Monday, February 9, 2015

La Carta

Hello famliy :) How are we doing :) sounds like a awesome week you guys had, finished up the trip in houston with jordan sounds super fun :) glad you guys had a good time :) and i hope that syd is feeling better :) thats cool that she was able to get that blessing from the home teachers we have got a pretty awesome ward. so this week was really good like we didnt have a whole lot of lessons, but we had investigators in the church and thats the best thing ever when the investigators attend church :) but ill talk about that in a lil bit ;) so monday after righting you guys we went to a birthday party of a menos activo in the ward. the ward planned a party for him and it was super fun we got to share a message, and play some misisonary games haha :) it was the family loredo-soto, who had the plan to go to the temple this march, but we found out from the bishop that they are going to have to wait :/ for some problems they got with their daughter :/ but we are going to keep working with them so they can go soon, and as to your question mom... no we could not go to the temple with them because the temple is not in our mission :/ the temple that they attend is in hermosillo.
So Friday we had a training with the presidente, so we saddled up and got on the bus to go to Mochis haha it was a 4 hour long training they are always super fun ;) haha, but it was good :) so Sunday was a good day, we had a lot of people in the church 123 that's the most we have had with my time here, Sunday we had a ward council and made a plan for the year and the members said that they are going to use us missionaries a lot more so that's going to be cool :) working with the members more :) this Friday we are going to have a zone conference, and than Sunday we have transfers so we will have to see if i get transferred or if i stay Guasave, i have really really liked Guasave :) the members are awesome and all the hot dogs are a little bit more expensive ;) so i really don't have a whole lot to talk about... sorry haha
Sergio HE ATTENDED CHURCH!! YESSSS! haha he finally came to church, and it was awesome the members were really nice to him and he got to meet a lot of knew people know we just got to get him and his wife and the kids to church together haha :)
Mariah she is the mom of sandra luz she is less active and we are working with them together and they both attended church so that was awesome, we are hoping to baptize mariah soon, :)
Adrian and Coroshli the grand daughters of some members they didn't attend church but we are thinking that in 2 weeks we can baptize them they still have a whole lot of energy haha
Family loredo-soto they are going to have to wait to go to the temple, but we reactived them this Sunday that was super cool and we are hoping they can go to the temple soon after they take care of some things :) These pictures are from a district meeting (junta de distrito).

Well Family i know i don't have a lot but i hope you guys know how much i love you and how grateful i am to have you guys as my family seriously thank you for everything and your prayers :) thanks so much for the support. Let me know if there is anything that you guys need :) Love you guys hope you all have a good week :)  Love Elder Tanner

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