Monday, December 15, 2014

I fought Dengue and won ;)

Alright family what is happening?! 
A very merry christmas from me to you guys i hope youre enjoying the snow in utah becuase the closest thing we have to snow here is the flour they use to make  tortillas haha but really i hope you guys are enjoying the christmas season and drinking plenty of hot choclate :) thats super cool that gram and gramps are going on that cruize. i think that seeing the mayan pyrmaids  and stuff would be flipping awesome they are super lucky to be going. thats crazy that jordan and krystle are going to be heading out soon flip its going by fast. but thats super cool. payton and syd should be getting out school soon right for christmas break right? hopefully triple t is staying busy and its plenty cold so they can get some units out :) oh man i wouldnt mind if you guys sent a water heater down here oh my goodness haha i dont know whats worse Dengue or showering with cold water...ahhh like mexicos hot and all but right now the nights and mornings are pretty cold and we didnt have electricy for like 2 or 3 days this week and we showered with cold water you know when something is so ridiculos that all you can do is laugh haha when i would shower i would be like doing this laughing crying thing haha super funny i just try to think of the triple t show room with all the fireplaces on haha thinking warm thoughts helps, haha but yeah we got the electricty back now so no more tears in the shower, and also i guess i havent even talked about the Dengue. Im doing much better thanks to all your guys prayers im serious i know that you guys are praying i dont know how to explain it but its just a feeling that there is someone in a different place praying for you and i thank you guys so much for doing that because it really does change everything, Dengue was fun and all but im excited to get back to work this week haha, we contacted a less active member who is the dad of the wife of one of the counselors in the stake quite the relationship there i know but we talked with him saturday and it was super funny becuase he reminded me a lot of grandpa walker because we got there and he brought out a big bag of peanuts and so we started chowing on those and talking about sports. haha reminded me of when i would mow his lawn and after go in drink some water grab some snacks out of the jar and start talking about sports, eagle, barack obama, or whatever else we would talk about haha, but after all this we taught him a lesson and he said he would go to church with us. we told him that we would stop by in the morning to pick him up and go to church so sunday comes and we go to his house and his wife is outside and were like hey are you guys ready for church and shes like or we arent going today we are painting our house today were like ahhhhh come on its only one hour out of your day. but she was pretty persistant and just said that they would go next week. kinda sad but hopefully we get them next week :) other than that we  havent had  a whole lot of lessons becuase the sickness but this week is going to be a lot better because i  can walk haha. so i still dont know the plan for christmas and talking to you guys but i got a family that has an internet and a tablet that i can use for skype so i will be able to skype this christmas, in the next email could you guys send me i dont know like an acount that i can use and the name or number that i should call for skype i dont really know how skype works so maybe you guys could help me out haha. next monday im not going to email because we are going to have p day wedesday :) so i will write wedensday and let you guys know the time im going to call and all that :) this christmas should be pretty sweet :) we are going to have a ward christmas party on like the 23 i think should be fun i think the missionaries we have to give a presentation or something like that sing a song do a skit who knows and than on the 24 i think we are going to have a party with other zones close to us like los mochis and all the zones in Sinaloa that means that theres going to be a lot of missionaries in one place should be fun haha and im going to be able to see Elder Flores at the party becuase he is in mochis so that is going to be cool to see him. and than on christmas we will be talking!!!!! whooooo haha and after.... president says that we have to work haha but itll be good i think we are going to try and find familys in the ward that we can teach on christams so thatll be good :). dad was asking how many missionaries are in this area and the answer is that there are 6 missionaries in this ward. 4 elders and 2 sisters. its a pretty small ward theres only like 80 that attend every sunday but its cool theres a lot of cool members :). my comp is still flipping hyper haha he is so chilango hes always singing when he talks its super funny but sometimes can get kinda old the problem is though that i think im starting to do it too. haha i hope im not chilango after this transfer its funny the first few times but after its just anoying haha. its kinda funny the people here when we contact them and get to know them they always ask how old i am and im like how old do you think and they say like 23 or 24 im like holy flip im 19 chill haha its kinda funny. the people here are super funny i love it when the people try to talk to me in english haha super funny and hope you guys got the pictures of us on the bikes haha that was super funny, but the funny thing was is the people didnt give us weird looks because its normal here to cram like 2 or 3 people on a bike. im hoping this christmas season i get to learn how to make tomales because its kinda funny here the closer to christmas season the more the sale tomales and im not mad about that at all theyre sooo good haha so im going to ask a member to teach me how to make them, you guys got any fun plans for christmas you going to go to the temple and see the lights, i think me and my comp are going to by chirstmas hats and buy some candy canes and pass it out to people should be fun. i hope that you guys have an amazing week this week, i know this email was super random and all and sorry that not a lot happened this week but im hoping that this week is better... actually this week will be better. thanks so much again for the prayers and everything family i love you guys so much and this church is true and christ is our savior. Merrry Christmas family I love you guys so much let me know if you need anything love ya :) 
Love Elder Tanner 

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