Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome to Mexico

holy smokes! it is so hot here!! like its crazy how hot it is you sweat so much and you either have to be standing in front of a fan or be hot its crazy and they need triple t down here for the AC. so my misión pres. is pretty cool, but him and his wife speak no english haha its really hard to commmunicate and all, but its alright and i got my new comp today his name is Elder flores he is from mexico city and only speaks spanish so we dont talk a lot haha but i try to, and ahh idk its crazy its so hard being here im not going to lie, but im just praying it gets better espically the language. you dont realize how important something is until its taken away, last night we had saw a really cool lightning storm and i guess they are supper common, but there not like a normal lightning show its like there is constant strikes and the whole sky was lit up with light, and then in a matter of seconds there was a wind gust that was crazy and our misión pres didnt have room in his house for us so me and Elder Williams had to get in a taxi and go to a hotel and the pres didnt come with us, he called us in the morning and told us to get breakfast at the hotel so we walked to the diner in the hotel and just got fruit and juice cuz thats all we know how to say haha... than our new companions picked us up and me and Elder Williams went difernet ways. also haha mom i shouldnt be telling you this but we were coming into ciudad obregón and we were in our misión pres car and we pass an intersection and see this black tacoma with about 3 guys in the back decked out in like swat armor carrying m16´s haha they apparently are the good guys but its definatly crazy, and we had this saftey presention at the pres. house and we talked about all sorts of good stuff haha, but dont worry mama im with a good companion and he watches out for me and we speaks for me because i dont know what im doing haha, also it rained last night, and its so crazy cuz when it rains here in a matter of mins the sidewalks are flooded, but dont worry i dont need boots no one else has them you just walk around the flooded áreas, and im good on wáter. its hot but at least its okay to drink, we went to members house tonght for dinnner and you guessed it we rice and beans, but we also had chicken haha it was pretty good, he told me that he would make me tortise some time. also another weird thing they dont stop for pedestrians and the bus system is crazy haha, they are pretty good drivers and they love to tailgate, also ill do my best to fix my camera haha its pretty high tec and all, sorry aboutt the short email. i just dont have a lot of time, because its not even my pday. before i go want all of you to know that we have a friend everywhere all time we just have to ask him for help and he will give us help our father in heaven and our savior jesus christ. so i guess two friends actually haha. Heavenly father answers prayers!!! I love you all so much tengan fe
Love Elder Tanner

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