Monday, September 21, 2015

Mexican Independence Day

15 of septiembre was awesome haha, we had a ward party and they had a bunch of Mexican music and its kinda funny because at the start of my mission I hated all the music here but a year later I had to contain my self from dancing haha it really is kinda catchy, but it was a lot of fun :) this week, was pretty good I dont have a lot of time to talk but, it rained a ton this week and with the rain here the people get really nervous because of the lightning because it is super crazy here and to add to it there was a cyclone that passed by and so it was a super crazy storm, and we almost didn't have a ward sunday, very few people came out :/ it was super sad, but we had a investigator came that the sisters were teaching but turns out she lives in our area she's really cool, and we are going to teach her this week and see if we can get a baptismal date :), we visited Lorena Saturday night and her husband was really kind of a jerk to us, it was super messed up we wanted to talk to him but he wouldn't even look us in the eyes and just kept watching the TV and turning it up so he couldn't hear us, we couldn't really get mad at him. and she felt super bad and said that she can't listen to us because she doesn't want problems with her marriage so we told them that we respect them and we want them to have a happy marriage but when they are ready to listen to us they can feel free to call us it was super hard to do but I could see how torn Lorena was, but we will find more :) something to cheer you guys up haha it was raining super hard one night and the streets got flooded up to our shins so we were returning home really late and it was dark because there wasn't street lights and we were walking in water up to our shins, and suddenly I feel super deep up to my thighs in water, turns out I had fell into a man hole haha it was super crazy scared me so bad haha I thought I was being sucked down by the devil ;) haha but it was pretty funny too, okay guys dont ever forget how much I love you guys
Love Elder Tanner 


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