Monday, September 29, 2014

mom, i cant say thank you enough and i wish i had at least twenty minutes to write you but i really dont have that long of time... and im sorry i have been in guaymas all day yet again... i did however get my visa taken care of so thats good :) but i have some bad news about victor he has started smoking again and picked up some bad habbits and is now avoiding us so that kinda sucks, but we are going to keep working with him because he has came so far in his life, and will continue to grow. Just because we mess up and fall down doesnt mean we have to stay down, with courage and faith the lord will always forgive us and pick us back up when we fall down :) Alma 26:12 by the way i got the letters from you guys and i cant wait to read them tonight, i have not however reiceved any packages, but its ok becuase they really are hard to send and i know that, because i have talked to a missionary here from st. george and he is going home in two weeks and he said during his mission his mom sent 5 packages he has recieved one its a really bad deal, but its ok if you dont send packages. really mom it is :), mom im so sorry about this email and i know i need to do better but its hard when you only have like 15 mins to write and read emails.  my spanish is still bad haha, but im going to just try and as cheesy as it sounds simply smile :) haha because right now thats all i can do for these people, that and try and sing their hyms which by the way is hard haha, have payton check his email, i sent him and email and hows syd doing with the cheerleading, she liking high school? wheres payton at in welding? ill always be a better stick welder ;) haha and ask weston if the dove hunt is still going and how did with that, anyone draw for a turkey,or deer hunt this year? . thats super tight jordan is going to romania, we have had people go everywhere spain, germany, mexico, romania pretty good stuff haha, let me know if you guys need anything and ill do my best to try and help you haha its hard when im in a different country. Hows matthew doing? Hows he pulisphers? Tanners? Roberts? haha hows spanish fork? ;) by the way im about i think two or three  miles from the church i believe haha at least thats what it feels like when we walk haha. i love you guys soo much and thanks for everything thanks for your prayers, they help more than you know, and that footsteps in the sand story is definatly real for missionarys because right now i know for fact im being carried by my savior, as we all are. im sorry for not sending pictures, im using a bad computer right now so its hard to get them uploaded. pretty cool we got conference this week, haha too bad i probably wont understand it haha ;) tenga fe right? ;) well times up and now i gotta go my fingers are on fire from typing but its worth the pain i love you guys and i pray for yall as much as you pray for me :) keep smiling church is true and we have a savior who loves us.

Love Elder Tanner

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey Family

hey family!!!

sorry about yesterday and me not emailing you guys!! I was in guaymas all day trying to figure out my visa and stuff, we had to get on a bus at 6 and travel for only hour and half to two hours to guaymas, while there me and Elder Williams had to get our visa pictures taken so we got that done and than went to the place where they had our visas, we get there and they have Elder Williams but not mine... haha no worries though i just have to go back next monday... Kinda rough because monday is pday but do what ya gotta do right ;) Be sure to let Gallo know that i got his email and that it helped a lot and that i say "Muchas gracias" ;) haha so i got some most excellent news everyone!!! Hermano Victor commited to baptism!!!! yeah whooo right? haha he has come such along way with changing his life, hes been on drugs an alcholic, and has really turned his life around he has a very strong testimony that he and all of us are sons and daughters of our heavenly father!!! and that Heavenly Father will alwasy helps us, we have taught him part of the plan of salvation and will be finishing the lesson today and we have taught him the commandments and the word of wisdom and he is doing all the right stuff to prepare for batptism! he came to church this last sunday and was greeted very well with many of the ward members!!! oh i forgot to tell you when the baptism is haha its the 11 of october so me and Elder Flores are so pumped for that day!! because its the day before transfers and elder flores might be leaving so he would be his last baptism, all good stuff todo bien!! we continue to work with his hermanas Margarita and America, its hard to get them to come to church because they both work on sundays. so we are trying to help em out there!! haha so we went to this investigators house to visit with him his name is felipe he is 20 years old and way cool, he wants to live in american specifically utah really bad and so we got on google maps and i showed them exactly where i live haha they are all like..."ordela ordela tiene muy casa bonita ordela muy grande" haha hey asked about work there and i talked to him about triple t and he said is willing to work for ya dad ;) haha i also told him he could live with us ;) hes a funny kid and we hope he continues to grow in the gospel, but its that same kids family who has the dog that peed on my bag so thats the only down side haha. Also something funny i have kinda noticed around here is that everyone here has these jack daniels hats haha like seriously everyone haha im thinking about buying one just for the fun of it haha, food has been pretty good we might be having turtle here some day a member said he wanted to make me some so that will be cool, haha ate a hot dog in a tortilla the other day that was exciting! haha but hey guys i dont have a whole lot of time to write and this compture keeps shutting off, ahhh but just know all is good and hot here in mexico, and thanks for all the support and love and prayers and everything i definatly feel it. Love you guys so much!!

Love Elder Tanner 

P.S. i love the pictures haha super funny and go BYU!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Independence Day in Mexico

