Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hola mi familia

Hey everyone! 
Hows it going back in the good ole' Spanish Fork area.  Things aren't to shabby around here haha, but my P-days will be on Saturday! Me and my zone just got back from the temple it was really nice to get out of the MTC for a bit, and I could see Utah Lake from the temple and thought of you guys boating on it without me :/ haha but no worries if you do go boating at least send me pictures ;) so I got a really cool zone apparently before my district got here there were only like 5 missionaries in the zone haha, but now there is 17 so quite the jump!! The five that were here before us leave next week.  All of us are learning Spanish so we are always trying to talk to each other and stuff the Spanish is coming along fairly well haha mas o menos.  We have people going to Mexico and Spain in our zone my companion Elder Hatch is going to Ciudad like me! and there are four others so its pretty cool. Elder Hatch is a cool guy he is from Twin Falls Idaho.  Plays lots of sports and so we get along fine when trying to decide what to do for exercise. Haha there is another kid in our district who is going to Mexico, but is going to the Monterrey East mission haha this kid is from Florida, and picture the kid from "Up" Russel the boy scout ya know? yeah picture that kid as a  missionary and thats what he looks like he is about 5'8" and 200 lbs haha he legitly looks like him too!! haha he got black hair and the whole look going.  When we were introducing ourselves on Wed. (Oh and hes got a really good southern accent I think im even picking some of it up) so he was talking about his life and stuff and the teacher said so what do you like to do? and this is what he said " I huaaant anytang dat waaalllk.... Except huumans" hahahaha I tried so hard to keep my laugh in haha, but hes been telling me all about Florida and how great it is hes like "theres no air up here!"  and "Why we living in a bowl of mtns" The kid makes me laugh so hard his name is Elder Wallquist.  The food here is pretty good too, we are on the west campus and living in Rain Tree.  The food here isn't as good as the main campus, but it does alright.  Also!! where is the Creamery Ice Cream?? im not seeing any haha.  Talk to Teresa about that!! Thought of Payton this week saw some BYU workers welding on a hand rail and thought of him haha.  How was Fiesta Days? Did Syd and Weston do good in the parade? I bet they did! I could hear all  yalls fireworks.  haha made me a lil home sick but i just covered my ears with my pillow and went to sleep! So apparently a really big thing here is Dear Elder its like you send emails to them and they print it off at the MTC so you get a letter same day i dont know you guys dont have to do it and i dont even know how it works, but everyone here loves it! I got a note saying i got a package, but I havent picked it up yet so whoever sent it... Muchas Gracias!!! My teacher's name is Hermano Write.  Haha he is a pretty funny dude swear the guy is running off of 5 red bulls everyday! he is just like a lil energizer bunny he just keep going and going and going!! I learned how to say prayers and bare my testimony in Spanish so thats been cool, also we were able to teach a investigator on our 2 day.... IN SPANISH!! haha im sure she understood every thing me and my comp were saying, but we meet with her again on Monday.  Apparently im the street baller around here. haha everyone asks if I played highschool ball and I say no and there like "naaaahhh come on man.. Well you must be a street balla" (Only the black kids say that haha) Also the Florida kid always talks about how he kills crocs and snakes and all this stuff.  He has a "boom stick?" haha its a sitick with like a shotgun barrel on it?  I dont know he dont really make sense. but Im doing good mom to answer your question.  i have run into Vince Winder from Salem, Alex Varela from MM, oh and Elder Austin Seamons haha he is still crazy as ever!! I hope you are all doing good and pray always.  Keep writing me! I love to hear from all of you, and ill do my best to respond.  My address for the MTC is...
Elder Dillon Rees Tanner 
2023 N 900 E UNIT 850
PROVO UT 84602
Love you all stay strong and TENGAN FE!
Love Elder Tanner 
P.S. Tell Jordan and Krystle thanks for the hymn book i use it every day!

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