Monday, September 14, 2015


Happy 9/11 everyone I hope you all had a good day and could take a little bit of time and remember what happened this day, and have a little prayer in your hearts for all the families that witnessed this tragedy, but also remember that we live in the greatest country :) I showed my pride this day too and wore my tie with the American flag on it, was super cool :) well everyone I have got some pretty good news, we got our changes yesterday in the morning and found out that I'm going to stay here with Elder Vaca! whooo and I'm going to finish his training I'm super pumped and excited :) we had a pretty good end of the week, I don't know if you guys knew but, the temple in the Ciudad de Mexico was rededicated yesterday so we didn't have church everyone went to Obregon to see it broadcast and it was so special, but we had to wake up a little earlier and take a hour long bus ride to Obregon but it was so worth it :) it really was a beautiful session :), Henry B Eyring and Jefferey R Holland were there presiding and Jefferey R Holland gave a super powerful talk about the Priesthood of Elijah and the significance of his appearance to Joseph Smith in the Kirtland temple, it was super cool we truly are blessed to live in this time with the fullness of the gospel :) Do family history work, our Heavenly Father held us back for a reason, because we made a promise with our families before this life that we would save them so we kinda got to do it they are waiting. Take advantage of all the temples that are so close to us it truly is a blessing :)  

We kinda had a problem this week with one of our investigators :/ and we are really kinda sad, its Lorena, we had an awesome lesson with her and a member and she accepted to be baptized Oct. 3 and all and she loved the church when she went, but she called us the other day saying that we can't visit her now because her husband doesn't want us to teach her :( We didn't know what to say. We had talked with the husband before making sure its alright with him if we teach her but, I don't know what changed now he doesn't want us to teach her, we are going to visit them this week and see what's up, but if you guys could please keep her and her husband Salvador in your prayers. Pray that he will have a change of heart and let his wife go to church and listen to this message, pray with faith and we are going to do everything that we can. Thanks for everything guys, I love you guys so much and thanks for all that you guys do :)  

This week is 16 de Septiembre we are super pumped because its Independence day for Mexico and we are going to have a Fiesta with our ward haha, its like 4 of July, but please keep praying that we can find the people who are ready for this message :) I love you guys 

Love Elder Tanner 
Happy 9/11 everyone, I showed my American pride this day too, love you guys
Sept 1 my comp celebrated a month and me a year haha so we did a little something 
Me and my good friend Elder Ramirez, we had to work together to baptize Maricela and Nacho, he's coming to Spanish Fork and me and him and Elder Williams, we going to Lake Powell ha-ha

This is me stuck on a pole I had to put up a volleyball net in the church because no one else is an Eagle Scout and I'm the only one that could shimy up but I couldn't shimy down. 

We went to the church and played a little ball today ha-ha Mom I'm wearing the shirt that you guys sent me that says HOME with a picture of Utah haha its a cool shirt. 
The awesome and hardworking District I am lucky to have them in my District

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