Monday, June 29, 2015

What is up family!! and friends haha How are you all doing?? 

We got week one here in Navajoa, my area is called Aeropuerto because it was an airport, but was changed to a city, it was pretty cool this week sounds like you guys got a little taste of mexico this week haha, and i got the fresh side of the weather, haha, sounds like it got super hot, Navajoa is a little city, but its super chill haha, its kinda funny because its in the state of Sonora, and i was serving the last 7 months of my mission in the state of Sinaloa, and the people here say that i use a lot of words that dont exsist in sonora only sinaloa haha super funny, i think ive got a little bit of an accent from sinaloa, this week was super good!! i got to know the area a little bit better this week and the people here too!! There are a lot of amazing people here im super excited to start teaching them.  we are trying to change house here, because the house that we got right now is super bad and ugly haha, we are showering out of a pipe we dont have a shower head its just a metal pipe, that shoots out water, haha and our air conditioner almost doesnt work, also we live 25 minutes from our area, and we have to walk every morning and night really far just to get to our area to work or our house to end the day so we are going to try and change into a house in our area, i dont really have a whole lot to say, but we are going to keep working, oh and by the way please be sure to take lots of pictures this week in Lake Powell i know you guys are going to have lots of fun and dont worry about me, sure lake powell is awesome and all, but really Navajoa, Sonora, Mexico is the only place that i would like to be right now :) these really are the best two years :) and im so grateful to be a missionary and wear the name of our Lord and Brother Jesus Christ, I love you guys so much and be sure to be safe and have lots of fun :) and i sure hope that Syd will get feeling better, sounds like she took a hard hit, but sounds like a funny story with the doctor and all haha, Payton should play football haha sounds like he is getting pretty big haha, well I hope you guys have an awesome 4 OF JULY!! USA USA USA USA USA... and MEXICO MEXICO haha, i bet you guys are going to see some awesome fireworks! and yeah i think you guys got the photos of Elder Herenandez super crazy to see all the people from my mission finishing up and also all my friends i hope you guys are all doing awesome!! have an awesome time in lake powell!! and please pray for Maricela and Ignacio (nacho) they are investigators that came to church with us for the third time yesterday and we are going to try and baptize them 18 of july, they are super cool and super funny but i dont have a lot of time to talk about them :) haha next week have an awesome week and BE SAFE!!! haha I love you guys so much!! Happy 4 of July :) Viva Mexico 

Love Elder Tanner

Be Mormom 

Be American 

Be Happy with a smile :)

 I love you guys :) 
We cleaned a church today and after played some Basketball


Elder Hutt is my companion and the others are my Zone Leaders

Monday, June 22, 2015

My District in El Fuerte
What is up everyone how is my amazing family and friends doing? :) 

But before I do anything else, I would like to give a big Happy Fathers day to the best dad in the world, the one and only Steve Tanner my Dad!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!! Thanks for being the best example a kid could have, thank you so much for teaching me so many life lessons in my life, in work, in play, in the church, in everything. Thank you for always letting me beat you in Ping-Pong and basketball, haha and letting me watch you play ball, and ill never forget all the good times when you would get a little cranky and get a technical thrown at ya ;) haha, thanks for always pulling me on the wake board and tube, thanks for giving work even though in the moment i probably didnt like it, im so glad that you taught me how to work and shared your talents with me so that i can be a better person, thank you for teaching me how to be a vistinng teacher, and be my very best in church, thank you for always inviting me to read scriptures, pray, and have family night, thanks for taking me shooting, thanks for teaching me how to serve others in cutting lawns, cutting trees, or delivering coookies to a family in need I cant tell you thanks enough dad, but i will do my best Thank You Dad for being my Dad and teaching me everything i know, :) Thanks Dad I love you :)
What a crazy week!! haha it was a really good week!!, we got to go to mochis this week for the conference with the 70 Benjamin de Hoyos he talked about the importance of teaching with the spirit and how we can help members and recent converts stay progressing in the chruch, and that the key is the temple, for the spirit of the temple and the help and guidance it gives us, haha but we got there safe and all in one peace with elder gallardo haha, but this sunday we didnt really have anybody in the church.... :/ super sad but we are working with isabel more and nadia, and isabel actually came to a branch activity yesterday after church he just couldnt make it ot the sacrement meeting, but hopefully this week he can attend, but after church we got the transfers and found out that i got transfered..... I am no in Navajoa, Sonora with Elder Hutt from Park City, super excited to start working :), so i dont have a lot to say about the new area, because i have like 8 hours here haha, but last night was super crazy i was packing up to 12:30 in the night and than we had to wake up at 3:00 in the morming to get a bus to Mochis to take another bus to Navajoa super crazy haha we got up so early, because el fuerte is a little far away haha, but im still pumping haha, El fuerte was super fun area and i learned a lot and am super excited to start working here thank you so much for praying for me while in el fuerte and im sure that the missionaries there will do awesome, thanks so much for your guys prayers your all the best and I love you guys so much :) :) :) 

