Monday, March 2, 2015

Como Están mis queridos ;) haha  

Wow this week has flown by holy smokes time just keeps getting faster and faster, i think we all just need to chill out a lil dont ya think, and by chill out im talking about the weather should cool down here ;) haha so there is nothing a whole not new that happened this week :) but we have been informed that we should be teaching more about family history, not just to members but to our investigators, i was a lil confused on that, but president explained it a little more and now it makes more sense he says that when we teach them about the Family History we learn about them, and we can find out who in there famliy isnt baptized to start teaching them and then we can have more families in the church. so we are starting to teach the family histroy and the work for the dead in the temple :) and its really cool to hear all the cool stories about the missionaries, members, and investigators, ancestors. theres a lot of cool stories :) but yeah we got to see the movie meet the mormons and wow thats an awesome movie :) i really like the story of the candy bomber haha thats super cool :) we are hoping that a lot more people try to learn more about the mormons through us with this movie :) so my comp Elder Yoo has been getting a lil sick and has had a lot of problems with his back :) i thought it was dengue but we found out it wasnt that hes pain in his back was just so bad that it was making him sick its pretty bad but we took a break from working for a lil bit one day and now i think he is feeling better :), this sunday was super good we reactivated 4 people!!! 2 individuals and a matrimonio that are trying to get ready to go the temple, its been super good to see all the people in the church that havent asisted in a while. i know im kinda jumping around a lot today,but not a whole lot happened this week, but i can talk about our investigators. 

Guadlupe he is going to be baptized next week!!!  13 of march, he attened church and is doing awesome he is teaching us he is learning so much, he has kinda had a harder life, but is now ready to change it for the better he has a really strong testimony of the love of God, he is such a cool guy :) 

Juan Alfradeo is an investigator of the sisters, but we have had to teach him because hes had kinda a sketchy background of drugs and stuff, so the bishop told us that we have to teach him, so the baptism is going to count for the sisters but we are going to teach him and he has atttended church tons of times and is more than ready has read the book of mormon!!! all of it, and his going to be baptized this saturday he is such a cool guy :) 

Isidro we are still teaching him he is the young kid that wants english classes and we he is starting to be a lil more open he told us that he had a brother die so we are going to teach him about the plan of salvation :) 

Isela and Ramiro haha they are so cool!! they lived in utah for a long time but then ramiro got deported becuase he got in trouble, but they have gone and seen the temples in utah, and talked to some missionaries in utah, but never got baptized so we are going to teach them and see if we can get them to attend church the wife is really interested but ramiro not as much we have to get him more interested, so we are going to work on that :)

Sorry for this really weird email haha i know it was kinda all random, but i was kinda in a hurry didnt, we started writing late, but just know how much i love you guys and thanks for everything the letters, prayers, and being my family and loved ones :) I love you guys so much let me know if you need anything: 

Love Elder Tanner
Be Smiling them pearly whites :) :) :) 

A big ole Chimichanga here in Mexico prepared by Hermana Julieta 
 My New Companion Elder Yoo

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