Monday, April 6, 2015

Me saying goodbye to some familys in Guasave, the family in the room is the Family Lopez Valenzuela and the family outside is the family Flores. 
The family Lopez Valenzuela helped me a ton when I had Dengue. 

Conference Whoooo 

Conference week always awesome!!! and had some awesome talks!! and this week was super fun kinda hard to work, because its what they call Semana Santa, its basically spring break haha and no one is in their house they are all on vacations, and if they are in house they are all partying and so they dont want to take time to listen to us, so it was kinda a rough week but still a good one, super busy we had a zone conference this week, super cool i got to see a lot of missionaries from my disitrict in Constitucion super cool!! haha but yeah El Fuerte is pretty cool its super calm, well kinda... haha so El fuerte is in the state of Sinaloa its a super old tiny town, and has a lot of history with mexico there are a lot of old buildings and its actually pretty cool the only thing is its next to choix, haha choix is this farm town, were only mexican missionaries can go, because a while ago the people in this little farm town killed to american missionaries, but it was a super long time ago, so no worries, but when i was called to El Fuerte i was kinda supriesed because i knew it was next to choix, haha, but no problem white missionaries have served here before so i am good, and plus there are actually a lot of white mexicans here haha sounds wierd but its true, a lot of people think that im mexican because i can kinda speak the language, they are like so where are you from i say the US and there like oh did you learn english there haha im just like yes i grew up speaking english,and they just look at me funny haha, but no worries haha im super excited to work here, theres a lot of potential, but there is one problem there is a river thats pretty big here and its right next to the city, and holy smokes there is a ton of little bugs, always in your face!! it is seriously the worse!!! haha and these little bugs arent like little normal bugs that get in your face and bug you yeah they do that too, but these lil fellers bite!! haha its super annoying you cant get dengue from them or anything (what a relief) haha but theyre bites just itch a ton, so you are just constantly waving your hands in your face to keep the bugs out, everyone thinks we are just waving so its chill haha :) well we had conference this week like  you know and man it was awesome lots of awesome talks about the family and marriage, i loved the talks on the famliies they were awesome talks and also about the resurection of our savior super awesome!!, But really i just love all the testimonies of the apostles, they have such powerful testimonies!! and it truly is such a blessing to have a profet and 12 apostles i loved the testimony of Quinten L. Cook i dont know if you guys realiezed it but he said something like i know Christ is our savior and he lives, and I KNOW HIS VOICE... HOLY SMOKES, that is so cool to know that the profet and the apostles have communication with our brother Jesus Christ its, well i hope you guys can continue to read the conference talks there are so many talks in this conference and i hope you guys have an amazing week and know how much i love you :) Let me know if you need anything I love you guys so much :) 


Love Elder Tanner 


What do you do when no one shows up to Priesthood Session?

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