Love Elder Tanner :) 


Yeah its hard to leave an area thats cool but really all the areas are good well, I have been called to Navajoa, Sonora!! as District Leader, super crazy and I'm really kinda scared haha 

 The Power of El Fuerte

Starting from left to right  
Isabel, Eddiberto, Elder Tanner, Jesus, Guadalupe, Juan at the church in El Fuerte 
Eating dinner with our Branch President for the last time in El Fuerte 


Elder Tanner with Jesus Fierro in his house saying good bye :/

My little pink bike, a member in our ward is fixing bikes and he needed someone to test this one out, and my comp was too embarrssed to get on and ride it, but I was happy to do it haha 


Monday, June 15, 2015

I became a brick layer this week when we helped Jesus build a bathroom for his house it was super fun to get out and do manual work, when i get back ill be able to help uncle Rick.... "The Brick" ;)

Getting a ride to the little towns on the out skirts of El Fuerte in the back of a pick up hitchers thumb 

I put my arm through the railings of a window with an umbrella and then opened it and couldn't bring my arm back through cuz it was opened haha and no one would help me they just laughed and took pictures.


What's up family how are we all doing haha, sounds like this week of summer was a super busy one thats good, haha lots of fun trips sounds like :), be sure to send me pictures of my jeep in Moab ;) haha, hows my lil goldie doing ( The Jeep ) sounds like a lot of fun going to moab, and sounds like Syd is just about to get her Drivers License thats awesome, I'm sure you'll do awesome Syd, I'm going to ask for forgiveness right now haha becuase this letter is going to be really short, but just letting you all know that I gotta go to Mochis again this week for the entire day and we might have to sleep over night because there aren't buses that go to El Fuerte at night and so we  will have to see what happens.. but we are going because there is a 70 coming to visit us, should be really good :) but also this week there are transfers, and who knows whats going to happen, Nadia and Isable didn't come to church we are going to try and work really hard with Nadia, to help her get to church :), as far as Isabel we are thinking about stopping teaching him for a little bit, becuase he's just trying to fight with us now and really not progressing but hopefully he will have a change of heart, Jesus didnt get the priesthood because he didnt come to church because he was finishing up the bathroom so hopefully he comes this week and we can get him ordained :)  thank you guys for all your continual prayers for me they help so much I love you guys so much and stay safe this week and keep readiong the scriptures :) 

I love you guys :) 

Love Elder Tanner

Keep Smiling :)

Keep Praying :) 

Be Like Christ :) 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sounds like a pretty crazy week, in the Utah ;) haha, thats awesome about the temple dedication, and pretty funnny about all the rain that you guys got, haha sounds like a ton, I'm sure that you guys will enjoy it this summer in Lake Powell ;) we got a little bit of rain here too last night, walking home last night was hard haha all the streets were filled, haha but it makes walking more fun ;) Well this week I don't have a whole lot to say haha, we had a Zone Conference in Mochis, and we went there with the Gallardos, but coming back was a problem haha they left Mochis without us haha, and we didnt take money to Mochis thinking we would be riding with the Gallardos there and back, thinking we wouldn't have to take a bus, but they ended up leaving and we had to find some other missionaries and beg them for money so we could get back to El Fuerte, haha, we didnt get back till 7 and we went to lunch with the sister, and she still had the food waiting for us I was so grateful for her patience haha becuase normally we have food at 2, but she was super nice and waited for us, we didnt have anyone in the church this week :( :( but Jesus attended and he will be getting the Priesthood next week so thats awesome!! I really dont have a whole lot to write, Thanks for all the prayers you guys are offering for me it helps more than you know Thank You so much I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH :) 

Love Elder Tanner




Monday, June 1, 2015

Jesus was baptized and confirmed this week,
he was supported by his brother and a neighbor woman:)

