Monday, September 28, 2015

Farewell Party for Weston

How are we doing :) 

Sounds like all is well, and thats awesome I love to hear that :) that's cool that you guys could get together to have a party for Weston, and that food sounds delicious, haha really it sounds so good!! haha like I'm getting the key board wet I'm drooling so bad ;) haha, but be sure to have fun and enjoy the party :) wow wow wow another week haha pretty crazy right, its pretty crazy how fast time passes, it goes to show that we have to use our time really well and to enjoy every moment, EVERY MOMENT even the moments when we are stressed or have a challenge remember that we are here to have joy! We are here to show our Heavenly Father that we love him with all our heart, might, mind, and strength, we are here to have happiness, take every second every minute and enjoy it, and remember all that our Heavenly Father has done for us all that he has created for us. 

This week was pretty good we got to know a lot of different people but nobody went to church :( we have a new investigator named Michelle, she's in high school and she is super interested in the Book of Mormon, so we gave her one and wrote her direction down and we went to her house the other day and we found it and we didn't think it was her house because the house was huge!! Like I'm talking huge!! It's big for houses in Utah, and gigantic for houses here!!, We seriously thought that her dad was a Drug Lord, because he had a 20 foot wall protecting his house and barb wire around the house and anyone that has a house like that here is a Drug Lord, but we coughed up the courage to knock on the 20 foot wall because their wasn't a front door, ya gotta get passed the wall first ;) haha her mom answered and said that Michelle still hadn't returened from school so we asked if we could teach her and she said yes, and we got to know her a little bit better, and we found out that they are catholics... super catholics, like her husband isn't a Pastor, but is a leader in the catholic church we could say he is like a Stake President or Bishop... haha and that's why he has a big house... haha because they get paid lots!! Anyways we taught her mom and then Michelle showed up and we talked and taught, and Michelle said she would go to church :) and her Mom aproved it but she didn't show up because her parents grounded her... we hope its not for the church, but we are going to check it out this week :) Please pray for her and her parents that they can let her go to church and that she can make good decisions to show her parents that what she is doing is good :) 

Thanks so much for the prayers and love you guys give me and just a little comment I want to say, Thanks to my brother Weston for all he has done to help me in my life I truly do love him and know that what he is doing is amazing I Love you Weston be safe and know that We love you so much :) 

I love you guys so much
Love Elder Tanner 



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