whats happening everyone?! 
haha for me im in a rainstorm right now, and when i say rainstorm i mean rainstorm, because here when it rains its a flood or its nothing. there are two types of weather hot and rainy. haha its fun though. but yeah the rain is crazy the streets flood and cars will drive through like 5 inches of water.  its super fun haha, kinda a funny story me and elder flores were crossing this highway thing with a mediator (i think thats what it is called) in the middle and we were on the mediator and we were trying to cross and it was raining and the street was flooded and everything, so we found a spot were the pavement was higher and more dry, and now we just had to wait for a gap in the cars, and crossing here isnt like the USA haha cars dont stop for pedestrians. Pedestrians stop for cars and if you dont your getting railed haha these cars are flying haha, like i was standing in the road once and was waiting and i start getting a head start on the car thats about to pass me so i can cross faster and like i thought they would move over a lil but didnt and legitly skimmed me haha pretty sure i peed a lil, but anyways thats just a fun fact thats not the funny story, so we are on the mediator, and we see a gap and we start to cross, but we run into a problem, we get about 8 feet from the sidewalk and its just flooded i mean like 7 inches haha deep and were in the middle of the road and we see this pimped out low riding blue chevy turn the corner and head our way, and me and my comp both know this guys gonna hit the puddle going 60 and drench us so we start panicking and we cant decide to either go back to the mediator or tip toe through the water, my comp hurry and runs back to the mediator but i had already going through the puddle so the cars like 100 feet away now, and i jump for the side walk make it and run up a lil ways and as i do the chevy hits the puddle and the water barely misses me haha i looked in the window as the guy pased and he was laughing with his buddies so i just through my hands up in the air like "what up son" haha and so thats that me and my comp were both laughing way hard. something else i see here is there are a ton of motorcycles haha, and the best thing is they latino families will cram people on them, cuz its the only transportatoin they have haha. like the other day i saw 4 people on a dirtbike like we have haha i tried so hard not to laugh when i saw them drive by haha best thing ever, but they also have these inverted trikes that people sell food from, a lot of people have that as an occupation, they drive around on their bikes and sell tortillas, doughnuts, ice cream and its pretty cool. a member bought us a doughnut the other day and it was pretty good! haha the people here are super funny like the other day we were talking with this guy and he was im pretty sure telling me about how he crossed the board and used tunnels and all this stuff and how he got the crap beat out of him by boarder patrol and he talked about how great the US is and how we make so much money haha, and then he talked abuut chinesse people and it was just a weird funny experience haha. speaking of the US i cant believe this week was 9/11 thats pretty cool i tried explaining it to my comp and he didnt really care and then we went to the house of investigators and they noticed i was american and talked about 9/11 and they basically think US is messed up and we staged it. i had to pretend like it didnt bother me but inside i was freaking out. the weird thing is people love to come here to work, but i guess it makes sense because they really do get payed way good in the US, like what i make in a day or two at triple t is what they would make in a week, but they are super humble and nice people and love to have fun with everyone, we have given a lot of blessings for the sick in just these two weeks that ive been here we have given like 8 or 9 i think but its defiatly cool, becasue the peoples faith in them, and it definatly pays off because they work for sure. one downside here are the flipping cockroachs man those things are big and they are disgusting!!! ahhh flip i hate them. i was in the shower and i open my eyes after washing my hair and their is a big honken one on the wall ahhh i hate them and then i was laying my bed and i look up and there is one above my head on the wall and me and my comp were running around the rooom trying to kill it because flip they are fast and they are scary, but yeah all is good. haha the bus rides here are always fun, because the drivers are crazy and the buses are always cramed and your basically bus surfing the whole time and trying not to knock other people over! also i got to play basket ball at mutual the other day and that was fun haha latinos play a lil diferent but it was still ball! our invstigator hermano  Victor is doing good but we went to his house yesterday to walk to church with him but there was a note on his door saying he couldnt make it kinda sucked but we are hoping for a baptism on sept 28 i think so lets hope for the best he knows its true and has made a lot of changes in his life!!! Love you all so much and thanks for your support and prayers they are definatly felt!! I love you all so much.
Love Elder Tanner 

P.S. stay strong and know the church is true, every member a missionary 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome to Mexico

holy smokes! it is so hot here!! like its crazy how hot it is you sweat so much and you either have to be standing in front of a fan or be hot its crazy and they need triple t down here for the AC. so my misión pres. is pretty cool, but him and his wife speak no english haha its really hard to commmunicate and all, but its alright and i got my new comp today his name is Elder flores he is from mexico city and only speaks spanish so we dont talk a lot haha but i try to, and ahh idk its crazy its so hard being here im not going to lie, but im just praying it gets better espically the language. you dont realize how important something is until its taken away, last night we had saw a really cool lightning storm and i guess they are supper common, but there not like a normal lightning show its like there is constant strikes and the whole sky was lit up with light, and then in a matter of seconds there was a wind gust that was crazy and our misión pres didnt have room in his house for us so me and Elder Williams had to get in a taxi and go to a hotel and the pres didnt come with us, he called us in the morning and told us to get breakfast at the hotel so we walked to the diner in the hotel and just got fruit and juice cuz thats all we know how to say haha... than our new companions picked us up and me and Elder Williams went difernet ways. also haha mom i shouldnt be telling you this but we were coming into ciudad obregón and we were in our misión pres car and we pass an intersection and see this black tacoma with about 3 guys in the back decked out in like swat armor carrying m16´s haha they apparently are the good guys but its definatly crazy, and we had this saftey presention at the pres. house and we talked about all sorts of good stuff haha, but dont worry mama im with a good companion and he watches out for me and we speaks for me because i dont know what im doing haha, also it rained last night, and its so crazy cuz when it rains here in a matter of mins the sidewalks are flooded, but dont worry i dont need boots no one else has them you just walk around the flooded áreas, and im good on wáter. its hot but at least its okay to drink, we went to members house tonght for dinnner and you guessed it we rice and beans, but we also had chicken haha it was pretty good, he told me that he would make me tortise some time. also another weird thing they dont stop for pedestrians and the bus system is crazy haha, they are pretty good drivers and they love to tailgate, also ill do my best to fix my camera haha its pretty high tec and all, sorry aboutt the short email. i just dont have a lot of time, because its not even my pday. before i go want all of you to know that we have a friend everywhere all time we just have to ask him for help and he will give us help our father in heaven and our savior jesus christ. so i guess two friends actually haha. Heavenly father answers prayers!!! I love you all so much tengan fe
Love Elder Tanner