Monday, May 18, 2015

How is it going family and friends, sounds like you guys are getting pounded with the rain, haha that is awesome!!! I bet it is super cool there, and feels awesome, but the weather here is good too, its hot and sunny haha, but its good, things are going good here in El Fuerte :), Its kind of weird haha, their are two types of people here those that say that there are more little bugs when it gets hot and there are others that say more come out when its hot and I think I have come to the conclussion, but I'm still investigating ;) haha, during the day like 1-6 there arent a whole lot cuz the sun is roasting anything that is in its path, but when the sun starts to go down thats when the bugs come out, until the sun goes down completley and its dark and at this point thats when the mosquitos come out haha its an interesting process, but it works ;), Do you guys have mosquitos there in Utah yet? Or is it still pretty chilly? thats crazy that Dad got to hang out in the rain for 6 hours holy smokes, sounds like the school is starting to finish up thats pretty crazy and sounds like you guys had a lot of succes with the BBQ, thats awesome what is the ward going to do for youth conference this year? 

Things are going pretty good here in El Fuerte :), I'm getting the area down a lil better, and we are still looking for the people that are ready to listen to the message :) thank you guys so much for the prayers that you have offered for the people here in mexico :) and for the plee that they will soften their hearts, I know that you guys are praying and I hope you all know how much it helps, the power of prayer is real, but as far as this week, it was a little low as far as numbers, but we are going to keep on working, we got to work with the couple missionaries its a marriage, haha and they are so cool there names are Elder Gallardo and Sister Gallardo, and Elder Gallardo is super funny and literally the power!! haha this man is made out of power he is so direct in his teachings, haha its kinda funny sometimes, and he just hits the ground running, we are going to try and have a couple lessons with him, because the man is power and super funny haha, and they are chill because they have a car and give us rides to the far away farms, that would take forever to walk too, haha, We are going to be headed over to Mochis tommorrow! whooo but we are going to have a training for the whole day!! ahhh, and we might have to sleep at the houses of missionaries in mochis, because we wont be able to take a bus back to El Fuerte, because it will be so late, but it will be interesting to see what happens haha :) this week was a good week as far as people in church, 

Jesus Fierro is a guy that has been interested in the church for quite a bit of time and has assisted various times, and we are trying to get him baptized, he just feels like he still isn't ready, and so we are trying to help get his testimony and also helping him to live the word of wisdom :) we have a baptismal date for the 29th of may and we are hoping that he will get baptised this day he is a really good guy, and knows a lot, and he was able to attend church with us this Sunday and it was awesome he participated in the classes and all of that :) 

Nadia is a mom who is about 42 years old, me and Elder Rivas started teaching her, and she finally came to church this sunday!!! We dropped by her house in the morning sunday to remind her but she didn't answer the door so we were kinda sad, but we got to the church and, she never showed up, but right after sacrament meeting she showed up alone!! and it was awesome she showed up all by herself, and the members befriended her and everything and it was awesome :) and she stayed for sunday school and really liked it we are going to try and make a baptismal date this week :) 

Isabel didn't attend church he just really needs the support from his family it soundsl like his family isn't really supporting him so we are hoping that they can have a change of heart and hear our message and attend church.

Well everyone I want to give you thanks so much for all the prayers and everything, I hope you guys know how much it helps me, and I hope you guys never stop praying because it truly is a protection for us and we can do it at any time any where it truly is such a blessing to have the communication with our Heavenly Father :), I hope you guys know that your never alone, and we can always pray for help and comfort, thank you so much for everything :) 

This is an awesome video about charity and service that I loved!!

"Charity Never Faileth" 

I love you guys so much and hope you all have an amazing week!! :) 

Love Elder Tanner

Give Service :)

Give a Smile :)


Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you guys :) 

I love you all so much :) 

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