Monday, June 15, 2015

I became a brick layer this week when we helped Jesus build a bathroom for his house it was super fun to get out and do manual work, when i get back ill be able to help uncle Rick.... "The Brick" ;)

Getting a ride to the little towns on the out skirts of El Fuerte in the back of a pick up hitchers thumb 

I put my arm through the railings of a window with an umbrella and then opened it and couldn't bring my arm back through cuz it was opened haha and no one would help me they just laughed and took pictures.


What's up family how are we all doing haha, sounds like this week of summer was a super busy one thats good, haha lots of fun trips sounds like :), be sure to send me pictures of my jeep in Moab ;) haha, hows my lil goldie doing ( The Jeep ) sounds like a lot of fun going to moab, and sounds like Syd is just about to get her Drivers License thats awesome, I'm sure you'll do awesome Syd, I'm going to ask for forgiveness right now haha becuase this letter is going to be really short, but just letting you all know that I gotta go to Mochis again this week for the entire day and we might have to sleep over night because there aren't buses that go to El Fuerte at night and so we  will have to see what happens.. but we are going because there is a 70 coming to visit us, should be really good :) but also this week there are transfers, and who knows whats going to happen, Nadia and Isable didn't come to church we are going to try and work really hard with Nadia, to help her get to church :), as far as Isabel we are thinking about stopping teaching him for a little bit, becuase he's just trying to fight with us now and really not progressing but hopefully he will have a change of heart, Jesus didnt get the priesthood because he didnt come to church because he was finishing up the bathroom so hopefully he comes this week and we can get him ordained :)  thank you guys for all your continual prayers for me they help so much I love you guys so much and stay safe this week and keep readiong the scriptures :) 

I love you guys :) 

Love Elder Tanner

Keep Smiling :)

Keep Praying :) 

Be Like Christ :) 

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