Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Hey guys hope you all had an amazing 4 of July!! haha I was singing "I'm proud to be American" all day haha super funny! But wow it was a super crazy week!! haha, lots of stuff went on, and it flew by!! but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun in Powell, I felt like I was in Powell too as far as the heat ;) I just lacked the water haha, but the weather sure felt the same. Well just so you all know I dont really have a whole lot of time right now so it might be a short email, but thank you all so much for your emails!!

Just to let you all know we had a Zone Conference this week and we go to change houses 4 of July!!! and it took all day haha, the house were we were living was super bad, we had to change so we spent a lot of time looking and yeah we found a house!! but took all day to change haha, but yeah we are in our new house now and its nice, haha holy smokes its super late haha I'm so sorry for the short letter, but I really gotta get out and go work!! :) But this is the best kind of work there is :) Maricela and Nacho didnt come to church this week... because Nacho had prostate cancer and has to go to the hospital every other week, but I talked with our mission President and he told me that we can still baptize him the 18 of July if he keeps attending so we are hoping to baptize them both :) please keep praying for them they are so cool I feel like they are my Mexican Grandparents haha they are super funny! Nacho is always playing with Maricela and she gets kinda mad haha but its a funny kinda mad :) please pray that they can understand this gospel and the importance of it, because they want to learn they just aren't comprehending the gospel very well, so we just have to teach slow but pray for them that through the Holy Ghost they recieve a conversion and a testimony of this church, ahhhh there is so much more that I want to write about the week there is something really cool and special that happened but I dont think I have to time to explain, please remind me next week to tell you guys about the really cool special experience, alright  :) thanks I love you guys so much :) also please pray for Alfonzo and Lucero that they can keep progresing and recieve their answer also I got a package from Dennis thanks a ton Uncle Dennis and Aunt Tracy you guys are the best!! I loved the ties haha!! also got your package that you sent with Hunter Mom thanks so much!! I love you all so much! Let me know if you guys need anything :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

Be Happy

Keep Praying

Be Cheerful :) :) :) 

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