Monday, March 23, 2015

Elder Yoo, Elder Tanner,  Guadalupe and Sisters Missionaries
Filling out Baptism papers for Guadalupe.

Well Everyone I've got some good news and bad news, 

the bad news is that Guadalupe could not be baptized this last friday... :( but he will be baptized this saturday!!! We found out when he had his interview for batptism that he has been drinking coffee, and so we had to postpone the baptism for a week but we talked with Guadalupe and he said that he isn't going to drink anymore :) so we are going to have his baptism this saturday :), also we talked with Isela about marriage and asked her if she and Ramiro would get married and she said she would think about it, I think she got a lil stressed out because she wants to be married but I dont think Ramiro wants to be so we are going to check with them this week and see what they say :) we had our stake conference this week and a 70 came to talk to us it was super good, he served in Monterrey and talked about a companion that he had whose last name was Pulispher, I cant remember his first name and then, the 70 talked about Zera Pulsipher and how this was one of the greatest missionaries ever because he baptized the very prophet Willford Woodruf and it was super cool to listen to because, we are descendants of Zera, I told Elder Yoo that, and he was like holy smokes Elder!! your church roots go way back your descendant of Zera and John Tanner, its super cool to think about, we really do have a long line of missionary service and faithful members in our family line :) also we had to get up early sunday morning to take a bus to Mochis for our stake conference so we got to the church and the ward had rented a bus to take to Mochis so we packed the bus with our ward and a branch haha there were so many people in the bus but it was fun, so we had been traveling for 40 mins and 20 mins from mochis when a tire blew up I was freaking out a lil because the bus was packed and the bus all of a sudden came to a fast stop and started fishtelling on the freeway, super crazy!!! but we stopped and got everyone off and the tire was just absolutly destroyed there was no rubber haha, but the bus didnt have a spare so we ended up waiting for a spare to arrive, and we ended up being 1 hour and 30 mins late so we got to listen to the last talk haha, but it was good so it was a good experience here for our stake conference :) but yeah everything is going good here in Mexico its getting hotter and its only March I'm kinda scared for July, but no worries haha :) I hope you guys are all doing awesome and thats awesome that Syd did so good in Cali good job Syd and sounds like a super funny story with the karaoke in the back of the van haha you guys are crazy thanks so much for your guys emails love you so much :) Let me know if their is anything I can do for you guys :) I love you all so much :) 

Love Elder Tanner


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