Monday, November 3, 2014

amigos que tal como estan haha this week was pretty stellar haha well mostly today because today was p day!!!!! almost as good as christmas haha but it was so cool because we left our house at like 7 to go play soccer at a church in the center of obregon haha our district played and it was super tight haha my comp really is a proffesinal haha so good but i found out im not to bad haha ill be cocky there but yeah everyone asked if i played in high school or something so thats always a good thing when the latinos complement you on your soccer skills haha. well the familia serna did not attend church this past sunday :( :( but we are going to check up on them this week and continue to teach them hopefully we can rekindle the fire and get the mom back to church and have the kids be baptized we have a baptism for december 6 his name is luis he has 13 years. and knows a ton about the church the problem is his mom. we hope she lets us follow through with the baptism because in the past he has had batism dates and she has said that she wants to wait more time. but we will see :) and we have found some new investigators ones name is diana the other beane they are both very good and diana is awesome we taught her mom in the last lesson and they were both really receptive it was super cool so we are going to try and set up a fecha de bautismal and get them to attend church. haha so we had "halloween" this week haha its kinda funny here. they dress up and everything and its halloween but idk its different for some reason i cant really explain it haha but it was funny me and my comp were walking down the street at night and there were this big group of kids trick or treating and they come runnning up to us and are like trick or money trick or money trick or money haha and im just like kids listen were missinoaries we dont have money haha they just went on there way and after i told my companion that we should have gave them pamphlets and pictures of jesus and stuff haha, and dia de los muertos was this week tambien holy smokes haha its a lil bit interesting everyone runs around with like skull masks its a lil creepy but hey its cool i guess haha and haha we ate at this one members house and the dad was super funny haha he was a jokester kinda like parky haha but he asked me what something was in english and i told him and hes like you need to stop speaking in english your not in gringoland anymore hahahaha so funny, gringoland ahh missionary humor is super weird i know but it keeps me smiling. this week has been super fresco (cool) well for them it has its only like 85 90 and its true it really is different haha it feels super good but still hot haha. family i want to say how much i love you guys thank you for always being there for me and helping me you guys have influenced me so much and ill always love you guys i hope everything is going good for my brothers jord, wes, payt, and nolan haha and my sisters krystle and sydney and of course my awesmoe parents mom and dad love you guys so much :) have an awesome week. love you 

Love Elder Tanner 


Love Elder Tanner 

Scripture this week: mosiah 17 in this chapter it is abinadi and kind noah abindadi has taught the people of kind noah and king noah about christ and that they need to repend the king and his servants do not like that and they threaten to kill him. they say in verse 8 that if he takes back what he said about christ they will not kill him, but abinadi is more faithful than that i love verse 9 and 10 because he bears testimony that what he has said is true and will not take it back abinadi is put to death but dies with a very powerful testimony of christ and will be blessed in the life to come. a lot of times we think that blessings from the church come in this life only, but we know that there is life after this life yes we are going to recieve blessings in this life but i think even more we will recieve more blessings in the life to come if we are obedient, faithful, stand up for what is right and testify of our savior. now i dont think any of us in these days will be put to death if we share our testimony with our friends, but when our friends co workers or anyone invite us to do something against or church  are we going to give into their offer or stand tall like abanidi and prove that our love for christ is worth more than things of the world... this was worded terrible i know but i loved this chapter and i read it in spanish so i probably didnt understand everything right haha but i know that if we are faithful like abanidi and stand tall we will recieve the grandest of blessings and we will not have room to recieve it i hope you all understand what im trying to say haha sorry and i love you all so much thanks for everything 

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