Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey fam whats up?? How are you guys doing :) Sounds like you guys are having a good little summer vacation! Thats awesome :) Thats so cool that Jordan, Krystle and Nolan and baby (Paco) ( The name of the baby because I think its going to be a guy and I think the name Paco is pretty sick ) haha got to get the new house thats going to be an awesome experiance for them :) and Weston is headed out to guard this week, sounds like he is getting ready for October pretty crazy but he will do great :) :), shoot Syd got braces huh? poor thing wow, I remember my 2 years of braces haha the first part is the worst no worries lil squid :) you'll be alright your a tough one, you always took plenty of hits from me on the tramp ;), speaking of tramps haha I'm always looking for trampolines here!! haha I want to jump and do backflips right now! haha there is actually a member in our ward that has one I think so I think we will go visit her this week ;) Dad and Payton are in the "chamba" ( thats a way to say the hard work in espaƱol) thats good, work is awesome :) you guys going on the church yet? or when you going to start? 

This was a pretty good week :) we got to visit a lot of our investigatores but none came to church:(
 I'll get into that later, but remember how I had someting really cool to tell you guys!! haha well now I have 2!! really cool things to tell you guys! the first one is... I got a haircut today :) nahh I'm just playing but I really did get a hair cut today haha, but the really cool thing that happened last sunday and it was in a lesson with Alfonzo and Lucero, well first things first they arent married and Alfonzo was baptized a long time ago, but is now less active and they have little kids so we are trying to get them married, baptized and reactived haha its a fun little group to teach!! But we had a awesome lesson, we were teaching and I got done teaching about who God and Jesus Christ are and why they are important and my comp taught about families, and it was my turn to start talking about the prophets and who they are but I felt like I should keep talking about the family and why it is so important and how it can be eternal, also that I should invite them to get married!!! I thought it was just a super crazy thought because I'm not one to give marriage council when I'm not even married, so I hesitated a little bit but I ended up following the prompting and I started asking them questions about how long they would like to be together and what is the thing most important in this life and then I started to teach about the famliy and it was such a cool experience the entire room was filled with the spirit I talked about how we can have famlies eteranals and then talked about how grateful I am to have a family that has been sealed and the spirit was super strong and Alfonzo got a little teary eyed and it was awesome!! And then everyone was just quite and thats when I invited them to get married and they said yes!! it was so cool, we are hoping they follow through because I would love to see them get married and after have Lucero get baptized!!! So I dont have a lot more time but another crazy thing that happened this week is that a kid had a dream about me!! haha so we did divisions with the zone leaders and I went with one of the zone leaders to their area, and they didn't tell me but they are teaching this kid and said that he had a dream of kid giving him a baptism interview, and since I'm their distrcit leader I would give the kid the batism interview so they asked the kid how the person looked in the dream, and described me how I am haha, and they were like oh snap you dreamed about Elder Tanner!! and he's like whose that and they were like The Elder that is going to do your baptism interview!! haha super crazy and he had this dream at the perfect time because his Mom was having doubts about it but he had this dream and told her and the next day I went with one of the Elderes in divisions and we taught them and the kid will be baptized this wedensday!! super crazy but super exciting hes a really good kid :) I had the interview yesterday with him and he is already to be baptized Wednesday.  

Nacho and Maricela didnt come to church because they had to take care of one of their family members who is sick so we are hoping that they can come to church and get baptized the 1 of august it wont be this week but hopefully then :) please keep praying for them that they can know that this message is true and follow it if it is :) Alfonzo and Lucero didn't come either so we are going to visit them and see whats up :) 

Thank you guys so much for the prayers they help so much, and keep me going your guys prayers are my batteries ;) haha ooh one more thing I love our new landlord haha this morning she brought us tortillas, beans, and cheese to eat for breakfast!! ahhh it was the best haha I was so happy, :) Thank you guys so much for everything I love you all so much 

Love Elder Tanner
also check out this cool video i thought of Mom because she loves to can ;) 


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