Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week 3...Check

Wow!! WOW!!!
I cannot believe that i am already half way done with the MTC haha it is so crazy it really did feel like just yesterday i was giving my last hugs to you guys!! Time has flown and i have learned so much!! and i just want to say thank you so much for all the support you have given me, it helps a missionary quite a bit to know that he has loved ones back home.  Who think of him! i just want to say thank you also for the prayers, i can definatly feel a spirit when i get discouraged.  Which believe it or not has happened once or twice ;) haha but really i feel all of your prayers and helps a lot so thank you and know that i pray for all of you as well!! Weeks really are flying by sometimes i want them to slow down and sometimes i want them to speed up! haha its an emotional rollercoaster i guess you could say! The spanish continues to grow and what not.. I still need to improve though, but i find my self praying and i use spanish words a lot haha its funny ill say familia and companero and salud and JesuCristo haha its cool and i have definatly felt the spirt while here both in learning more about the gospel and learning the language.  Our investigator is doing good her name is Vennasa and she is kind of  a tough cookie.  She first came out saying she didnt believe in God at all and how why would we have hard times if there is a God who loves us, and we gave her a good lesson to think about and she was able to change her mind so that was good and i cant remember when exactly but she was wondering why she feels so alone, and i specifically told her that she is never alone, that as hard as it seems we will never be alone, because there will always be our Savior who has felt exactly how we feel. and i said this " a lot of people think of life as a race, with Jesus Christ being at the finish line or the goal,  but it is not like that,  our savior is not waiting at the end cheering for us, but is with us the entire time! walking with us, running with us, and carrying us , and will always help us in this race we call life" she was crying, i was almost crying ;) haha and it was awesome i shared the scriptures Ether 12:27 and talked about Jose Smith in carthrage jail in section 121 of D and C i think thats the right scripture... haha anyways she said she felt really good and we told her that was the spirt and she cried more and we taught her to pray and she prayed for us and said she would pray tonight. It was awesome! Anyways enough of the sad stuff right ;) haha. como estan mis hermanos Jordan Weston Krystle, baby Nolan, Payt, and Syd how are they. be sure to thank them for the letters they mean so much and help a lot!! Mom you were wondering what the names of my comps are... Im with Elder Williams and Elder Lords they are really good guys and we have a lot of fun together haha. Hows cheer coming for Syd? haha payton better stay on that 3 wheeler and off the 250 ;) haha i dont want anymore damage done to it ;) just kiddin gim sure your a good rider. Haha mom i know exactly how you feel with the questions haha i get on the email and go blank its knid of funnny haha. but for your questions i do not have travel plans yet, we should get calling cards i believe, and size of ecko shoes i dont know im not wearing em right now haha but ill let ya know soon!!! I dont think i want another suit case unless you think i need one.  and rain boots i dont think ill need my danskos should work for that... unless you think otherwise. Thats cool to hear about the garden i would love some fresh corn on the cob right now haha. We just got another district and our zone now consists of like 34 people its crazy! Haha and we are getting 20 more next week we will be the biggest zone in the MTC we are gonna have a lot of people!! work is definatly progressing!! Its awesome to be at devos and see so many people trying to work together to get people to one place (eternal happiness/heaven) church is definatly true. hey i got some videos i want the family to watch together whether family night or sunday they are on mormon messages and i love them. the first one i think is on mormon messages its called The Hope of The Light of Christ or something its awesome it really shows that God works in mysterious ways and there is always a way back, and we are loved by God always no matter what we do.  I really like the video on Because of Him as well, its such a powerful video and helps us apreciate christ!! its so great!! haha well i want everyone to know how much i love them and how big of role they have played in my life, i love my family and you guys have all shaped me into what I am today. I dont know where i would be with out you, im so grateful for the hard times and the good times, because the hard times is what makes the good times great and makes us stronger!! Know that i know this church is true and i hope to be able to help a family in Mexico find out that they can be a happy family like mine and live forever together in complete happiness!! i Know that change is real and that we do fall short no matter what we do we will always fall short, but there is someone there to pick us up we just need to offer our selves to him and he will lift us up. Again i love you all so much and please please please check out and try to find those videos. Im pretty sure that the hope in light of christ is the top one on the page and its amazing!! Let me know if theres anything i can do to help you guys, and this is for Jordan, Krystle and Nolan.. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for those cupcakes that was the sweetest thing ever literally the sweetest and it boosted my day up so much!!! haha and thanks for not making them all cream cheese ;) Let weston know i love him and think about him a lot, and how he has always been a huge example to me and being oine of my best friends! Payton and Sydney as well for the fun we had! Mom and dad dont have enough time or words to express how much you guys mean to me!! learned so much and would never be where i am today without you guys I love you all so much and i hope i can be half the help to you all as you have been to me. I love you.
Love Elder Tanner

P.S. Keep Elder Shakespeare and his family in your prayers he is one of my favorite companions i have met out here and i love the kid. His dad just got diagnosed with leukemia and his having a hard time both the dad and Elder Shakespeare, but me and some other Elders were able to give him a blessing so it was pretty cool. He is from cedar City! Love you all and know i think about you a lot!

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