Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey Family

hey family!!!

sorry about yesterday and me not emailing you guys!! I was in guaymas all day trying to figure out my visa and stuff, we had to get on a bus at 6 and travel for only hour and half to two hours to guaymas, while there me and Elder Williams had to get our visa pictures taken so we got that done and than went to the place where they had our visas, we get there and they have Elder Williams but not mine... haha no worries though i just have to go back next monday... Kinda rough because monday is pday but do what ya gotta do right ;) Be sure to let Gallo know that i got his email and that it helped a lot and that i say "Muchas gracias" ;) haha so i got some most excellent news everyone!!! Hermano Victor commited to baptism!!!! yeah whooo right? haha he has come such along way with changing his life, hes been on drugs an alcholic, and has really turned his life around he has a very strong testimony that he and all of us are sons and daughters of our heavenly father!!! and that Heavenly Father will alwasy helps us, we have taught him part of the plan of salvation and will be finishing the lesson today and we have taught him the commandments and the word of wisdom and he is doing all the right stuff to prepare for batptism! he came to church this last sunday and was greeted very well with many of the ward members!!! oh i forgot to tell you when the baptism is haha its the 11 of october so me and Elder Flores are so pumped for that day!! because its the day before transfers and elder flores might be leaving so he would be his last baptism, all good stuff todo bien!! we continue to work with his hermanas Margarita and America, its hard to get them to come to church because they both work on sundays. so we are trying to help em out there!! haha so we went to this investigators house to visit with him his name is felipe he is 20 years old and way cool, he wants to live in american specifically utah really bad and so we got on google maps and i showed them exactly where i live haha they are all like..."ordela ordela tiene muy casa bonita ordela muy grande" haha hey asked about work there and i talked to him about triple t and he said is willing to work for ya dad ;) haha i also told him he could live with us ;) hes a funny kid and we hope he continues to grow in the gospel, but its that same kids family who has the dog that peed on my bag so thats the only down side haha. Also something funny i have kinda noticed around here is that everyone here has these jack daniels hats haha like seriously everyone haha im thinking about buying one just for the fun of it haha, food has been pretty good we might be having turtle here some day a member said he wanted to make me some so that will be cool, haha ate a hot dog in a tortilla the other day that was exciting! haha but hey guys i dont have a whole lot of time to write and this compture keeps shutting off, ahhh but just know all is good and hot here in mexico, and thanks for all the support and love and prayers and everything i definatly feel it. Love you guys so much!!

Love Elder Tanner 

P.S. i love the pictures haha super funny and go BYU!!

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