Monday, September 7, 2015

Time Flies

I cant believe that this is the week before transfers, I feel like I was just barely in Obregon picking up my son Elder Vaca, the time here has gone by flying I'm pretty sure it went faster than a F22 Raptor, but who's counting haha thats awesome that its labor day for you guys, I hope you guys are enjoying it :) that is awesome that we are going to put a flag pole in the yard, please just be sure to put the Mexico flag up there with old glory :) haha, but that will be something really special to do 9/11, I really can't believe how much is going on back home, that's so cool to see how much you guys are doing :) I hope you guys are doing awesome spirtitually and physically, and be sure to spend time together, lots of times we forget how special it is to have a family, but we have been put in a family for a reason our Father in Heaven knew that the family and the home can be a little part of heaven and a place of protection and security, we should remember that the family is a source of help and answers, in any moment that we have problems or questions the first place we should go or refer to is the family, I'm super grateful for my family and the help they have been to me in my life and I'm so grateful for the examples of my Mom and Dad and Brothers and Sisters, Dont ever forget that the families are of God. 

This was a really good week :) we did some divisions with Elders in the district, I went with an Elder in his area and Elder Vaca stayed in our area and the the other Elder went to work with him, I went with a Elder Ream his from Las Vegas, and a good kid, we were able to teach and contact some people and it was cool to work with a different ward and get to know other members in the other wards in Navojoa, we had our zone conference this week, and I got my package!! Thank you so much mom :) those ties are flipping beautiful haha, I got lots of good comments, thank you so much and thanks so much for the nutter butters I'm going to give one to everyone in the District so that they know whats good haha, also I got a really nice letter from Treyson Orton I think is his name in the package that I thought was really cool be sure to tell my little buddy thanks for his drawing and his letter it was super nice to get it :) and that he will a great missionary when he is older :) Thank you so much for the package family and thanks for the lettter Mom :)
We got to help a lady clean her garden this week and take out weeds (I'm in a different country and still doing yard work pretty crazy right) ;) haha we did it super early saturday and  we were still sweating a ton haha but it was cool to help her and it was the first time that I got to cut grass with a machete haha I got the hang of it pretty good , I think thats how Grandpa Walker should cut his grass, cuts it really fine and nice ;) but as for Sunday it was a little crazy we were expecting a lot of people in the church but not everyone was able to go, we had an awesome lesson with Carmina and her 3 kids Friday and we taught the Restoration, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and we know that she felt the spirit and she said that she would give us a ride to church, but when we went Sunday to get a ride she didn't answer and we had to walk really far to get to the church, but it was awesome because one of our investigators Lorena is her name went and she loved it, we finished the last hour and she was hoping that there were more classes, she was like that was 3 hours?? it went by so fast!! haha she is super excited to go again and she invited us to eat tamales with her one day, we are going to put a baptism date with her for October of maybe end of September, pray for her that she will acept it she is really great :) well I gotta go you guys I love you so much, can't believe that transfers are this week, I hope I get to stay in Navojoa, it has gone by so fast and I have really loved it here :) 

I love you guys so much and stay awesome 

Love Elder Tanner 

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