Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 2 

Happy happy happy.... ;) 

whats up yall haha this week was awesome, a little chilly... ahhh nahh it was flipping hottttt haha things are really starting to heat up here, i know i have said that for like the past 5 months but everyday gets hotter, except saturday and sunday this week, IT RAINED!!!! ahhhh it was awesome!!! it cooled things off and it felt so good yeah we had to walk around with mud on the shoes but totally worth it haha :) and the bugs are still here pretty sure there the devils pets, but im getting used to just waving my hand in front of my face all day haha, it was so bad one day haha i think it was thursday we ate outside, of a members house and she lives in kinda a really woodsy place haha i dont know how to explain it, but the bugs were so bad we couldnt eat haha, no like im laughing now but i was seriously so ticked off while eating, like there are two reasons why i couldnt eat 

1). everytime i tried to open my mouth to eat i would eat about 10 bugs... 5 if i was lucky 

2). Everytime i stopped to eat i had to stop waving my hand in my face and i would get about 3 stuck to my neck 5 on my cheeks 6 on the forehead, and about 1000000.5 in my nose!!! 

haha but no worries like i used to say were just making memories ;) haha but it took us over an hour to eat a bowl of soup haha, but its cool here i like it its a super old city and the roads are actually real cool they are like made out of stone i dont know how to explain it.

and today we got to go to a musuem of EL FUERTE and it was super cool, but some random guy kept following us around asking if he could take a picture with us haha, my comp was getting ticked, but El Fuerte is pretty cool i guess there were a bunch of big battles here for that its called EL fuerte (The strong) 

we got to meet quite a few new people this week and fine some new investigators but we are still looking for those "escogidos" i really dont have a whole lot of time to write about the investigators but we did have an investigator in the church his name is Eduardo, and were going to keep teaching him hopefully he can keep attending the church, also we are teaching a guy that cant talk or hear.... so we have to teach him using sign language and pictures its super crazy but kinda fun haha, im learing spanish sign language here to ;) but thank you guys so much for your prayers and please keep praying for the people of El Ferte that they can have a desire to hear the message of the Restaration and that they can have a change of heart thank you guys so much and i love yall so much :) I LOVE YOU GUYS :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

KEEP SMILING :) even if you have to have a couple bugs in the mouth ;) 
We went to a cool spot to eat today, this reaturant is pure America its so cool haha, these people love the Beatles, I was thinkin of Weston while I was in there haha I think he would really like this sandwhich shop, its a cool place for the hippies ;) haha love ya bro ;) 

 El Fuerte featuring Elder Tanner, 
Thanks to this river we have all the bugs in the world here in El Fuerte 

 My companion Elder Rivas and a few new companion's we met.

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