Monday, June 29, 2015

What is up family!! and friends haha How are you all doing?? 

We got week one here in Navajoa, my area is called Aeropuerto because it was an airport, but was changed to a city, it was pretty cool this week sounds like you guys got a little taste of mexico this week haha, and i got the fresh side of the weather, haha, sounds like it got super hot, Navajoa is a little city, but its super chill haha, its kinda funny because its in the state of Sonora, and i was serving the last 7 months of my mission in the state of Sinaloa, and the people here say that i use a lot of words that dont exsist in sonora only sinaloa haha super funny, i think ive got a little bit of an accent from sinaloa, this week was super good!! i got to know the area a little bit better this week and the people here too!! There are a lot of amazing people here im super excited to start teaching them.  we are trying to change house here, because the house that we got right now is super bad and ugly haha, we are showering out of a pipe we dont have a shower head its just a metal pipe, that shoots out water, haha and our air conditioner almost doesnt work, also we live 25 minutes from our area, and we have to walk every morning and night really far just to get to our area to work or our house to end the day so we are going to try and change into a house in our area, i dont really have a whole lot to say, but we are going to keep working, oh and by the way please be sure to take lots of pictures this week in Lake Powell i know you guys are going to have lots of fun and dont worry about me, sure lake powell is awesome and all, but really Navajoa, Sonora, Mexico is the only place that i would like to be right now :) these really are the best two years :) and im so grateful to be a missionary and wear the name of our Lord and Brother Jesus Christ, I love you guys so much and be sure to be safe and have lots of fun :) and i sure hope that Syd will get feeling better, sounds like she took a hard hit, but sounds like a funny story with the doctor and all haha, Payton should play football haha sounds like he is getting pretty big haha, well I hope you guys have an awesome 4 OF JULY!! USA USA USA USA USA... and MEXICO MEXICO haha, i bet you guys are going to see some awesome fireworks! and yeah i think you guys got the photos of Elder Herenandez super crazy to see all the people from my mission finishing up and also all my friends i hope you guys are all doing awesome!! have an awesome time in lake powell!! and please pray for Maricela and Ignacio (nacho) they are investigators that came to church with us for the third time yesterday and we are going to try and baptize them 18 of july, they are super cool and super funny but i dont have a lot of time to talk about them :) haha next week have an awesome week and BE SAFE!!! haha I love you guys so much!! Happy 4 of July :) Viva Mexico 

Love Elder Tanner

Be Mormom 

Be American 

Be Happy with a smile :)

 I love you guys :) 
We cleaned a church today and after played some Basketball


Elder Hutt is my companion and the others are my Zone Leaders

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