Monday, April 27, 2015

heyyya family
How are we?? :) I'm doing good, this week was pretty awesome :) we got to teach some new people, but ill get into that later :) Jordan and Krystle!!! ahhhhhh!!!! (picture a lil minion from despicable me saying "WHAT!!??") haha that is awesome guys!! seriously ahhh thats crazy that I'm going to come home to a new niece or nephew that's awesome!! and Syd made cheer team!! woot woot!!! haha that's awesome syd good job kid!! your going to tear it up :) and sounds like Dad had a good birthday that's always important better have eatin plenty of ice cream and cake, sounds like the family is doing most excellent haha :) 
Well things are going better here in El Fuerte :) we got to meet quite a few new people this week, haha we met this one guy his name is Pedro and haha super funny dude, hes like 65 years old, and a lil chubby and super funny haha. We taught him one afternoon the plan of salvation, and he had all sorts of questions but at the end we were asking him if he would go to church he says hes not good with remembering things so we told him that we would call him Sunday to remind him :), he said he thinks his phones broke, I asked to see it and he gave it to me and I just held the power button and it turned on and when it made the turn on noise, he whipped his head at me "How did you do that????!!!" haha I just told him I turned it on and he couldn't believe it haha, but then we asked for his number but he didn't know it so I typed our number in his phone and called us so that we would have it and yeah end of story, haha but my comp didn't realize I was calling so when my comp checked our phone he was super confused because of the number and just dismissed the call, but after the lesson we were walking down the street and I noticed my comp was talking on the phone I didn't know who he was talking to, but the conversation went like this, haha 
my comp: hello the missionary's did you try to call us 
Pedro: who is this 
My comp: the missionaries of El fuerte
Pedro: oooh hey i just had some missionaries from el fuerte here yeah they just left and are walking down the street 
My comp: who is this?
Pedro: This is Pedro 
hahahahaha, i hope you guys get it because in the moment it was super funny haha, pedro is a super funny dude ok 
anyways investigators this week ok i gotta be super fast super sorry dont have a lot of time we got to leave to go teach a lesson right now but
Pedro the funny dude said he was going to go to church didn't go, were going to help him wash his truck this week, his wife died about a year ago and doesn't have any kids that live close to him 

Isablle said he was going to go didn't go, we talked to him and said that his wife isn't  supporting him in listening to us so that's kinda hard and she doesn't want him to go to church, he continues to tell us a bunch of stories

Jesus we were going to baptize him this week but didn't go to church, were going to talk to him because we feel like he really doesn't want to do it so we will see what he wants and how he feels 

I'm super sorry for the short email but i hope you guys have an awesome week and i hope you guys know that i love you guys so much thanks for everything :)
Love Elder Tanner

Found some dinner the other day dead in the street, ok i want you guys to think about how big this thing is, take Payton's shoe and that's how big it is (size 10 1/2 shoe) there big boys and the people here say that they always come out when it rain.
I have heard of people eating frogs, I  haven't done it yet but they say the legs are really good haha i don't think its frog season but it will be in like 3 months ;) 

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