Monday, August 24, 2015

Awesome Week!!
Hello party people, haha sounds like you guys have had a ton of get together’s, and a whole lot of parties thats good!! haha, and that is a pretty awesome video of Dennis haha the little stunt man haha, that was so cool!! Payton and Syd sure look good ha :) and super crazy that Weston did that, but I thought he wasn’t the one that liked roller coasters ;) haha  
This week was super good we had a stake conference Sunday and got to see President and we got to hear some awesome talks about the importance of the family it was super cool, because we had Nacho and Maricela there!! And this week we got them to accept to be baptized!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO they’re baptism will be for this week Saturday!! we are super excited :) so we had them announce their baptism to all the stake in stake conference haha and Nacho was so happy when he heard their names haha it was super funny, and Maricela is inviting people from other wards to her baptism its super cool :) we are super excited and happy to see them commit to make this covenant, thank you guys so much for your prayers and please keep praying for them that they can be brave and make this decision :) thanks so much for everything everyone sorry for the short letter, but I’ll try and write more the next week I love YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! 
I'm going to try and go to the Dr. and see what they say but also I'm going to call Hermana Munive, but no worries Mom I'll be fine, if it is Dengue I have already beat it once I can beat it again ;) haha but I think its just a little cold or the flu :) but thank you Mom :) but really dont worry 
I love you guys to :) 
Stay strong
Be faithful and 
Love LOTS!! 
Love Elder Tanner

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