Monday, February 23, 2015

Qué Pasa mi familia 

What is up everyone :)

How are yall doing :) sounds like you guys are doing awesome :) sounds like its starting to heat up a lil back home thats good because you guys can get a lil taste of what im feeling ;) haha but wow wow wow what a week, haha so me and elder yoo are getting along well :), haha apparently he really doesnt like to be called chinese or japaneese the people are all like hey what up chino haha and he just has to stay calm and be like im korean haha hes a funny kid like the people arent racists here or anything they just dont realize there are other countrys besides china and japan, but yeah being sr. comp has actually been really cool ive liked it a lot its a lil more stress, but it keeps me on my feet :) we didnt have a ton of lessons but man we had a ton of new investigators this week!!!! like a ton 19 thats a ton usually we only get 8 or 9 our district leader and zone leaders called us and told us congragualtions, and we had 2 new investigators in the ward yesterday but ill talk more about them later :), we have been contacting a lot of people and it has really been paying off, we havent had a ton of lessons but the ones we had were super powerful and cool :), so we are going to keep teaching the people of mexico and trying to change lives, have you guys seen the new movie meet the mormons we are going to try and give out flyers to go see it to the poeple here its supposed to be really good we are going to have the chance to see it tomorrow we are going to have a special training and we are going to watch the movie with presidente munive, he called us the other night which he never does and we were actually in a lesson and hes like hey hows it going and im like uhhh good and hes like your in a lesson right and im like... yeah haha and hes like ok call me back when you finish im like ok... so we called him after and he just talked to me a lil bit checked how im doing and sr. comp and hes really happy with the investigators that we got and it was cool, but still im afraid of him, haha hes just a lil chilango but im still kinda afraid haha, so i was watching elder yoo un pack the other night and he opened up this big suitcase and i saw like half of his suitcase was filled with packages of what looked like jerky im like ahh thats cool you got tons of jerky and hes like its seaweed haha i was like... oh thats cool i guess.  haha you know your comps Korean when he packs around a bunch of seaweed haha, and we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and when we finished and Elder Yoo was back in the house with me he sawin the sink there was a pan that was dirty and hes like what did you cook with the Zone Leader and im like your seaweed and he was so ticked hes like ARE YOU SERIOUS!! WHY!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT COSTS!  I was like Elder chill haha we had macaroni and cheese haha hes really freaky tiva with his seaweed. 




So we have big news we have found a escogido!!! his name is Guadalupe and we taught him he attended the church and is going to be baptized 15 march!!! he is such a cool guy. please pray for him to keep attending church and obtaine a testimony :) 

Esidro hes a young kid with like 16 years contacted us and asked us for english  classes so we taught him and his brother in the church and after we had a lesson and invited them to church and one of them came this sunday and we are going to keep teaching them :) 


Sergio and Laura :) i really hope they progress we have been working with Sergio a lot and now we are starting to teach his "wife" there not married so we are going to try and get them married and after baptize  them :) 


We have a lot more but im just kinda running low on time im really sorry for the short emai i love you guys so much and thanks for everything I Love You Guys. Be Happy 

Be Kind

Be Mormon 

Love Elder Tanner

Dont forget to Smile :) :) :)  

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