people from other wards to her baptism its super cool :) we are super excited and happy to see them commit to make this covenant, thank you guys so much for your prayers and please keep praying for them that they can be brave and make this decision :) thanks so much for everything everyone sorry for the short letter, but I’ll try and write more the next week I love YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! 
I'm going to try and go to the Dr. and see what they say but also I'm going to call Hermana Munive, but no worries Mom I'll be fine, if it is Dengue I have already beat it once I can beat it again ;) haha but I think its just a little cold or the flu :) but thank you Mom :) but really dont worry 
I love you guys to :) 
Stay strong
Be faithful and 
Love LOTS!! 
Love Elder Tanner

Monday, August 17, 2015


sounds like it was the good ole Utah county fair this week yee hah who haha, that’s awesome, that’s so crazy that school starts this week, but more that Payton is going to graduate!!! WHAT??? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??  And haha those pics of Weston paragliding are awesome haha, and Jordan and Krystle’s new house is beautiful!! holy smokes, so much is happening and that’s awesome I love to hear what’s going on, thanks so much for your guys letters and emails, and I love to see all the pics of you guys, a lot is going on here too!! But I don’t have a whole lot of pictures this week, but I’ll be sure to take some more :) 

So this week was awesome, it was a good week we a zone conference with President Munive this week and we talked about the importance of the Holy Ghost in teaching, and that’s something that I have learned to rely on, before the mission and at the start of my mission I thought I had to memorize the Bible and the Book of Mormon and know every type of doctrine in the gospel, to baptize someone but as I began teaching more and more people, I eventually learned that really we can’t baptize someone if we can’t help them feel the Holy Ghost really like I could know everything about the bible the church and teach someone, and if they don’t feel the holy ghost, they won’t get baptized or nothing like that, we aren’t the people that convert the investigators it’s the holy ghost, he is the only person that can truly convert someone so we had a little training on how we can help our investigators recognize and feel the holy ghost, and it’s interesting because the 12 apostles just came without a new training for the missionaries right now that focuses in the holy ghost more in teaching people, it’s really cool to see how the lord is progressing the work, he has revealed so much to us, these really are the last days President Munive talked to us about all things that are happening in the church and how much it is growing, and he says it’s happening for a reason :) but also this week we had a lot of success we got to know some new people and we are really excited to teach them, but the best thing is that Maricela and Nacho went to church!! Whooo thank you guys for your prayers and well I don’t have a lot of time but I would like to talk about the people we are teaching :) 


Maricela and NACCHHHOOO!!! They went to church and are getting to know a lot of the members and feel more comfortable!! this was their 5 Sunday and so they are ready to be baptized any second now, we are trying to get a baptism date, but Nacho is still kind of scared, we are going to have the members visit them and hopefully they can feel better about it please pray for them that they can know the importance of baptism and can be brave and accept it.

Carmina and her 3 kids (Kevin, Brian, and Madelyn) they are awesome and always receive us well, they couldn’t go to church because Carmina got sick because of the heat, but she says that she will go to church with us this Sunday please pray that she can realize the blessings her and her family can have through this church.

Guadalupe she is a mom that we are teaching, she has a lot of kids but they are all grown up and living outside of the house now, she’s going through all lot of problems so we are trying to calm her down and get her to church because we know it’ll help her please pray that she kind find peace in her life through this gospel thanks for your busy help :) 


Thank you so much for your prayers and please keep praying I love you guys so much and I know that I got the best family ever I love you all so much!

Love Elder Tanner 


Monday, August 10, 2015

Week One With Elder Vaca

How’s it going everybody :) sounds like everything is going just dandy at home with you all :) School is getting started, that’s so crazy that Payton and Syd are going to be seniors and juniors, I really can’t believe it like my little brother is going to graduate this year!!!! That is so crazy!!! but I want you all to know how proud I am of you guys and how happy I am to call myself a Tanner I’m so grateful for the examples of my brothers and sisters, and the friends they have been to me all my life, even when I was super weird and annoying haha ;) I love you guys a lot and I know that whatever you guys do you’ll do it good :) I’m so grateful also for the parents that have raised me taught me and been my biggest examples I love you guys so much :) 
That’s cool to hear that a bunch of the friends of Payt and Syd are starting their missions up that’s super cool :) I’m sure that they will do great. 
Today was pretty cool we got up and went to play basketball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee in the church court with some elders in our zone, haha super fun to get out and play a little haha, it’s kind of funny because I used to be a lil fast kid, but now I’m just a lil chubby plump running around trying not to die from lack of air haha, but it was super fun and that we went to eat at this salad bar, I didn’t really want to go to a salad bar but the Elders convinced me and it was pretty good, actually really good haha :)  
This week was super awesome!!! my first week with my new companion and son, and I got to tell ya he’s a good kid haha, he has been a member all of his life, when he was a little kid he got shocked by a telephone pull and he got burnt super bad he showed me the scars and they are pretty sweet haha they’re huge on his legs and stuff then I told him how one time my little brother through a pitch fork into my foot and I thought I was going to die haha ;) but he is a good kid and really willing to work! And we actually had quite a bit of success this week :) we were able to contact a lot of people and find new investigators and I’ll be talking about some of them here in a little bit :) We also had a zone conference this week and it was pretty good, the mission wants us to work more with youth to invite them to seminary at 530 in the morning!! we have it so good in Utah please now how cool seminary is and take advantage of have a class in the day to learn about Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ it truly is a blessing, 
Well some of the people that we got to know this week is: 
Guadalupe Verdugo and her family, they are super cool, we contacted her in front of her house me and elder Hutt but we never went back so we decided to visit them the other night and she was with a lot of her family, and usually when there is a lot of family we choose not to teach them because it’s hard to teach a lot of people, or they get mad because they are having family time but I was like ahh I don’t care were going to do it so we went up to her and her family and we are talking like 8 people on the front porch and we asked if we could teach them and they were super relaxed and listened and it was awesome it was my comps first lesson he was a little nervous but he did good :) then we went back the other day and we taught them a little bit and then the mom invited us to eat and she made us food and she said whenever you guys need anything your house is here with us if you need anything she is such a nice lady and we hope that this week she goes to church with her family :) 
Carmina and her 3 kids we found about her from a family in our ward and we went to teach them and had an awesome lesson, her kids names are American names because her husband is working in north Carolina right now and they really like the American names their names are Kevin, Brian, and Madelyn its super cool and after the lesson I saw a tramp on the side of their house, and I was like Sister it’s been like a year since I jumped on a tramp can I jump, and she let me and my comp jump haha it was super fun, and then her kids showed up and we started jumping and it was super cool, and we made a good relationship with her kids when we finished there like ELDERS ELDERS! WHEN WILL YOU COME BACK?! haha it was super cool, were going to visit them again this week and hopefully they can all go to the church :) were going to bring the sister that gave us their direction to invite them to church with her, also they all thought it was cool that I could do a backflip haha, 
And guess what?! MARICELA AND NACHO CAME BACK TO CHURCH!!! We went and visited them and found out that they kinda freaked out that one time and didn’t want to listen to us was because their neighbors were saying bad stuff about our church but we helped them understand that the stuff wasn’t true and they said they wanted to go to church and they went!!! It was so great! And the members helped them to feel at home and it was awesome! 
Please Family and friends will you please pray for these amazing people, pray that they can know that these things are true, that the church is true and can have the desire  follow our Savior Jesus Christ, and go to church and be baptized please if you could do that it would be amazing i know that prayers are heard and i know that your prayers can help them and thank you guys so much please know how grateful i am for your prayers and love please be safe this week and i know that I love you guys so much 
Love Elder Tanner 
Be Mormon 
Be Happy 
Keep Smiling 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Changes...District Leader and Trainer

