Monday, July 27, 2015

Went to Guaymas today....

Went to guaymas today to get my visa renewed, and I got to see my best friend!! Elder Williams my comp from the MTC, I haven't seen him for 10 months, we almost cried when we saw each other, it was super good to see him, and also we went to Burger King haha, the sisters are also from our District in the MTC .
It's so exciting! Josh just sent this...
Today honestly was probably one of the best days of my mission. I was trying not focus too much on today leading up to it but it was so much fun. So we woke up and had to get to the bus station at like 7 and when I entered Elder Tanner and Hermana Burton were already there but I'm sure Elder Tanner and I looked like crazy people because we basically died. After like 5 minutes of freaking out we started talking and it didnt stop until when he had to stay on the bus in the afternoon and I had to get off. It was seriously soo awesome. Hermana Burton and Nielson another sister from our zone that is super cool sat in front of us so we talked with them the whole time sharing stories and talking. 

Thats Elder Williams, and the little brown kid is Elder Yat Call from Guatamala another good friend of mine in the mission.

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