Saturday, August 2, 2014


My dearest family, 

How art you guys!? Mom what the heck are you thinking? sounds like you trying to make a bomb out of canning green beans?! are you okay?! what happened give me some details haha.  Hope you are okay and hope the green beans are okay! ;) So I do not take a shuttle everyday only on Sundays and Tuesdays when we have devotionals and stuff at main campus.  So i am in the Wy-View apartments and having study and class time in Rain tree... I think haha i still dont know where i am.  All i know is that i can see west mtn and it makes me sick, because i want to be up there riding my dirt bike... haha 2 years and than ill be able to rev the engine again. So my Dansko shoes are doing pretty good, but the salesman was NOT kidding when he said they are clogs haha they look like clogs, they're heavy like clogs, and they smell like clogs (Dont really know what clogs smell like but im sure its bad) haha. but they are durable suckers, but I do like the Eckos as well. How was syds trip to Colorado? She have fun she stay safe?! What quilt are you and Syd Thompson gonna do. sounds like you guys are getting to be good friends makes me happy hearing that! So payton is missing me huh? knew he would ;) just kidding well tell him i miss him too and all our late night conversations about big trucks and exauhaust pipes. have him try and stay busy with work, its good to work as much as you can while you can i miss working for Triple T the work im doing aint the same as tearing down equipment or making manual holders, instead its studying in a class room all day haha but its alright because it came with the job i signed up for.  Never in my life have i ever been so excited to go to bed!! Always feels so good.  Are Dezlee and the one dude getting married in the temple, which one if so? So i got some bad news. My companion Elder Hatch from Idaho left this week.  He left on Tuesday, it was a bad deal me and him had been going to meetings with our branch president for like four days in a row, and eventually we had to go to the MTC president on main campus which was a big deal, and the day after that he told me that he would be packing his bags and going home :( I didnt get into a lot of detail as to why but it sounded like he just didnt feel ready, and i could kind of see that, because he would never study either personal or companion and he didnt want to have compaion prayer at night or participate in anything so he was just kind of going through the motions.  Bad deal but i think he really wanted to go home.  I got an email from him today saying he is doing better and is planning to go to a community college in Idaho i dont know if he will return though :(.  but yeah on a lighter note remember that one lady DIana i talked about being our investigator.... Yeah shes not an investigator haha. We taught her four lessons and asked her to be baptized and she declined, but like the next day we walked into class and she was, at the front and she is all smiling and is like "Hola Elders!!" Turns out she was just playing the part of an investigator and would end up being our teacher, haha kind of funny but not really cuz she declined us about baptism.  Her name is Sister Haycock and she is the Haycocks from our ward grand daughter. She was even at my farewell, because she was visiting them haha small world right? So i got pictures, but i cant upload them :( its not working ill keep trying and hopefully it will work. my hair is getting pretty long i need to get a haircut here soon. How are things going at home? Hows church? HOws life? Lawn mowing? talk to me haha i need to know about the world.  Haha funny thing i saw a hot air balloon one morning while walking to breakfast and it made me super happy, because i knew that there were people outside of the mtc haha like i was seriously running after it my compainions thought it was pretty funny and i was just making a big deal out of it. That Florida kid cheers me up as he does every day he has a new joke every day haha. What the heck?! you guys went to the hot pots? haha how was it? see any naked hippies? haha ive seen em up there before. Also thank you guys so much for the letters, and packages, and dear elders.  They have been working the dear elders are a same day thing i get that letter same day you send it.  Its good :) but the packages and goodies were awesome thanks a ton mom.  Hey tell the cousins and uncles i wanna hear from them! haha but mom if you get on my email and copy all the contacts from like my missionary friends and send them to me through email that would be awesome, because ive lost like all of them. Anyways not a lot has happened lately besdies my compaion. Oh and with that being said i am now in a trio with the other two companions who are in my district and the same apartment.  Its cool i get along with them better anyway, because they are willing to study and pray and everything and they actually talk to me. Thanks again for everything and the support and im sorry if i dont email everyone i only got so much time know i love ya'll and you guys mean so much to me really.  Love you guys

Love Elder Tanner 


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