Monday, October 13, 2014

First Transfer

6 weeks in the bag holy smokes!! haha went by a lil fast... and slow ;) haha but yeah was good and I have learned a lot maybe not as much in the spanish side of things but poco a poco lil by lil hopefully I will forget English and have Spanish become my new language :) I actually really wouldn't mind that happening haha :) Mom none of the people here believe me that I had 10 inches of lucious hair will you send me a good picture of me with my hair haha just through email is fine and I can print it off here. speaking of pictures!! I got your package the other day, and the letters from Weston, and Cally and I gotta tell ya thank you guys soooooooo much you dont know how much of a lift up letters are :) that is so cool that Jesse wants to serve a mission he will do awesome just tell him to keep doing the small things read scrips, pray, attend church and always look for ways to serve someone.  Thank you so much for that lil picture book you gave me mom haha made me smile.... really big haha :) sounds like everyone in the family is doing good :) tell Syd not to get to caught up in cheer, and to make sure she has fun with it :) and Paytons working on his eagle huh? right on right on :) haha be sure to let me know what his project is maybe you guys could come down here and do a service down here than I could particapate with you guys ;) haha so yeah my new companion I got his name is Elder Sauseda he is way tight, ya know why? because he is a proffesional soccer player thats why he played for the tigeries I think thats there name.... haha before the mission, hes cool but its kinda hard because I'm supposed to be getting trained still in my area by my old comp Elder Flores, but he got transfered and Elder Sauseda is now here and I'm like training him now on the area, haha its kinda backwards but I dont know we will be relying on the Lord a ton because I dont know the area or members as well as Elder Flores so I'm going to do my best to rembember where everyone lives and try and teach my comp. haha but I dont have a lot this week oh we found this awesome family who we cant wait to start teaching :) its way cool porque the mom has been baptized but is less active and she has three kids a daughter who is 17 two sons who are 12 and 10 and they arent baptized and she is interested in having them be baptized!! so we see this as a big window of opportunity. I really hope it all works out :) and hope they can attend church with us :) oh yeah church this sunday... I have to give a talk... I'm kind of freaking out haha mostly because I dont know spanish and dont know what I'm going to say but yeah... gotta do what ya gotta do. haha love ya´ll soo much and hope you all have an amazing week and let me know if you guys need anything :) I love you guys

Love Elder Tanner 


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