Monday, May 11, 2015

A Very happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful beautiful mothers in the world, and soon to be mothers. :) Hope that all of you know how grateful I am for all the moms in the world, My grandmothers, aunts, sisters, but I want to give a special thank you to my mom, the most perfect and wonderful and beautiful mom, and she's mine :) I love you so much mom, thank you so much for everything, everything that you have done for me, are doing, and will be doing, because I know that you will never stop loving me, and I am so lucky to have you in my life and for ever, and I know that this is possible thanks to this gospel, thanks to this church, mom I have lots of memories, with you and I'm sure I will continue to have more haha, but I'm never going to forget all the sandwich's you made me, all the cuts I've gotten, all the basketball games you have attended, and the warmest and greatest hugs I've ever gotten :) Mom thank you for everything, I cant say thank you enough, but i hope you know that thanks to you I have completed high school, my eagle, the mission, and many other things and that you will continue to influence me for good, because your the most amazing mom and i love you so much :) thank you so much Mom I hope you have an amazing day everyday and know that me and my brothers and sisters and my dad are so lucky to have you in our lives :) thank you Mom I love you :) 

crazy weekend here in the mission haha we had mothers day to talk with our families and we had transfers haha, but it was an awesome experience to see all of you guys with smiles :) sounds like you are all doing good and I hope you all know how glad I am to be part of this family :) TO BE A TANNER there's not a better name than that :) the only thing that can make Tanner better is putting an ELDER in front of it ;) haha but yeah this week was pretty good :) we had a couple lessons and got to me a few new people to teach but before that, just to let you all know I lost my companion Elder Rivas he got transferred to Obregon, and I received Elder Ramos, kind of sad because i had just one transfer with Elder Rivas but its good Elder Ramos is a good guy and I know that we are going to have a ton of miracles in this area :) its going to be a little hard, because we are kind of starting over, because with Elder Rivas, we had to stop teaching a lot of our investigators so we are basically starting over with elder Ramos, so we are really hoping to find investigators this week and find an "escogido" golden investigator to take to church,

So with Elder Rivas this week we decided to try working outside the city so we had to walk a little ways out to the little towns, but we think we found a family, we went to this little town hoping to find people that are more humble than in the city and the first house we knocked on they let us in immediately and gave us some water and we were able to teach them :) and said that they would read part of the book of Mormon :) and so we are hoping that they can progress also we are trying to teach some other people, but we will se how that goes, Thank you guys so much for your prayers it really is helping me a lot :) and I know that we will have lots of success here real soon, so grateful for the family and all the love that you guys give me thanks for everything and stay safe and have an amazing week :) I love you guys so much :)
Love Elder Tanner :)


This is one of my very good friends Elder Savala he is finishing his mission today haha hes an awesome guy also he doesnt have a left ear,  super funny kid :) 

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