Monday, April 27, 2015

heyyya family
How are we?? :) I'm doing good, this week was pretty awesome :) we got to teach some new people, but ill get into that later :) Jordan and Krystle!!! ahhhhhh!!!! (picture a lil minion from despicable me saying "WHAT!!??") haha that is awesome guys!! seriously ahhh thats crazy that I'm going to come home to a new niece or nephew that's awesome!! and Syd made cheer team!! woot woot!!! haha that's awesome syd good job kid!! your going to tear it up :) and sounds like Dad had a good birthday that's always important better have eatin plenty of ice cream and cake, sounds like the family is doing most excellent haha :) 
Well things are going better here in El Fuerte :) we got to meet quite a few new people this week, haha we met this one guy his name is Pedro and haha super funny dude, hes like 65 years old, and a lil chubby and super funny haha. We taught him one afternoon the plan of salvation, and he had all sorts of questions but at the end we were asking him if he would go to church he says hes not good with remembering things so we told him that we would call him Sunday to remind him :), he said he thinks his phones broke, I asked to see it and he gave it to me and I just held the power button and it turned on and when it made the turn on noise, he whipped his head at me "How did you do that????!!!" haha I just told him I turned it on and he couldn't believe it haha, but then we asked for his number but he didn't know it so I typed our number in his phone and called us so that we would have it and yeah end of story, haha but my comp didn't realize I was calling so when my comp checked our phone he was super confused because of the number and just dismissed the call, but after the lesson we were walking down the street and I noticed my comp was talking on the phone I didn't know who he was talking to, but the conversation went like this, haha 
my comp: hello the missionary's did you try to call us 
Pedro: who is this 
My comp: the missionaries of El fuerte
Pedro: oooh hey i just had some missionaries from el fuerte here yeah they just left and are walking down the street 
My comp: who is this?
Pedro: This is Pedro 
hahahahaha, i hope you guys get it because in the moment it was super funny haha, pedro is a super funny dude ok 
anyways investigators this week ok i gotta be super fast super sorry dont have a lot of time we got to leave to go teach a lesson right now but
Pedro the funny dude said he was going to go to church didn't go, were going to help him wash his truck this week, his wife died about a year ago and doesn't have any kids that live close to him 

Isablle said he was going to go didn't go, we talked to him and said that his wife isn't  supporting him in listening to us so that's kinda hard and she doesn't want him to go to church, he continues to tell us a bunch of stories

Jesus we were going to baptize him this week but didn't go to church, were going to talk to him because we feel like he really doesn't want to do it so we will see what he wants and how he feels 

I'm super sorry for the short email but i hope you guys have an awesome week and i hope you guys know that i love you guys so much thanks for everything :)
Love Elder Tanner

Found some dinner the other day dead in the street, ok i want you guys to think about how big this thing is, take Payton's shoe and that's how big it is (size 10 1/2 shoe) there big boys and the people here say that they always come out when it rain.
I have heard of people eating frogs, I  haven't done it yet but they say the legs are really good haha i don't think its frog season but it will be in like 3 months ;) 

