Monday, May 25, 2015


What happen wich you guys 

How's it going everybody, wow, sounds like a very crazy/busy/and just crazy week.  that's cool that you got to have lunch with my comps mom haha, I haven't talked to Elder Williams a lot, but in the MTC we always said that are moms are going to end up being friends, because of Missionary Mom, and look what happened haha, and thats cool that Payton and Dad could take the quads out, sounds fun :) haha I saw the pictures of Jordan and Krystle with the alligators, holy smokes you guys are CRAZY!!  Well you guys arent alone I also had a crazy week haha, and it started with Tuesday, holy smokes we had a zone meeting in Mochis with The mission president, we woke up at like 5 and went to Mochis with the Gallardos, because they can give us rides and its chill haha, they are the missionary's that are serving as a marriage couple, I cant remember how you call them in English haha, but anyways Elder Gallardo is crazy---- Crazy---- CRAZY ha-ha, I swear this man is one of the 3 nephites, because this guy is so powerful and direct, and he doesn't die driving in his car, I'm going to make an example, of how Elder Gallardo drives, if you take the speed of Bishop Beatty, the Craziness of my very own Dad Steve Tanner, and the yelling of Grandpa Walker at other people driving, you have Elder Gallardo, haha it is so fun to drive with him so we took the 2 hour drive to mochis with Elder Gallardo his wife and the sister missionaries, ha-ha, and the whole time I was singing in my head "El Fin Se Acerca" I cant remember what it is in English, but I'm pretty sure the name of the hymn is The end draweth near hahaha, but it was a fun car ride, there were a bunch of speed bumps along the way, and Elder Gallardo doesn't see them and he just flies through them going like 50 haha, and then he screams, Why don't they make them visible!! and I'm just like there was a warning sign about 300 yards back and he's like Really? ha-ha, or after hitting like 6 speed bumps his wife finally screams "HUUUUUNNNNN" and he's like be quite you cant even see!! ha-ha, they are super funny,  but yeah we finally got to Mochis and we had a zone meeting for the entire DAY!!!! ahhh it just about killed me we left El Fuerte at 6 and we got back to El Fuerte at 9:30 haha we spent the entire day there, also, we working Friday and in the afternoon President Munive called us and he's like Elders Where are you? and we are like ummm in El Fuerte haha, and hes like okay perfect I'm in El Fuerte too, I'm going to come and work with you guys, haha, so we met up, but just went to visit members in the branch , and some people that he want to know in the branch, but it was chill because we got to ride around in his air conditioned car :) :), We are going to see the movie Meet the Mormons this Saturday we are hoping to have a ton of people in the church to see the movie, we are giving out little cards to have the members give to their friends :) 

Okay I don't have a lot of time but I'm going to hurry and say... that... THIS FRIDAY WERE GOING TO HAVE A BAPTISM!! JESUS FIERRO is going to get baptized :) Thank you guys for your prayers and please keep praying for him to feel good about his decision and that he can feel the spirit to have a testimony :) but we are super excited and happy for him :)
Also Nadia went to church for the 2 time in a row she is doing awesome and now we are teaching her daughters too :) it would be so cool to baptize the family please keep them in your prayers that they can feel the spirit and have a testimony and feel good about baptism, thank you much everyone for your support and love and I hope you guys know how much I love you :) I love you all so much :)
Love Elder Tanner




We took a hike today haha got to wear some normal clothes and I hated it they are super uncomfortable. We went with the sisters and our branch presidente and his family.
haha the sisters are a poquito crazies, but yeah they are chill 

Elder Tanner and his companion Elder Ramos.
Elder Tanner got stuck in a tree:)


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