Monday, September 29, 2014

mom, i cant say thank you enough and i wish i had at least twenty minutes to write you but i really dont have that long of time... and im sorry i have been in guaymas all day yet again... i did however get my visa taken care of so thats good :) but i have some bad news about victor he has started smoking again and picked up some bad habbits and is now avoiding us so that kinda sucks, but we are going to keep working with him because he has came so far in his life, and will continue to grow. Just because we mess up and fall down doesnt mean we have to stay down, with courage and faith the lord will always forgive us and pick us back up when we fall down :) Alma 26:12 by the way i got the letters from you guys and i cant wait to read them tonight, i have not however reiceved any packages, but its ok becuase they really are hard to send and i know that, because i have talked to a missionary here from st. george and he is going home in two weeks and he said during his mission his mom sent 5 packages he has recieved one its a really bad deal, but its ok if you dont send packages. really mom it is :), mom im so sorry about this email and i know i need to do better but its hard when you only have like 15 mins to write and read emails.  my spanish is still bad haha, but im going to just try and as cheesy as it sounds simply smile :) haha because right now thats all i can do for these people, that and try and sing their hyms which by the way is hard haha, have payton check his email, i sent him and email and hows syd doing with the cheerleading, she liking high school? wheres payton at in welding? ill always be a better stick welder ;) haha and ask weston if the dove hunt is still going and how did with that, anyone draw for a turkey,or deer hunt this year? . thats super tight jordan is going to romania, we have had people go everywhere spain, germany, mexico, romania pretty good stuff haha, let me know if you guys need anything and ill do my best to try and help you haha its hard when im in a different country. Hows matthew doing? Hows he pulisphers? Tanners? Roberts? haha hows spanish fork? ;) by the way im about i think two or three  miles from the church i believe haha at least thats what it feels like when we walk haha. i love you guys soo much and thanks for everything thanks for your prayers, they help more than you know, and that footsteps in the sand story is definatly real for missionarys because right now i know for fact im being carried by my savior, as we all are. im sorry for not sending pictures, im using a bad computer right now so its hard to get them uploaded. pretty cool we got conference this week, haha too bad i probably wont understand it haha ;) tenga fe right? ;) well times up and now i gotta go my fingers are on fire from typing but its worth the pain i love you guys and i pray for yall as much as you pray for me :) keep smiling church is true and we have a savior who loves us.

Love Elder Tanner

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