Monday, August 31, 2015

Wow Wow Wow 

I’m telling you family and friends I think I’ve got the best mission in the world ;) it was an amazing week this week, at the start I wasn’t feeling too good, because I think I got really dehydrated, but I thought it was Dengue. After writing you guys last Monday I went to the hang out at the zone leaders house because it’s a whole lot closer than our house, and there I got a blessing and was able to rest for a little bit, we called a ward member to come and give us a ride and they did and then in the morning I was super tired and super dizzy, and so we called Sister Munive and she told us to go to the doctor to see if I had Dengue so we went,  they took blood (I hate when they take blood I’m still kind of a baby and can’t watch haha) but took blood and they said I didn’t have dengue, but I was probably dehydrated so I starting taking a bunch of water and PowerAde and I was up and running the next day, but I don’t think it was the PowerAde that healed me I’m pretty sure it was that priesthood blessing that they gave me, that helped me, I hope you all know how special it is to have the power of God here in the world he has so much confidence in us to give us part of his power for the blessing of his children Don’t Ever forget IT!! And always use it because it is stronger than any medicine :) 

This week was super cool, because we got to see a lot of miracles as a district; I had to do 2 baptismal interviews this week, one for an investigator of the zone leaders and another for the sisters of the district. The zone leaders were supposed to have a Baptism with us this Saturday but their investigator didn’t show up they were super sad but super excited to see the baptism of Nacho and Maricela, as for the sisters in the district, they baptized a young women named Kenya she is super cool, but was having some doubts about the baptism and the sisters finally got to have the interview with me and she still had a lot of doubts but leaving the interview that I had with her she was super pumped and ready  to be baptized the next day, it was super cool, and we had the baptism interview with Nacho and Maricela :) haha they are so cool! Maricela is all out willing to do anything but Nacho, we can say is a little fearful haha he gets really nervous with everything and it’s kind of funny he’s kind of like Wimberly Worried haha I hope you remember that book mom ;), listening to all his worries and doubts about the baptism and whatever thing reminded me of myself before the mission haha, I just want to say sorry mom for always worrying haha and having fear of the unknown and Maricela was always like DONT BE AFRAID NACHO!! haha that reminded me of you mom haha always telling me not to stress or worry, haha

But Saturday finally rolled around, and we were able to have the Baptism of Ignacio (Nacho) and Maricela and Kenya (Investigator of sister missionaries) we had to put a seat in the font to baptize Maricela and Nacho, because they are a little older and can’t move as well but it was kinda funny because me and Elder Ramirez had to work together to baptize them he baptized Maricela and I baptized Nacho, while the other is baptizing, the other is holding their legs down in the water so they don’t pop up on from the seat haha it was a little funny but Nacho and Maricela did really good, and right before the baptism Nacho was kinda freaking out a little bit, and in the baptism interview he told Elder Ramirez that he wanted me to baptize him and so at his baptism he was like hey you’re going to baptize me right!? haha and I was just like yes sir haha and he did a little Tiger Woods fist pump and was like okay that’s good!! haha super cool guy, and we were able to confirm them Sunday, Elder Vaca was able to confirm Nacho and I confirmed Maricela, it was all super great, Thank you guys so much for your support I know that all your prayers have a great influence on these people please keep praying that we can find the people that are ready for this message, and share your testimonies I love you guys so much and thanks for all the prayers that you guys have offered in behalf of Nacho and Maricela and please keep praying that they can endure to the end, thank you guys so much and I love you guys so much thanks for everything, 

Love Elder Tanner :) :) :)
Keep smiling 

Maricela and Ignacio (Nacho) I was able to baptize Nacho and Elder Ramirez baptized Maricela 

The Missionary's of Aero Puerto Ward  


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