Monday, April 20, 2015

and than i woke up... ;) haha nah its still pretty spicy here, but its all good, it just helps me become more..."Tanner" hehehe ;) haha but yeah this week was good, it was actually kinda clowdy some days so thats always nice cools us off a lil haha, but as to your question mom about the little bugs if they die in the summer, no they keep living i dont know how but all the people say that the hotter it gets the more there are haha, but we got some  bug spray and its actually working pretty good :) haha but kinda a funny story that happened this week is that we visited a less active member for the first time this week and we went to his house and he said we could have a lesson outside, so we got some chairs, and sat infront of his house, and one of his neighbors was outside so we invited him to the lesson too, and so we were all seated and apperently this two neighbors are always making jokes about one another haha its like the Tanners and the swensons, always playing around, and so i start asking what there names are and one says his name is Gabriel and im like "ooh thats cool a bible name"  and his like yup and then i ask the menos activo and his says his name is Ramon and imediatly after the neighbor is like "THATS NOT IN THE BIBLE!!!!" hahaha and im just like oh no worries Ramon, Tanner isnt in the bible either haha, and the whole lesson was them making jokes, at each other i couldnt stop laughing, they were saying the funniest stuff, but yeah lots of good lessons this week, but we didnt have any investigadores in the church :(, but in church it was kinda funny, 2 gringos from the california came to visit El Fuerte haha and they didnt know spanish it was a husband and a wife and i had to transalte for them, it was kinda funny they were super nice, and the husband said that he served in Brazil so thats portueguesse doesnt help him a whole lot here haha but he could understand a lil bit, and in church 5 minutes berfore it started one of the councilors came up to me and his like your going to give a talk today. haha so that was fun, went well i talked about the importance of prayer in our lifes and in our families, we had exchanges this week too :) i went to work in Mochis for the first time and it is a pretty cool area holy smokes its big haha, i think it might be bigger than Obregon, but apparently during exchanges the missionaries in mochis were giving service cleaning up a cememetery, and brought jeans and normal shirts and im pretty sure some one forgot to give me the memo haha because i was the missionary working in white shirt and tie while the others worked in jeans and normal clothes haha, but it was cool :) well i think im going to talk about the investigators now 

Isabel... Its a guy haha but hes super cool, and holy smokes this guy has got a ton of stories, oh wow, he tells us a new story every time we visit him, he knows people that have been paid to kill, and two of his friends have been paid to kill him, he has been a police officer, a professinoal diver to bring up dead bodies, and tons of other stuff he didnt believe in God but has had a ton of stories, and we keep hearing more eveytime haha, he has attended church 2 and we are hoping to baptize him soon

Jesus he has family and friends in the church and has attended church tons of times and we are hoping to baptize him soon, but we are trying to help him to stop drink coffee 

Nadia we met her this week and she is super cool she is reading the book of mormon but hasnt attended church we are going to visit her this week and hopefully she will commit to going to church :) 

Eduardo attended church last week but not this week hes a really cool guy with a family and we would love to baptize the family so we are going to keep working with them :) 

and we are going to continue to find more people thank you all so much for your prayers and help I love you guys so much :) Thanks for all the love, and let me know if you guys need anything :) 
Love Elder Tanner
P.S. here is an awesome video and message that i loved hope you guys like it :), reminds me of when we would go get wood too :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 2 

Happy happy happy.... ;) 

whats up yall haha this week was awesome, a little chilly... ahhh nahh it was flipping hottttt haha things are really starting to heat up here, i know i have said that for like the past 5 months but everyday gets hotter, except saturday and sunday this week, IT RAINED!!!! ahhhh it was awesome!!! it cooled things off and it felt so good yeah we had to walk around with mud on the shoes but totally worth it haha :) and the bugs are still here pretty sure there the devils pets, but im getting used to just waving my hand in front of my face all day haha, it was so bad one day haha i think it was thursday we ate outside, of a members house and she lives in kinda a really woodsy place haha i dont know how to explain it, but the bugs were so bad we couldnt eat haha, no like im laughing now but i was seriously so ticked off while eating, like there are two reasons why i couldnt eat 

1). everytime i tried to open my mouth to eat i would eat about 10 bugs... 5 if i was lucky 

2). Everytime i stopped to eat i had to stop waving my hand in my face and i would get about 3 stuck to my neck 5 on my cheeks 6 on the forehead, and about 1000000.5 in my nose!!! 

haha but no worries like i used to say were just making memories ;) haha but it took us over an hour to eat a bowl of soup haha, but its cool here i like it its a super old city and the roads are actually real cool they are like made out of stone i dont know how to explain it.

