Saturday, August 23, 2014


Family! como estan? i hope you guys are all doing great it sure does sound like you are! Sounds like Payton and Sydney had a good first week of school. Hopefully the teachers took it easy on them and didnt give them too much homework! Have Payton tell B-Lack i say hola/hi/hello/whatever he wants to say haha. Sydney has Mrs. Pouslen huh?... Well thats good... kinda ;) haha shes alright just get on her good side and dont make her mad cuz than she will end up hating you like me... haha but she is a very smart lady and very sarcastic, but do not be afraid to ask her for help or ask a question, because she will make sure you get it. Ask her if she remembers me haha. So i thought i would let you guys know that Elder Shakespeares dad is doing good now!! Prayers were heard and most definatly answered!! He got our of relapse i think and is now in remission is how he said it!!! So thank you very much. He is doing much better now as well, and he still continues to be one of my favorite is such a solid and funny kid haha! Mom! haha i laughed so hard when i heard the story about dad and the Dr. hahahaha thank you for the entertainment. and tell him buenas suerte haha with the next appointment. i love it haha! Temple was good this week we missed the bus so we didnt have time to do endownments! but instead we were able to do sealings! Which was very cool and the sealer gave us a lot of information and answered a lot of our questions! Jake got chosen to be Oshi baba huh? haha he will do good haha also mom i did get a hair cut its a little different, but mostly the same haha they really dont care about hair the way i would want them too, but its alright ill look good no matter what ;) haha im glad you guys had a good time at education week at BYU sounds like there were a lot of really good talks!! illl have to see if i can get on find the talks on!!! Thanks for that quote too about missionary work!! So Curtis and Jodee got called to singles ward huh? haha that will be fun for em! That rainstorm a couple nights ago was pretty crazy!!! am i right? holly smokes i thought it was a earthquake the thunder was so loud and close!! It was pretty tight we got up at like 5:30 this morning to do laundry and we walked down into rain tree and like there are just puddles everywhere!! and everything is flooded! got to try out my umberella and i love it haha its deffinatly a good thing to have when walking around in the rain! Also ran into Austin Price and that was awesome also Jade neilsen So im sure your wondering what the big news is that i told you about earlier in the first email! So here we go... Drum roll please... I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS!!!  We were checking the mail friday and Elder Shakespeare my DL is like Elder Tanner you got travel plans! it felt like i had humming birds in my stomach haha i had a mix of feelings both nervous, excited, scared, ready, not ready, you name it i felt it haha, but i am super stoked to go!! So here is the travel plan on Sep. 1 i will wake up at 3:30 AM (Way to early i think haha) but anyways i get on a shuttle with my comp elder williams and other people going to mexico that day and fly to SLC airport, we take off from SLC at 7 and get to Los angeles at 8, we than have a 6 hour lay over and we will head to from LA to Hermosillo, Mexico from 2 to 4 get off hermosillo and get on another plan that will take us straight to Ciudad Obregon that flight will be 5 to 5:50  
Anyways i cant wait to get out there and i know that the only spanish im going to know when i get out there will be si, comida, aqua, hace calor haha but im excited to serve and i know this church is true, hey by the way im super glad that you guys got to check out those videos they are pretty amazing arent they!! The gospel blesses our lives so much!! Life will never be easy but the gospel will make it easier! specifically Christ will make it easier! I read about the stripling warriors mom and how they were taught by there mothers and im definatly in the same boat haha i owe you and dad everything so thank you so much!! Love you guys a ton and thank you so much for the support, love, and prayers!! 
Love Elder Tanner 
P.S. They took the flipping corn out!!!!! ahhhhhh i didnt get any but its okay thanks for the thought haha love ya

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