What???? So much has happened this week!! It seems like a ton has happened here  in Mexico and in Utah, super crazy!! but first of all I got to say that is a pretty sick car sydney has got! haha I can't believe she got a slugbug as her first car that is so cool, haha and thats a super funny story about Payton and the police sounds like I taught my little brother well... ;) haha, and Jordan and Krystle are going to change houses holy smokes a ton of stuff, school is starting up, oh my goodness Payton is going to be a senior???????????????? WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! when did that happen???? time just needs to chill it out right now because it is flying right now. 

But things are going good, I stayed here in Aeropuerto, Navajoa since my companion finished the mission he's now back home, haha, but I got some super exciting news, for the changes, I found out that I would be a trainer!! I'm super excited, I got to go to Obregon Monday to get my new companion that just got to the mission!! I found out that my old companion Elder Yoo from Guasave is going to be a trainer too!! So we got to hang out on the bus and think back on old times :) I also got to see Elder Rivas who was with me in El Fuerte, and he is doing really well, it was super cool to see all the missionaries haha, lots of people that I haven't seen in a while :) but they are all doing good :) so I got to Obregon, and all the trainors were seated and all the new missionaries and President Munive started to announce the companionships and it was super chill I found out that my new companion is Elder Vaca!!!! He's a super cool guy, haha 20 years old, and his name is super cool because Vaca in Spanish means Cow haha, kinda funny but he is super chill, and so we stayed in Obregon, almost all day!! so we didnt have Pday, and thats why I'm writing you guys today, I'm super excited to train Elder Vaca, and its kinda funny because everyone in the mission knows me as Padre Tanner (Father Tanner) becasue of the movie John Tanner when the Prophet Joseph Smith yells FATHER TANNER!! haha and so everyone is like Father Tanner!! haha kinda funny, but I never felt like I could be called that, but now I do because in the mission when you are called to train someone the new missionary, becomes your son and your the father, because they are being born into the mission, and so now that I'm traning and am a Father I feel good being called Father Tanner haha, its kinda funny :) the district got changed a lot now there are just 2 sisters instead of 4 they took out 2 Sisters and put Elders in there area, but it's chill because the elders are cool guys :) Elder Ramirez and Walker are still my zone Leaders super cool guys, Elder Ramirez was Elder Williams companion so we always talk about the experiencias that we've had with Elder Williams.

I would like to take a little bit of time to let you all know about something super cool that I loved to hear yesterday, well like I said yesterday I got to hang out with Elder Yoo, and we talked about Guasave, we started talking about the Brother Guadalupe that we baptized there, and its been a long time since I've heard about him and how he is doing and I was kinda nervous to hear how he's doing, but Elder Yoo gave me some awesome news!!! the Brother Guadalupe is one of the strongest converts in the Guasave ward!!! He attends every Sunday, and bore his testimony the other Sunday and Elder Yoo told me that it was super powerful, and was super happy and crying a little bit :), in his time in the church he has recieved the Aaronic priesthood, but was just barely ordained and ELDER!! and was given the THE MELCHEZIDIC PRIESTHOOD!!! It was so cool to hear that!! He is such a cool guy, and I'm really hoping to visit him someday, I love this work and I know its true, I know that God lives and he loves us, and I know that sometimes we feel alone, but we are never alone, Jesus Christ was the only person to ever be completly alone so that we wouldn't have to be, I know that we always have our older brother with us, Never stop sharing this gospel with Family, friends, and any person that you know!! I love you all so much and am so grateful for your love and support, thank you for your prayers and please keep praying that we can find people to teach and help :) I Love you guys and have an awesome week :) 

Love Elder Tanner

Dare to be a Mormon

Dare to stand alone

Dare to have a purpose firm

Dare to make it known :)