Monday, August 17, 2015


sounds like it was the good ole Utah county fair this week yee hah who haha, that’s awesome, that’s so crazy that school starts this week, but more that Payton is going to graduate!!! WHAT??? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??  And haha those pics of Weston paragliding are awesome haha, and Jordan and Krystle’s new house is beautiful!! holy smokes, so much is happening and that’s awesome I love to hear what’s going on, thanks so much for your guys letters and emails, and I love to see all the pics of you guys, a lot is going on here too!! But I don’t have a whole lot of pictures this week, but I’ll be sure to take some more :) 

So this week was awesome, it was a good week we a zone conference with President Munive this week and we talked about the importance of the Holy Ghost in teaching, and that’s something that I have learned to rely on, before the mission and at the start of my mission I thought I had to memorize the Bible and the Book of Mormon and know every type of doctrine in the gospel, to baptize someone but as I began teaching more and more people, I eventually learned that really we can’t baptize someone if we can’t help them feel the Holy Ghost really like I could know everything about the bible the church and teach someone, and if they don’t feel the holy ghost, they won’t get baptized or nothing like that, we aren’t the people that convert the investigators it’s the holy ghost, he is the only person that can truly convert someone so we had a little training on how we can help our investigators recognize and feel the holy ghost, and it’s interesting because the 12 apostles just came without a new training for the missionaries right now that focuses in the holy ghost more in teaching people, it’s really cool to see how the lord is progressing the work, he has revealed so much to us, these really are the last days President Munive talked to us about all things that are happening in the church and how much it is growing, and he says it’s happening for a reason :) but also this week we had a lot of success we got to know some new people and we are really excited to teach them, but the best thing is that Maricela and Nacho went to church!! Whooo thank you guys for your prayers and well I don’t have a lot of time but I would like to talk about the people we are teaching :) 


Maricela and NACCHHHOOO!!! They went to church and are getting to know a lot of the members and feel more comfortable!! this was their 5 Sunday and so they are ready to be baptized any second now, we are trying to get a baptism date, but Nacho is still kind of scared, we are going to have the members visit them and hopefully they can feel better about it please pray for them that they can know the importance of baptism and can be brave and accept it.

Carmina and her 3 kids (Kevin, Brian, and Madelyn) they are awesome and always receive us well, they couldn’t go to church because Carmina got sick because of the heat, but she says that she will go to church with us this Sunday please pray that she can realize the blessings her and her family can have through this church.

Guadalupe she is a mom that we are teaching, she has a lot of kids but they are all grown up and living outside of the house now, she’s going through all lot of problems so we are trying to calm her down and get her to church because we know it’ll help her please pray that she kind find peace in her life through this gospel thanks for your busy help :) 


Thank you so much for your prayers and please keep praying I love you guys so much and I know that I got the best family ever I love you all so much!

Love Elder Tanner 


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