Monday, June 22, 2015

My District in El Fuerte
What is up everyone how is my amazing family and friends doing? :) 

But before I do anything else, I would like to give a big Happy Fathers day to the best dad in the world, the one and only Steve Tanner my Dad!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!! Thanks for being the best example a kid could have, thank you so much for teaching me so many life lessons in my life, in work, in play, in the church, in everything. Thank you for always letting me beat you in Ping-Pong and basketball, haha and letting me watch you play ball, and ill never forget all the good times when you would get a little cranky and get a technical thrown at ya ;) haha, thanks for always pulling me on the wake board and tube, thanks for giving work even though in the moment i probably didnt like it, im so glad that you taught me how to work and shared your talents with me so that i can be a better person, thank you for teaching me how to be a vistinng teacher, and be my very best in church, thank you for always inviting me to read scriptures, pray, and have family night, thanks for taking me shooting, thanks for teaching me how to serve others in cutting lawns, cutting trees, or delivering coookies to a family in need I cant tell you thanks enough dad, but i will do my best Thank You Dad for being my Dad and teaching me everything i know, :) Thanks Dad I love you :)
What a crazy week!! haha it was a really good week!!, we got to go to mochis this week for the conference with the 70 Benjamin de Hoyos he talked about the importance of teaching with the spirit and how we can help members and recent converts stay progressing in the chruch, and that the key is the temple, for the spirit of the temple and the help and guidance it gives us, haha but we got there safe and all in one peace with elder gallardo haha, but this sunday we didnt really have anybody in the church.... :/ super sad but we are working with isabel more and nadia, and isabel actually came to a branch activity yesterday after church he just couldnt make it ot the sacrement meeting, but hopefully this week he can attend, but after church we got the transfers and found out that i got transfered..... I am no in Navajoa, Sonora with Elder Hutt from Park City, super excited to start working :), so i dont have a lot to say about the new area, because i have like 8 hours here haha, but last night was super crazy i was packing up to 12:30 in the night and than we had to wake up at 3:00 in the morming to get a bus to Mochis to take another bus to Navajoa super crazy haha we got up so early, because el fuerte is a little far away haha, but im still pumping haha, El fuerte was super fun area and i learned a lot and am super excited to start working here thank you so much for praying for me while in el fuerte and im sure that the missionaries there will do awesome, thanks so much for your guys prayers your all the best and I love you guys so much :) :) :) 

Love Elder Tanner :) 


Yeah its hard to leave an area thats cool but really all the areas are good well, I have been called to Navajoa, Sonora!! as District Leader, super crazy and I'm really kinda scared haha 

 The Power of El Fuerte

Starting from left to right  
Isabel, Eddiberto, Elder Tanner, Jesus, Guadalupe, Juan at the church in El Fuerte 
Eating dinner with our Branch President for the last time in El Fuerte 


Elder Tanner with Jesus Fierro in his house saying good bye :/

My little pink bike, a member in our ward is fixing bikes and he needed someone to test this one out, and my comp was too embarrssed to get on and ride it, but I was happy to do it haha 


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