Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Changes...District Leader and Trainer

What???? So much has happened this week!! It seems like a ton has happened here  in Mexico and in Utah, super crazy!! but first of all I got to say that is a pretty sick car sydney has got! haha I can't believe she got a slugbug as her first car that is so cool, haha and thats a super funny story about Payton and the police sounds like I taught my little brother well... ;) haha, and Jordan and Krystle are going to change houses holy smokes a ton of stuff, school is starting up, oh my goodness Payton is going to be a senior???????????????? WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! when did that happen???? time just needs to chill it out right now because it is flying right now. 

But things are going good, I stayed here in Aeropuerto, Navajoa since my companion finished the mission he's now back home, haha, but I got some super exciting news, for the changes, I found out that I would be a trainer!! I'm super excited, I got to go to Obregon Monday to get my new companion that just got to the mission!! I found out that my old companion Elder Yoo from Guasave is going to be a trainer too!! So we got to hang out on the bus and think back on old times :) I also got to see Elder Rivas who was with me in El Fuerte, and he is doing really well, it was super cool to see all the missionaries haha, lots of people that I haven't seen in a while :) but they are all doing good :) so I got to Obregon, and all the trainors were seated and all the new missionaries and President Munive started to announce the companionships and it was super chill I found out that my new companion is Elder Vaca!!!! He's a super cool guy, haha 20 years old, and his name is super cool because Vaca in Spanish means Cow haha, kinda funny but he is super chill, and so we stayed in Obregon, almost all day!! so we didnt have Pday, and thats why I'm writing you guys today, I'm super excited to train Elder Vaca, and its kinda funny because everyone in the mission knows me as Padre Tanner (Father Tanner) becasue of the movie John Tanner when the Prophet Joseph Smith yells FATHER TANNER!! haha and so everyone is like Father Tanner!! haha kinda funny, but I never felt like I could be called that, but now I do because in the mission when you are called to train someone the new missionary, becomes your son and your the father, because they are being born into the mission, and so now that I'm traning and am a Father I feel good being called Father Tanner haha, its kinda funny :) the district got changed a lot now there are just 2 sisters instead of 4 they took out 2 Sisters and put Elders in there area, but it's chill because the elders are cool guys :) Elder Ramirez and Walker are still my zone Leaders super cool guys, Elder Ramirez was Elder Williams companion so we always talk about the experiencias that we've had with Elder Williams.

I would like to take a little bit of time to let you all know about something super cool that I loved to hear yesterday, well like I said yesterday I got to hang out with Elder Yoo, and we talked about Guasave, we started talking about the Brother Guadalupe that we baptized there, and its been a long time since I've heard about him and how he is doing and I was kinda nervous to hear how he's doing, but Elder Yoo gave me some awesome news!!! the Brother Guadalupe is one of the strongest converts in the Guasave ward!!! He attends every Sunday, and bore his testimony the other Sunday and Elder Yoo told me that it was super powerful, and was super happy and crying a little bit :), in his time in the church he has recieved the Aaronic priesthood, but was just barely ordained and ELDER!! and was given the THE MELCHEZIDIC PRIESTHOOD!!! It was so cool to hear that!! He is such a cool guy, and I'm really hoping to visit him someday, I love this work and I know its true, I know that God lives and he loves us, and I know that sometimes we feel alone, but we are never alone, Jesus Christ was the only person to ever be completly alone so that we wouldn't have to be, I know that we always have our older brother with us, Never stop sharing this gospel with Family, friends, and any person that you know!! I love you all so much and am so grateful for your love and support, thank you for your prayers and please keep praying that we can find people to teach and help :) I Love you guys and have an awesome week :) 

Love Elder Tanner

Dare to be a Mormon

Dare to stand alone

Dare to have a purpose firm

Dare to make it known :) 


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