What is up my beloved family, brothers, and sisters haha this week was pretty amazing, fantastic, wonderful. Thats crazy that school is out, time is really flying, I dont like to think about it, because its crazy how fast time is flying... but what can we do haha, sounds like everything is going good back home, DAD!! thats awesome about the church that you got, thats so cool haha, that will be good for syd and payton to work on, get a lil taste of the duct sealing so cool that you guys are going to be performing in the dedication of the temple, im sure itll be something that you guys never forget :), Syds on road and range now huh, well just make sure it doesnt turn from road and range to road rage ;), haha, sounds like things are heating up in Utah now, here too, haha this week really heated up, haha, but its going to keep heating up, kinda funny the people here say that in the summer the only people that are in the streets are the dogs and the mormon missionaries haha everyone else is in their house with the AC cranked sleeping haha, and its true, after eating lunch like at 3 we leave the house, and there is no one in the street haha its just empty its kinda funny, and its like that until 6 when the sun starts to go down a little bit, but something kinda funny sunday is we had to walk aways to get to the food, and so we were walking for about 10 or minutes and my comp starts freaking out and rubbing his face, and im just like Elder whats up man, and his yelling and stuff, and hes like "I GOT SWEAT IN MY EYE!!" haha, kinda funny, but everyday he kinda chews me out, becuase he is sweating a ton, and hes like man why dont you sweat and im like because i got the Gringo power haha, he doesnt like it, but i think its a lil funny, but other than that this week was pretty amazing, JESUS WAS BAPTISED!! whoo thanks for your guys prayers in his behalf :) it was awesome we had his interview thursday, the zone leader came to work with more for the day and we had the interview, and jesus passed with flying colors, the next day friday we had his baptism, and we were in the church for like 3 hours cleaning the font, because it had with dirty water, spiders, and moths, and the drain didnt work so we had to empty it by buckets, but totally worth it and the sister missionraies helped us out so that was cool :), so the time of the baptism came and jesus showed up with his brother Ramon so that was awesome :) haha and the baptism was super cool, i think he was a little confused because before going in to the font im like hey plug your nose before you go in the water, and he thought i was talking like in that moment right than so he immediatly plugged his nose and started walking into the font haha, i then told him to plug his nose when i finish the prayer, hes like oh okay! haha, but the first try was good, but he was wearing sandalls, and someone told us after baptizing him that the person cant wear sandalls, we didnt want to fight with him so i ended up baptizing him again, but i had to do it 3 times more because his, toe or his knee would pop up, but hte last time we got it good haha, and he came out of the water, and hes like im freezing!! haha i felt kinda bad for the guy, but he was super happy and saying thanks, it was awesome! Thank you guys so much for the prayers they really do help! and i know that you guys are praying for me and it really does help me and the people here :) YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST :) Saturday we had a branch activity and we were able to watch the movie meet the mormons :), we had a lot of people come out and it was super cool :) and we served ice cream, and after had a testimony meeting, and Isabel shared his testimony and hes not even a member!! it was awesome!! its such a good movie, all the stories are amazing!! Then sunday we got to confirm Jesus Alberto Fierro Rios a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints he was super happy, and recieved lots of support from the members, we are hoping to give him the priesthood in the next few weeks :), It was Elder Gallardos birthday today so we had a little breakfast feast with him and his wife this morning they are so cool! haha, and so powerful to work with :) President Munive asked me to send my pedigree chart to him, because its an awesome example for the members he has to give a trainging on family history and he wanted to use our pedigree chart, it was cool to hear that, and Dad thank you so much for the testimony of my great grandma that you sent me that was a beautiful testimony and super powerful, We  are truly so lucky to have the last name Tanner and Pulispher our roots in the church go super deep :) i sent president a picture of the paper you gave me with our family tree, but kinda funny because my picture in the pedigree chart is me with long hair and president didnt believe it was me haha kinda funny :)  Well you guys thank you so much again!! you guys are amazing, and keep sharing your testimonies and let me know if you guys ever need anything I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!! we are going to keep working with Nadia and Isabel, neither attended church this week, but we are going to hit the ground running with them :) Thanks you guys I LOVE YOU 

LOVE Elder Tanner





Here in mexico theres no trees... just cactuses 

Also today was the birthday of ELDER GALLARDO WHOOO haha, we gave him ties and ate breakfast with him today and with his wife haha :)