Monday, April 20, 2015

and than i woke up... ;) haha nah its still pretty spicy here, but its all good, it just helps me become more..."Tanner" hehehe ;) haha but yeah this week was good, it was actually kinda clowdy some days so thats always nice cools us off a lil haha, but as to your question mom about the little bugs if they die in the summer, no they keep living i dont know how but all the people say that the hotter it gets the more there are haha, but we got some  bug spray and its actually working pretty good :) haha but kinda a funny story that happened this week is that we visited a less active member for the first time this week and we went to his house and he said we could have a lesson outside, so we got some chairs, and sat infront of his house, and one of his neighbors was outside so we invited him to the lesson too, and so we were all seated and apperently this two neighbors are always making jokes about one another haha its like the Tanners and the swensons, always playing around, and so i start asking what there names are and one says his name is Gabriel and im like "ooh thats cool a bible name"  and his like yup and then i ask the menos activo and his says his name is Ramon and imediatly after the neighbor is like "THATS NOT IN THE BIBLE!!!!" hahaha and im just like oh no worries Ramon, Tanner isnt in the bible either haha, and the whole lesson was them making jokes, at each other i couldnt stop laughing, they were saying the funniest stuff, but yeah lots of good lessons this week, but we didnt have any investigadores in the church :(, but in church it was kinda funny, 2 gringos from the california came to visit El Fuerte haha and they didnt know spanish it was a husband and a wife and i had to transalte for them, it was kinda funny they were super nice, and the husband said that he served in Brazil so thats portueguesse doesnt help him a whole lot here haha but he could understand a lil bit, and in church 5 minutes berfore it started one of the councilors came up to me and his like your going to give a talk today. haha so that was fun, went well i talked about the importance of prayer in our lifes and in our families, we had exchanges this week too :) i went to work in Mochis for the first time and it is a pretty cool area holy smokes its big haha, i think it might be bigger than Obregon, but apparently during exchanges the missionaries in mochis were giving service cleaning up a cememetery, and brought jeans and normal shirts and im pretty sure some one forgot to give me the memo haha because i was the missionary working in white shirt and tie while the others worked in jeans and normal clothes haha, but it was cool :) well i think im going to talk about the investigators now 

Isabel... Its a guy haha but hes super cool, and holy smokes this guy has got a ton of stories, oh wow, he tells us a new story every time we visit him, he knows people that have been paid to kill, and two of his friends have been paid to kill him, he has been a police officer, a professinoal diver to bring up dead bodies, and tons of other stuff he didnt believe in God but has had a ton of stories, and we keep hearing more eveytime haha, he has attended church 2 and we are hoping to baptize him soon

Jesus he has family and friends in the church and has attended church tons of times and we are hoping to baptize him soon, but we are trying to help him to stop drink coffee 

Nadia we met her this week and she is super cool she is reading the book of mormon but hasnt attended church we are going to visit her this week and hopefully she will commit to going to church :) 

Eduardo attended church last week but not this week hes a really cool guy with a family and we would love to baptize the family so we are going to keep working with them :) 

and we are going to continue to find more people thank you all so much for your prayers and help I love you guys so much :) Thanks for all the love, and let me know if you guys need anything :) 
Love Elder Tanner
P.S. here is an awesome video and message that i loved hope you guys like it :), reminds me of when we would go get wood too :)

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