Monday, June 8, 2015

Sounds like a pretty crazy week, in the Utah ;) haha, thats awesome about the temple dedication, and pretty funnny about all the rain that you guys got, haha sounds like a ton, I'm sure that you guys will enjoy it this summer in Lake Powell ;) we got a little bit of rain here too last night, walking home last night was hard haha all the streets were filled, haha but it makes walking more fun ;) Well this week I don't have a whole lot to say haha, we had a Zone Conference in Mochis, and we went there with the Gallardos, but coming back was a problem haha they left Mochis without us haha, and we didnt take money to Mochis thinking we would be riding with the Gallardos there and back, thinking we wouldn't have to take a bus, but they ended up leaving and we had to find some other missionaries and beg them for money so we could get back to El Fuerte, haha, we didnt get back till 7 and we went to lunch with the sister, and she still had the food waiting for us I was so grateful for her patience haha becuase normally we have food at 2, but she was super nice and waited for us, we didnt have anyone in the church this week :( :( but Jesus attended and he will be getting the Priesthood next week so thats awesome!! I really dont have a whole lot to write, Thanks for all the prayers you guys are offering for me it helps more than you know Thank You so much I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH :) 

Love Elder Tanner




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