Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!! Hows it going everyone :) sounds like things are staying pretty busy back home :) thats awesome :) Sydney Tanner is going to start driving?!?!?!?!? estas loca??? haha nah just playing Syd your going to do great just dont forget the gas is on the right brakes on the left ;) haha sometimes kinda hard to remember, and whenever you feel like you dont know what youre doing just close your eyes and let go of the steering wheel, it always works.... haha im totally messing ;). thats cool that Russel got to go to scout camp.... ohh i ment Dad ;) haha just let him know if he wants to borrow my scout shorts he can theyre not very modest cuz they are a lil high on the knees but all the cool scouts do it so no worries.  Weston got another Harley!?!?!?!? Hey weshtoooon  better let me ride this one!.... ;)   

but yeah this week was pretty good :) we didnt have anyone in the church.... its super hard to come out of church with out any investigators, expecially when they told us that they would be there... but we really dont know what to do.... we talked about it a lil bit and we are thinking that we are going to have to stop teaching all our investigators and just find new ones, because no one is keeping their commitments, and they just want to talk about the church, but not do anything with it. I really dont like to stop teaching investigators, makes me feel like im giving up, but we actually had a 70 come to El Fuerte which is probably one of the biggest things that has happened to this little branch haha but it was a training for all the leaders in the branch and the missionaries, and our mission presidente and his wife talked about the family and the importance of the family unity in a calling in the church, that its not just the person that recieved the calling, but it consists of the whole family, and after the 70 talked about people that arent ready to hear the gospel and how we should have faith to let them go for a lil bit and that the lord will bless us with persons that have real desires to hear the message of the restoration :) so we are going to try to find new people that way :) I have been trying to contact people more this week and i have done a lot better but contacting people really takes a lot of patience... haha kinda a funny story, we went to visit a sister that we taught once but never returned and when we got to her house we knocked on the gate in front of their house and i think her daughter answered the door shes like 30 years old and when she answered she saw us and i just said hey sister how are you? and she imediatly started freaking out and yelled back at me "She´s not here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and thats when me and my comp started playing dumb and we were like "who??" and shes like what did you guys ask me? and i responded "just asked how you were doing" and shes like "ok.... well see ya later" and slammed the door and went inside and me and my comp were dumfounded haha we didnt know what to say so we just laughed haha i got a couple other stories but, ill just write them im my journal and you guys can read them later haha :) but also the day before the 70 came the branch went to the church to clean it up :) so that was kinda cool to see all the branch members working together and a lil kid like 10 years old with a skateboard came in to the parking lot to skate haha so i went up to him and talked a lil bit, than asked if i could try his skateboard he let me ride it around the church parking lot haha i got teased a lil from the members cuz im a missionary riding a scateboard in the church parking lot, but i just say it could be worse i could have 8 inches of long hair ;) haha, well i dont got a whole lot to say this week but, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE INVESTIGATORS NEXT WEEK!!! i will be sure to write about the progress in this area more in depth next week :) i hope you guys are all doing awesome :) and i cant wait to talk to you guys sunday I love you guys :) 

Love Elder Tanner

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