Saturday, August 9, 2014

MTC Life

Buenas tardes familia! Whooo who thought Pdays were easy! Like im still exahausted and this is supposed to be my day off.  haha ive been running around. Anyways the Spanish is getting better slowly yet surely.  haha im going to try a little bit harder and study more.  So day to day plans ya wannna know mom. ummm we wake up around 6 and get to breakfast about 7 than start class at 730 we study till 1030 where we go to gym and from there have lunch afterwards and have class again at 1245 we study till 430 go to dinner come back at 515 study till 9 have  a district devetional till like 10 than we have to meet with our district leader sometimes and we have to be in bed by 1030 and than we get to do it all over again pretty awesome! haha not a whole lot of free time, but its alright. We go to main campus on P days and sundays and tuesdays for devos (devotionals).  yes mom we do have fridges, and believe me you have sent me plenty of goodies haha, im at eating very well over here a little too well, but ill get into that later. Thats cool that you met Joshs mom hes a good kid, i dont think we need anything, but we are doing good. I have seen Jade Nielseon and he seems to be doing pretty good, haha tell Jenny not to worry hes happy to be here.   he just said this is way different than what he expected and i just told him you get you used to it haha. I have also seen one of my good high school buddies Colton Shepherd.  Thanks for sending me those emails of my friends like mont, colton, landon, and the other guys hopefully ill have time to email them. That sounds so fun going to snowbird and riding the alpine slide. Im rememner when we did that it was super fun.  Hope you guys had fun and sure looks like you did from the pictures. You guys want another four wheeler? haha you guys would get somehting like that just after i leave haha thanks a lot ;) What teachers do sydney and payton have this year for schoool. Haha its about time Sydney finished harry potter haha told you Dumbledore dies ;) lo siento hey so im really sorry about these non descriptive and short emails i only get an hour and so its hard to rack my brain of everything ive done. and im a bad typer haha.  I think im going to try and send more letters it might be easier cuz i know that these emails suck probably haha.  Hey i do have a question about the laundry mom.  Im probably going to sound stuipid but im desperate haha so im using detergent for whites and colors and stuff do i need to be using bleech for my whites as well? We got a new district this week because the old one left there are 12 new elders and they are all going to Mexico and they are super chill and im getting to know them and along with really well. So i got some more bad news you know that flordida kid i liked. he had to go home.  He had some stuff he didnt realize he had to take care of here it was devistating for everyone. he was a good kid hopefully he will come back out. on a less sad note we have been teaching two investigators that are just our teachers but play parts as investigators haha its fun, and we also get to do skype calls with investigators and teach them on skype. So you know how i said earlier the food here is treating me good.  haha it really is i get a doughnut every meal and ice cream every dinner and i have about 3 plates of food every meal haha.  yeah i gotta lay off i think, cuz i realized something while at the temple today.  Which was something ive never realized haha.  So the first week i was here i got a size 30 pants when i went to the temple i tried them on and they were tight the whole session so i thought next week ill get a 32 so last week i got a 32 fit perferct! felt so good haha, but this week i got a 32 like last week and they were tight!!! I checked the size like twice to make sure it wasnt a 30 and it was indeeed infact a 32.  So i had to go back and get a 34 haha, and they fit... I knew i gained weight but not that much, haha i dont think its as bad as it sounds.   Im sure its because i just ate a big meal... hopefully haha but yeah im at eaitng good here so no worries.  Thats too bad to hear about seth hall. hopefully it will get better for him. how is wes cloward doinig? I forgot to tell you guys that on tuesday i went up to Salt Lake to get my Visa and stuff it was fun to walk around the city, and i used to think that utah is all mormons no way haha there is seriously work to be done everywhere so me and my companion tried to talk to people, just make friends and small talk and stuff. mom as for the questions you had for me.  I think i would like another pair of ecko shoes, but not right now ill have you send them to me a week before i leave, and ill get you the size and model and everything, i think i will use my dansko shoes as my rain boots. I am not really home sick, i do miss home a lot, but not enough to take me back haha im out here for a reason and im not gonna come in just cuz im a lil uncomfortable. and YES MOM I DO MISS MY MOM!! HAHA I MISS MY FAMILY TOO BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!! Thanks for all the prayers everyone i can definatly feel the love from my family even though we are in different places! keep up the good work everyone and have fun. ¨dont let your praying knees get lazy¨ haha love you all thanks again for everything.  
Love Elder Tanner
Yo se que la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadero 
p.s. mom let me know if you got my letter 

Here is a picture of the Florida kid telling me a joke 

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