and today we got to go to a musuem of EL FUERTE and it was super cool, but some random guy kept following us around asking if he could take a picture with us haha, my comp was getting ticked, but El Fuerte is pretty cool i guess there were a bunch of big battles here for that its called EL fuerte (The strong) 

we got to meet quite a few new people this week and fine some new investigators but we are still looking for those "escogidos" i really dont have a whole lot of time to write about the investigators but we did have an investigator in the church his name is Eduardo, and were going to keep teaching him hopefully he can keep attending the church, also we are teaching a guy that cant talk or hear.... so we have to teach him using sign language and pictures its super crazy but kinda fun haha, im learing spanish sign language here to ;) but thank you guys so much for your prayers and please keep praying for the people of El Ferte that they can have a desire to hear the message of the Restaration and that they can have a change of heart thank you guys so much and i love yall so much :) I LOVE YOU GUYS :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

KEEP SMILING :) even if you have to have a couple bugs in the mouth ;) 
We went to a cool spot to eat today, this reaturant is pure America its so cool haha, these people love the Beatles, I was thinkin of Weston while I was in there haha I think he would really like this sandwhich shop, its a cool place for the hippies ;) haha love ya bro ;) 

 El Fuerte featuring Elder Tanner, 
Thanks to this river we have all the bugs in the world here in El Fuerte 

 My companion Elder Rivas and a few new companion's we met.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Me saying goodbye to some familys in Guasave, the family in the room is the Family Lopez Valenzuela and the family outside is the family Flores. 
The family Lopez Valenzuela helped me a ton when I had Dengue. 

Conference Whoooo 

Conference week always awesome!!! and had some awesome talks!! and this week was super fun kinda hard to work, because its what they call Semana Santa, its basically spring break haha and no one is in their house they are all on vacations, and if they are in house they are all partying and so they dont want to take time to listen to us, so it was kinda a rough week but still a good one, super busy we had a zone conference this week, super cool i got to see a lot of missionaries from my disitrict in Constitucion super cool!! haha but yeah El Fuerte is pretty cool its super calm, well kinda... haha so El fuerte is in the state of Sinaloa its a super old tiny town, and has a lot of history with mexico there are a lot of old buildings and its actually pretty cool the only thing is its next to choix, haha choix is this farm town, were only mexican missionaries can go, because a while ago the people in this little farm town killed to american missionaries, but it was a super long time ago, so no worries, but when i was called to El Fuerte i was kinda supriesed because i knew it was next to choix, haha, but no problem white missionaries have served here before so i am good, and plus there are actually a lot of white mexicans here haha sounds wierd but its true, a lot of people think that im mexican because i can kinda speak the language, they are like so where are you from i say the US and there like oh did you learn english there haha im just like yes i grew up speaking english,and they just look at me funny haha, but no worries haha im super excited to work here, theres a lot of potential, but there is one problem there is a river thats pretty big here and its right next to the city, and holy smokes there is a ton of little bugs, always in your face!! it is seriously the worse!!! haha and these little bugs arent like little normal bugs that get in your face and bug you yeah they do that too, but these lil fellers bite!! haha its super annoying you cant get dengue from them or anything (what a relief) haha but theyre bites just itch a ton, so you are just constantly waving your hands in your face to keep the bugs out, everyone thinks we are just waving so its chill haha :) well we had conference this week like  you know and man it was awesome lots of awesome talks about the family and marriage, i loved the talks on the famliies they were awesome talks and also about the resurection of our savior super awesome!!, But really i just love all the testimonies of the apostles, they have such powerful testimonies!! and it truly is such a blessing to have a profet and 12 apostles i loved the testimony of Quinten L. Cook i dont know if you guys realiezed it but he said something like i know Christ is our savior and he lives, and I KNOW HIS VOICE... HOLY SMOKES, that is so cool to know that the profet and the apostles have communication with our brother Jesus Christ its, well i hope you guys can continue to read the conference talks there are so many talks in this conference and i hope you guys have an amazing week and know how much i love you :) Let me know if you need anything I love you guys so much :) 


Love Elder Tanner 


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